Sep 15, 2009

Sissy Hubby

I know. I know all about it.

I didn't tell you but I set up a "nanny cam" to keep an eye on the maid service. Things just kept getting out of order in my things -- panties out of place, earrings misplaced. I thought we were being ripped off. To say that I was surprised when I reviewed the tape and saw you dressed up in my things, well, that's a bit of an understatement.

Now hush, darling. It's okay. I'm not mad. If anything, I'm happy. It's something that can bring us closer together. If I'm angry about anything it's only that you never trusted me enough to tell me. I can forgive you.

Yes, honey, I'm happy to have finally found out your "little secret." But it's not so little to you, is it? How long have you been sneaking into my underwear drawer? From the day we moved in together? And before that? How long have you been dressing up pretty?

All these years. It makes you feel good, doesn't it? Yes, guilty, but good. You don't have to feel that way anymore, baby. You're safe here with me. And I'm going to help you. I'm going to make you the prettiest girl you can be.

Yes, I'm going to enjoy dressing you up, darling. I'll help turn you into my sweet sissy. Oh, too soon? You're not a sissy? Surely you jest. I saw you mincing around in my slip, feeling your chest, primping your hair. And I saw just how hot it made you. If you don't remember I can show you the tape. It's quite enlightening.

No? You'll have to take my word for it, then. But don't try to kid a kidder. You may not think of yourself this way but you're a sissy, my dear. Do you need proof? I can provide that. Let me just get out of these.... Now, here. These are my favorite panties. See how nice they look? The black lace? The satin material? See how it shines in the light? Very pretty, yes? And how badly do you want to feel these on your body? Yes, that's what I thought. Oh, I can see a little bulge there in your pants. Yes, it's quite evident how much you want to wear these.

Go head, baby. Take off your pants. Oh yes, you definitely like the idea of my panties. Yes, the underwear too. You won't be wearing boy underwear again, darling. I've thrown all of those hideous briefs and boxers away, and I donated nearly all of your clothes to charity. You'll find your closet restocked with far more darling outfits. What? You mean that isn't what you want; to be a full-time sissy? Well, I'm sorry dear but that's what I want and I don't think you have much say in it... unless you want that tape being shared. No? That's what I thought.

Now, put on these panties. There you are. Oh, I see that you're inflating again, filling them out nicely. Yes, you look so pretty in those. How do you feel? Scared, yes, I'm sure. It's going to be a big change for you. But a needed change, though. It's time for you to live in your own skin.

Here's a new outfit that I bought you, darling. Go ahead, open it up. Do you like it? Yes, I thought you would. Try it on, I can't wait to see how it looks.

Oh, how pretty! Oh yes, I knew I had your size right. And that color. Oh, it brings out your eyes. Do you want to take a look? Close the door and you can use my full-length mirror on the back. Oh, yes, there she is. There's my pretty girl. Mmm, it's hard to keep my hand off of you. The material feels so nice and you just look so cute! Doesn't this feel better than sneaking around and stuffing yourself into my clothes? This is your own outfit, hon. All yours, pretty girl, and you can dress this way around me any time... in fact, I insist on it.

I think what's going to make you look even better is a nice pair of stockings. Yes, black to match your outfit. Have a seat. Here you are. I know that you know how to put these on. Show me. Oh, good. You do that very well. These stay up by themselves but something tells me you'd like garters... why be a girl without all the accoutrements? We'll have to go shopping for those soon, maybe this weekend.

And now, the shoes. I know you haven't fit your feet into my shoes. I bought you your very own pair. Let me just slip these on and... Oh, Cinderella. The shoe fits! Now the other one. Oh, I'm so glad these work because I bought quite a few from the same retailer. They specialize in, um, special girls like you...

Let me take your hand and help you stand up. How's that? You're a little shaky but not bad. Walk across the room for me, darling. Oh, have you worn high heels before? No? You're a natural! The shifting of your weight and the shimmy in your hips. Oh, you are yummy. Walk back to me. Oh yes. I like the way your legs cross in front of each other. Very nice. And the way you point your toes!

Sit down here at my make-up table and let me spruce you up just a bit. I want to be sure that you look good for our evening out.

What? Oh yes, of course we'll be going out. I want to show you off! That retailer, who sold me the shoes, they were thrilled to have a new customer. They let me know about a party that's happening just a few miles away from their shop. You'd be surprised at how many events there are in our city for sissys. I'm going to take you out and introduce you to your new life, sweetheart.

There. Your face is perfect and your hair looks divine. I'm just going to put this choker on you. Yes, I know it's a bit tight but this will let everyone know that you're mine, darling. And you are mine. All mine. My sissy, all dressed up and ready to meet the world. Now, hurry up, let's not be late to the party!


sissyserge said...

Superb!! I loved reading that and immagining it as much as i envied it not being a reality for me.

MMayhem said...

Wonderful and sexy story

Anonymous said...

You do know that this MP3 is on my Podcast and can be downloaded free right?

By the way I'm having another story contest and would love if you entered. Deadline is August 16th, 2013