Oct 8, 2007

Variety Pack

I married the first girl I had sex with.

And then I didn't have sex again for a while.

As the marriage crumbled I realized that I had a lot of wild oats to sow. I made a resolution that I'm still working on.

"I want to try my hand at every kind of girl I can find. I want to have sex with a black girl, an Asian girl, a Jewish girl... It sounds like there's a punch line coming up but there's not. I want to try tall girls, short girls (a dwarf if I can find one); I'm intent on a United Nations of pussy."

And, I still am. I don't have a checklist written down anywhere; a "girls to do before I die" kind of thing but I have a mental inventory of what/who I've done to this point. There are a few glaring omissions but nothing terrible. There's only one hole (ha!) that bothers me...

From my earlier posts, it's pretty easy to discern what industry I work in. If that's not the case, then let me add... I work with a lot of Indian people. No, actually, I work with a lot of Indian women. I don't tend to have crushes on people, especially co-workers, but I find one of them particularly attractive and her accent is to die for. While I'll never be with her, I'm still on hunt for some sari-wrapped strange... (Sorry to be crude but it was too good to pass up).

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