Jun 18, 2015

The Stuff

This story is based on a story my friend Indica Crimson wrote. Read more of her work at her website.

By my senior year in High School, I had landed myself a pretty girl, Chrissy Gibbs. She far outclassed me in that she was far prettier of a girl than a dweeb like me could have gotten. I guess it was my sense of humor and personality that convinced her to go out with me.

We were a couple of horny teenagers and spent a lot of time fumbling around in my parents' basement. Chrissy loved playing with my dick, watching it go from soft to hard, feeling the different textures of the shaft and head, seeing it change color as I got closer to cumming.

During that time when we should have been exploring one another sexually, we discovered that Chrissy had a very strange aversion to semen. She hated the look and feel of it. The smell of it. She even hated saying it. She would call it "stuff" as in, "I'm okay pulling on your penis but just can't handle your stuff touching me."

That said, our sexual relationship was fairly one-sided. While I was happy to go down on her at every opportunity, she never made any overtures to sucking my dick. I dreamed of her lips wrapped around me but knew my "stuff" would freak her out.

However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. When Chrissy asked me what I wanted for my 18th birthday I stammered that, more than anything, I wanted a blowjob.

"You kinky devil," she purred. "I'll do that for you, as long as you promise me two things."

At that point I would have promised her anything at that point but what she wanted seemed very reasonable.

Naturally, her first stipulation was that I couldn't cum in her mouth. Her second took me by surprise. She wanted to give me my first blowjob under the bleachers at school on the afternoon of my birthday.

As the weeks wore on up to my birthday I was going bonkers, fantasizing about the moment she put my dick in her mouth.

Somewhere, though, deep in the recesses in my mind, a cold, sobering thought popped into my frontal lobe; "What if she did a bad job?"

No, no, it couldn't be true and, even if it was, even a bad blowjob was better than none at all.

When the day finally came, my fears proved completely unfounded. Under the bleachers, among the crisscrossed metal rods, I lay on a blanked while Chrissy worked my dick like a champ. She experimented with how hard and fast or soft and slow to work me. It all felt so good. There were a few times when she scraped her teeth along the underside of my dick and I didn't even mind the pain. She grabbed onto my balls and massaged them as she swirled her tongue around the head of my dick. It was glorious.

Nearly on the edge of orgasm, I was about to tap Chrissy on the head when something else interrupted her.

"What do we have here?" came a loud, familiar voice. I sat bolt upright. Big mistake. The last thing I heard before the world went black was the hollow clang of my skull striking one of the metal beams of the bleachers.

When the world came back into focus, Chrissy hovered over me. "Time to get up," she said, slapping my cheeks.

My head screamed in pain as I tried to get up onto my elbows. I slowly took in my surroundings, seeing that Chrissy looked disheveled; her skirt sideways, her makeup smeared, her hair mussed.

I struggled to take everything in. I could barely form the words, "What happened?"

"You know very well, what happened! Your birthday blowjob became a birthday gang bang once your friend Dave and his crew showed up. Have you seen my panties anywhere?"

"What?" I demanded. Chrissy was a virgin. Why was she talking about a gang bang? And Dave? The only Dave I knew was Dave Fox, the captain of the football team and not a friend of mine.

"Don't feign surprise. It seems pretty clear to me what happened. Once you found out you were getting a blowjob for your birthday, you invited Dave and his boys to watch. I knew you were kinky but that's kind of sick, you know? I really thought you valued me more than that. But, I'm glad it worked out the way it did. I was getting so horny that I thought about giving it up to you but when Dave and his boys showed up and he pulled out his cock, well, I couldn't resist. You've seen him in the showers, right? His cock is amazing! I've never seen one so big! And the other guys, well, they all had big cocks, too. All bigger than yours, at least."

Did this mean that Chrissy wasn't a virgin anymore? Was it Dave and his three friends that I always saw hanging out by the rear entrance to the school, smoking cigarettes and shaking down freshmen for their lunch money?

"Oh damn," she said, "this zipper is broken. And I just got this!" She adjusted her skirt for a moment before she threw up her hands and her face went stark white.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! It's all over me! Isn't it? It's all over my thighs."

I tried to figure out what she meant, looking from her face to her hands to her thighs which were covered in thick, viscous semen.

"Did he cum in you?" I asked, still trying to make sense of this upside down world where an outright bully fucked my girlfriend.

"Not just him, his three friends too," she said, shaking her hands, her mouth working as if she was going to throw up. "You have to get it off of me! Get it off! Get it off!"

"What? What do you want me to do?" I sat up, starting to get my shirt off, to wipe her off. "Don't worry, don't look at it, I'll get if off."

"This is your fault!" she screamed. She sat back, her legs splayed lewdly, giving me a view of her pussy. I could see the cum dripping out.

I reached between her legs, trying to wipe her clean.

"No! It's not working!" she said, her voice wracked with tears. "Get it out! Get it out!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Get it out of me, now! Get it out!"

She became hysterical. She began shaking. I tried to move closer to her to comfort her. She took this as something else and began pushing me between her legs.

"Suck it out of me! Suck it out!"

Time froze. It seemed that what I did next would affect me for the rest of my life. I thought about how much I loved Chrissy and that I couldn't stand seeing her so shaken up. I wanted to do whatever I could to make her feel better, even if it was revolting. I looked at her well-worn pussy, seeing the redness of her skin, the white of the semen, the reddish brown of her pubic hair. It all seemed to be getting larger, taking up more of my field of vision until it blurred out and everything became the smell of the spunk between her legs.

The first few drops of semen hit my tongue. I expected something terrible but, instead, it wasn't that bad. I licked it and turned my head to spit out my first mouthful when I heard a gasp. Rather than spitting, I turned to look at her face and saw a look of pure adoration there.

"Oh, honey. I can't believe you're doing this for me. It's so... romantic!" She moved her still cummy hands to my cheeks.

"You must really love me, baby," she said, "To put your face down there and lick up all that... all that stuff left there from other men. This means so much to me."

She leaned down began planting kisses on my face. She put her lips on mine, as if unaware of the mouthful of semen that lay behind my lips. I felt her tongue pushing against my lips, wanting inside. This became a do or die moment for me. I shut my eyes hard and swallowed, holding back tears.

Her kiss was one of absolute love. If she tasted any of the semen in my mouth, she didn't let on. We were there, sharing the taste of other men's cum between us.

She broke the kiss saying, "That was the most romantic thing you could ever do for me."

We held our embrace for what felt like an hour until she shakily said, "Honey? I can feel more inside me. Will you... get it out?"

I went back between her legs and began licking more, swallowing each mouthful. I even licked her thighs clean. It felt like it would never end.

"Honey, it's still there!" she said, her voice trembling. "Will you... lay on your back?"

I complied and she mounted my face, pushing her pussy onto my mouth and holding my head tightly between her thighs. The last remnants of the four guys' cum dripped from her into my waiting mouth. Along with the scent of the semen, I could smell the hot musky scent of her arousal. This did wonders to me and my body responded accordingly.

"Oh look," she said. "All this stuff has really turned on your little friend." I felt her hand wrap around my cock and begin to play with it.

"It really takes a special kind of man who will eat another man's stuff for his girlfriend, don't you think?"

I tried to muffle a response but her pussy kept me quiet.

"It's funny, I thought you had such a nice cock, baby, but after seeing Dave and his crew's, well, it kind of pales in comparison."

The cum ran faster into my mouth as she began rocking ever so slightly above me.

"Yes, I don't think that any of them would ever do this for me. None of them would ever consider sucking another man's stuff out of me but you did. You didn't even hesitate and that really makes you a special kind of man, doesn't it? What kind of man sucks another man's stuff out of his girlfriend's pussy? And what kind of man gets a hard-on when he's doing it? It makes me wonder, do you like the taste?"

I had to stop and think... did I? Was I liking this? How much cum had I eaten so far? Why was I hungry for more? Tongue began snaking deeper inside of her, cleaning the deepest recesses. I heard her breaths coming shorter now and she still talked to me.

"I always knew you weren't like those other boys, baby." She was stroking me harder now. "What kind of man will eat the stuff of another man out of his girlfriend's pussy? What kind of man are you?"

And with that, her taste began to change. She flushed out all of the semen as she began spasming and cumming on my face. I heard her cry out as she grabbed my cock even harder, squeezing me until I came.

Once her spasms began to subside, she climbed off me, looking down at me with a look of pure pleasure. She held her hand to my mouth and, for whatever reason, I opened wide.

She smeared my own cum back into my mouth, telling me to lick her hand clean.

"You are a good little stuff guzzler, aren't you? Don't worry, baby, I'll give you more. There's a lot more where that came from. Lots of men. Lots of cocks. And lots of stuff. I'm sorry, honey, but you and I are never going to fuck. After having a cocks as big and nice as the ones I had today, I don't think I'm going to be happy with your little pecker. But that's okay. You do your job. You keep me clean. You keep that stuff off me, and out of me, and we can have a lot of fun."

We cleaned up as best we could. I still had a lot of semen on my shirt which I hesitantly wore out from under the bleachers back to my car. I dropped Chrissy off at her house before going back home for the rest of the night.

As I got ready for school the next morning I got a text from Chrissy telling me to use the back entrance to school. My blood ran cold as I knew I'd be walking in right past Dave and his crew.

When I got to school I didn't see anyone by the back door initially. But, as I got closer, I saw a few people standing in the alcove nearby. Dave and his three friends -- Steve, Rob, and DJ -- stood around. There, among them, was Chrissy. Dave held her close to him. He towered nearly two heads higher than her. She had her hand on his chest and it looked tiny across the wide expanse of his shirt. She looked adoringly into his face and my heart sank. Had she decided to break up with me?

Before I could turn and go the other way, one of the guys must have mentioned seeing me as Chrissy broke her gaze and shouted to me to come on over and join them.

I trudged up the sidewalk and stood outside the group, my head lowered, ashamed and afraid to make eye contact with any of them.

"Hey man, how's it going?" Dave said to me, friendlier than he had ever been to me before.

I shrugged my shoulders and two of the other guys found this hilarious. "Brother don't know which end is up," DJ snickered.

"I was just telling Dave about our arrangement," Chrissy said. She shared a look with him before correcting herself, "Our little arrangement," she giggled.

"Hey, man," Dave said, stifling a laugh, "That's pretty cool of you. It takes a real cool dude to do that for a chick. And, hey, I'm happy to help out!" With that, he and his guys busted out laughing.

My cheeks were crimson and I fantasized that I could get small enough to crawl under a rock and hide. Yet, at the same time, I found myself getting hard, thinking about being between Chrissy's legs, her hand on my dick. I thought about the smell of her sex, the way she came so hard while she rode my face. I moved my books down, hoping that my arousal wouldn't be noticed. No luck.

"Oh, shit, he's popping a little boner!" Rob shouted. DJ and Steve slapped one another high five while Chrissy slapped her hand over her mouth and joined in their laughter.

"Don't worry, bro," Dave told me. "It's all good. Tonight we'll see how good you do with some fresh loads. We're all meeting over at my place after practice. Be there by eight so you can help out your lady."

As he said the last few words the school bell rang its second warning. Dave and his guys went away, leaving Chrissy and I alone together.

"It's okay, honey. You don't need to be embarrassed." She leaned in and kissed me. "I know you probably can't admit how turned on you are right now but some day you'll be able to. We'll work on it together. And, we'll start tonight, okay? C'mon, let's not be late for first period."

I spent the rest of the day being absolutely tortured. My mind fought with my body throughout the day. I couldn't stop thinking about the cummy mess between Chrissy's legs and then started thinking about Dave and his guys fucking her. What noises did she make? What had she said when they were inside of her? Was she naked when they fucked her? Did she beg them to get fucked? What did their cocks look like? She kept saying that mine wasn't as big as theirs but what was the difference?

Throughout the day I kept seeing Chrissy in my classes and I was shocked that she seemed to be completely carefree about everything. Meanwhile, I found myself covering myself with my books as I went from class to class, trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy as I sat in class, unable to think of anything other than the four guys who fucked my girlfriend.

Time ticked down until the final bell. After school, I still had five hours until I had to be at Dave's place. I nearly fell out of my chair when I got a text from an unknown sender just before the bell rang. It was Dave sending me his address with a wide-smiling emoticon.

After school I waited to drive Chrissy home. We usually would go to her place, do our homework, and watch TV until her folks got home and her mom started making dinner. Sometimes Mrs. Gibbs would ask me to stay and eat. Other times I'd just leave and go home to see what was happening at my place.

Chrissy was driving me crazy by being completely into her school work that evening. She made no allusions to anything; acting as if everything was completely normal. How could she not have known what a torrent of feelings was flooding through me?

That night, Mrs. Gibbs asked me to stay. "Chrissy told me that you'd be over for dinner tonight. I'm making your favorites; pasta Alfredo and blancmange for dessert. I didn't know you had such sophisticated tastes!"

At 7:30, Chrissy announced that we were going out for a while ("Going out to see a movie over at a friend's house"). Once we got into my car she grinned lasciviously at me. "Are you ready for this, lover?" she cooed.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I sighed, starting the car.

"Oh, don't try to lie to me," she said. "You've been hard almost all day thinking about tonight, haven't you? Have you been picturing Dave fucking me while I sucked DJ's dick? Or, maybe you've just been thinking about licking up all that delicious stuff. It'll be even fresher tonight. Almost fresh from the tap."

I felt the pre-cum dripping from my dick as she painted the picture in my head.

"Uh, hadn't we better get going if we're going to get there on time," she chided. I broke from my revery and began to drive. Dave lived on the other side of our little town.

Dave answered the door wearing a shit-eating grin and little else. I guess he figured that we were there for one reason and that there wasn't any reason to overdress. He had on shorts and a tank top, both sporting our school mascot.

We went in to find Steve, Rob, and DJ in Dave's living room; beers in hand and a porn movie turned down low on the flat screen. "Hey, there she is!" Rob yelled as we entered the room -- Chrissy, Dave, then me.

Steve offered Chrissy a drink while DJ got up and gave her his seat on the couch. I looked around for a place to sit and didn't see anything so I moved over and stood close to where Chrissy sat.

The five of them made some small talk, drinking and catching up about classes and the football team. Finally, after Chrissy drained her drink, she asked if they could put on some music. Rob obliged, starting up some play list on his phone that went over the speakers in the living room. Chrissy stood up and began swaying to the music. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Chrissy had never done anything like this for me before.

She began caressing herself over her clothes, moving her hands up and over her breasts before running them down her legs, all the way to her ankles. Bent over, she swayed her hips seductively. She let her long brown hair fall around her face. She stood again and began unbuttoning her shirt. The guys began whooping it up, encouraging her to take it all off. She looked at Dave and began licking her lips. She winked before turning around and undoing her bra.

"Fuck yes!" DJ yelled as she turned around again, holding her breasts in her hands before revealing her pert tits.

She started unbuttoning her pants, barely getting the zipper halfway down before shimmying herself free of them. Now in just her black panties, she pointed at me and the guys looked over and laughed at some kind of private joke. I stood, mesmerized by this lewd display. Mesmerized and turned on.

She undid the button snaps on the side of her panties, freeing herself and revealing her trimmed pubic patch. She moved to Dave and invited him to stand up. She pulled his tank top over his head and began caressing his chiseled chest. I looked down to his shorts to see the unmistakable outline of his dick. It went down nearly the full length of the shorts. I could see the outline of the head and was taken aback by the size.

Chrissy ran her hand over that bulge before peeling off his shorts. She went to her knees and the other guys cheered as she took his dick in her two hands and began rubbing the head of it across her face. I'd never seen Chrissy do something like that. But, I'd never seen a dick that big, either, not even in porno movies.

She stuck out her tongue like Miley Cyrus and ran the head over it. She slide it all around her tongue before easing just the head into her mouth. I was so enrapt on Chrissy's mouth that I failed to notice DJ and Rob moving to stand alongside Dave. They had both lost their cloths along the way. Without missing a beat, Chrissy turned her head to swallow DJ's long, skinny black dick before moving to Rob's shorter but fatter one. Not seeing Steve, I turned to look for him, finding him on the couch, stroking his dick while he watched his buddies taking turns fucking Chrissy's mouth.

"Oh shit!" Rob yelled. This stopped everything cold. I watched as he bucked his hips, losing control of himself and cumming into Chrissy's mouth. She made a strange, strangled noise and held up her hand. She waved it frantically in my direction.

I ran over to her, not sure if she was going to throw up or not. I'd been with her when she saw my cum on her leg and started to gag.

She saw me come near and pointed to the ground. I got down next to her, "What is it, honey? Do you need some paper towel?"

She shook her head and motioned for me come closer.

I got right up next to her, seeing her wide, panicked eyes in the dim light of the living room. She planted her lips on mine in a kiss. Before I knew what was happening, though, her tongue was parting my lips and hot cum was flooding into my mouth. Her eyes went from wide to narrow as she pushed all of Rob's cum into my mouth. I started swallowing it and I could see a smile enter her eyes.

She broke off the kiss. "Open your mouth," she said. "Wide."

I did as she asked. She started spitting out the last of Rob's cum into my mouth, ridding herself of him. I went to close my mouth and she said, "Leave it open."

She motioned to Steve and he handed her his beer. She took a long drink, sloshed it around, and spit it all into my open mouth. After spitting a few more times she said, "Go ahead. Swallow it all down."

I did. The flavors of cum and MGD soured my stomach but seeing the look on her face -- a mix of lust, power, and pride -- made it all better.

DJ and Dave bumped their fists together.

"Honey, everyone here is naked but you. Go take off your clothes and stand in the corner until I call you again."

I looked from her to the three guys who towered above us. They looked down at me with a blend of curiosity and contempt. I stood up and went into the corner of the room as I heard DJ moan, "Your mouth is good, baby, but I need to get that pussy."

Chrissy obediently turned away from him and lowered herself onto her elbows, her ass in the air, presenting her sex to him like an animal.

Dave and Steve moved aside, stroking themselves, as DJ got down behind Chrissy and slid his long dick into her. Her face screwed up into a wanton desire as she hissed, "Yessssss." DJ grabbed onto her petite ass, his big black hands nearly covering the entire area. He started slowly thrusting while everyone, including me, watched. I stood there, naked, my dick fully erect and, yes, not even half as big as even the next-biggest dick in the room.

I felt another wave of shame flood over me as I looked at the pleasure written across Chrissy's face and realized that I could never provide what she had with the little thing between my legs. I knew that, from now on, I would only be allowed to be between her legs when I licked up the cum from men with real dicks. Superior men. Men who could please a woman properly.

Would I be okay just being her clean up boy? Or should I try to find another girl who would be okay with my little dick? I hadn't even realized that I had such a small dick until I saw what these four guys were packing in their pants. What if I found another girlfriend who was okay with me until she saw what a real dick looked like? Would it be better to risk that or stay with my beautiful Chrissy and still get to love her in so many ways except that one carnal method? Could I live with that?

I watched the waves of pleasure wash over Chrissy as DJ began fucking her harder and faster. She began encouraging him, a string of invectives came streaming from her mouth. She said words that I didn't even know she knew. She begged him to fuck her harder. She started to moan before it became a howl as DJ's voice joined hers as they came together.

DJ slumped back onto his heels. Not wasting any time, Dave got down onto his knees and helped turn Chrissy over onto her back. He swung her legs around until she was in line with his raging erection. The head of his dick flushed purple and the veins along the sides stood out angrily. He slid his dick into her and I heard the wet slosh of him using DJ's cum as a lubricant to fuck my girlfriend.

Steve got down onto his knees as well, moving up to Chrissy's face. She still gasped for breath but I saw her eyes hungrily lock onto Steve's thick dick. He was stroking his cock and she stuck out her tongue, her mouth wide. He obliged by sliding his dick into her mouth. It made her cheeks bulge out comically as he began fucking her face.

I could hear her gagging as Steve's dick hit the back of her throat over and over again. But, amongst the gags and the gasps for breath, I could hear her moaning.

I stole a glance at Rob, still sitting on the couch, still stroking his dick. When I looked at him, I saw that he was staring straight at me, as if oblivious to the scene of his two buddies fucking my girlfriend while his third, DJ, massaged his dick back to life.

I quickly turned away but still felt Rob's eyes boring into me. I felt a cold flash run up my spine as I realized that the look on his face wasn't necessarily one of contempt.

Dave began breathing faster as he started pounding Chrissy. She squealed in delight when he began spanking her ass as he got closer to orgasm. He grunted loudly as he began to orgasm. If felt like came for five minutes as his thrusts slowed and stopped.

Though still gasping for breath, Chrissy continued to work Steve's dick. He hunched over her, fucking her face.

Dave leaned back up onto his knees and looked directly at me.

"Okay, bitch, it's time to do your job. Get over here and clean up your lady." He snapped his fingers at me like a French waiter before pointing to her sopping pussy. I came around to them, the smell of sex almost overwhelming. I couldn't help but look at Dave's slightly-deflated cock, dripping with cum; the same cum that I was about to eat out of my girlfriend's gaping pussy.

I steeled myself before getting down between her legs and lapping at her pussy; licking and sucking and swallowing his briney semen. All the while I could hear the little chokes and gasps of Chrissy as she continued to work Steve's cock.

Dave stayed close to us, watching as I obediently at his load out of Chrissy.

"Oh, man, you are such a fucking little faggot. No wonder Chrissy was happy to see us yesterday. Lick it up, bitch. Lick it all up. You're gonna get a fucking belly full of cum from me and my boys from here on out. You'd better hurry 'cause it looks like my man Steve is about to pop, faggot. He's gonna fill her mouth full of cum and you're gonna get every fucking drop."

His words tore right through me, filling me will shame but, at the same time, I felt my dick getting even harder as I began rubbing it against the carpet of his living room floor. I was humping the floor as Chrissy humped against my mouth, her motions pushing more of Dave's cum into my hungry mouth.

True to Dave's word, Steve began unloading into Chrissy's mouth. She began to choke on it and I knew I had to get to her quickly. I moved beside her, my hard-on flapping against her. She turned her head and spit his hot load into my waiting mouth. I swallowed it all up, tasting the difference between Steve and Dave's cum.

As before, I left my mouth open as Chrissy began spitting the last remnants of Steve inside.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to see Rob moving closer to us. Steve had yet to move from where he was kneeling so Rob came to my left side rather than Chrissy's right.

"I'm gonna give you a treat, faggot. You're gonna get it straight from the tap," he said, still stroking himself.

I panicked, not sure what he meant entirely. I started to sit up but Chrissy held me down.

She hushed me and told me not to worry, "I'm here, baby. This is what I want. I want to see this. I want you to experience this. After all, this is what you wanted me to do for you for your birthday, remember?"

Everything moved in slow motion as I looked up at Rob, seeing his grin before the head of his dick seemed to eclipse everything else in sight. I had never been that close to a penis and was surprised to see the intricate network of veins that ran beneath it.

I wanted to cry out, to run away, to scream at Chrissy, "What have you gotten me into?" But, I did none of those things.

Instead, I was hypnotized by the sight of Rob stroking his dick just inches from my face, seeing the slit at the head of his cock open and close every time he pulled back hard.

Suddenly, his dick dropped and slapped me right across the face. "That's right, take it, faggot," he hissed. He slapped his thick dick across my cheeks and lips, tapping it against my mouth.

"Open up, honey," Chrissy said, "I think he wants to come inside..."

"No, I can't, I won't," I whined.

"You can, and you will, honey. If you ever want to see me again, you'll do what you're told. You'll be a good boy for me." I felt her hand wrap around my dick and slowly start to stroke me.

"Do you want this? Do you want to feel me touch you? Then you'll do what I tell you to do. What Rob tells you to do. What any of these guys tell you to do. You're here to serve us, understand? Now, what are you going to do?"

I hesitated only for a moment more before I loosened the muscles of my jaw, allowing my lips to part slightly. Rob took full advantage of this, pushing the head of his dick passed my lips.

"Oh shit!" I heard Dave yell. "I told you he was a faggot. Look at him just loving on that cock. Suck it, you fucking little bitch."

Rob pulled his dick from my mouth and rubbed the head of it across my lips.

"Now," Rob said, "Ask me for it."

I froze. It was one thing just opening my mouth and letting him put his dick in my mouth but it was another thing to ask for it. It was another thing to admit that I wanted it. And, yes, I wanted it. My body burned with lust as Chrissy continued stroking my dick, her breath hot on my ear.

"Go ahead, lover, tell the man what he wants to hear... what you want to say," she cooed.

"I want it," I croaked.

"That isn't asking for it," Rob said, slapping his engorged dick across my cheeks again.

"Can I have it?" I tried.

"Be polite, bitch," I heard DJ say.

"May I have it, please?" I asked.

He obliged, sliding his dick back into my mouth. He pushed farther into my mouth before and I was afraid I would choke and throw up. The scent of him overwhelmed me. I'd only occasionally encountered that same sour musky smell after a long day of outdoor activities. But, here it assaulted me in concentrated form; the smell of man. His long, wiry pubic hair brushed against my chin as he pushed deeper into me. I tried to turn my head toward him to get a better angle, so his dick would go straight into my mouth rather than sideways against the inside of my right cheek.

He seemed to like this new angle, putting a hand on the top of my head while he began rocking his hips toward and away from me.

As he really started fucking my face, I felt Chrissy working my dick vigorously.

"This is getting me so hot," she told me, biting my ear. Knowing that I could get her excited by sucking dick put me into a quandary. I loved her and wanted to make her happy but never thought I would be doing this for her. Worse, I never thought I would be enjoying it. Was it her hand on my dick driving me crazy or was it Rob's dick sliding over my tongue?

I felt myself getting close to cumming which made me burn deeper with shame. How could I cum with another man's dick in my mouth? There was just no way. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. But, oh, Chrissy's hand felt so good. I could hear her moaning quietly the way she would when she would masturbate for me. Was she doing that now? I couldn't turn my head to see. I could only think of how her hand looked as she massaged her clit.

Rob quickly forced that thought out of my head, leaving only his dick in my mind as he put his other hand on my head, pulling me back and forth on his dick, fucking my face wildly now, his balls slapping against my chin with an ever-faster rhythm.

"Oh fuck," I heard him mutter as the taste of him flooded my mouth. I tried swallowing as much as I could as quickly as I could, as if afraid that I would drown. I struggled to breath through my nose as I felt his dick jerk in my mouth. This put me over the edge and I started moaning around his dick as I came. Chrissy, who normally turned my dick toward to my thigh to get my cum as far from her as she could, instead started catching all of the cum in her hand. Once Rob slid his cock out of my mouth -- leaving a rather empty feeling -- her hand was there, wiping my cum into my mouth.

"Clean it off. Every drop," she said as I licked the palm of her hand. "That's right. Get it all. Eat it all."

After I cleaned her hand, Chrissy put it onto my cheek and looked deeply into my eyes. I could tell she was proud of me and that made my heart swell. After a moment of this DJ broke the silence by asking, "Is it over?"

She turned to him and she asked if there was anything else he needed.

"I could do to have my dick sucked, too," he said.

"Take care of DJ, honey," she told me. "I'm tired."

I reluctantly got up onto my hands and knees and crawled over to him. DJ's dick was longer than Rob's though not as thick. It didn't take much coaxing for me to take him into my mouth. As I sucked on him, I wondered if this would be my lot for the rest of my life. Chrissy had almost said as much the day before but I never thought I would be there pleasing the starting lineup of the football team with my mouth.

While I continue to suck DJ's dick, I could hear the comings and goings of Dave, Rob, Steve and Chrissy. Nothing would distract me too much from DJ's dick. He gently fucked my face, holding his hand over my ears as he pulled me close to him. I took a chance and glanced up at him. He was lost in pleasure, his face turned up toward the ceiling. Without warning, he tilted his head down to look right in my eyes. He grinned and said, "I could get used to this, faggot. Put your a finger in my ass."

I pulled his dick from my mouth before wetting my finger and reaching it between his legs. I wasn't exactly sure where to feel but quickly found what I thought was right. I put pressure on the spot and felt him open to me. I took his dick back in my mouth and it swelled even larger. I began finger fucking his ass the way that I had done to Chrissy's pussy in the past. Apparently, I was doing a good job as he let loose with string of curse words intermingled with praise.

A groan began from his balls and swelled up until he erupted into my mouth, his cum less than last time but more acrid and intense in its flavor. He took his dick out of my mouth and wiped it, still half hard, on my face before turning and leaving the room. I knelt there, naked and stinking of cum. I could hear Chrissy in the kitchen talking with her new friends.

I wasn't sure what I should do. I was exhausted and still in a daze. I finally got up, gathered my clothes, and found the nearest bathroom to clean up. When I returned, Chrissy, Dave and his crew were back in the living room. I went over and sat near Chrissy like an obedient dog.

"We were just talking about you," she said to me. "We decided that you're not just going to listen to me but if Dave, Rob, DJ or Steve want you to do anything, you're to obey them as well. Is that understood?"

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant but I had the sinking feeling that I could guess.

"Yes," I said, barely above a whisper.

"Very good."

After that, they carried on as if I wasn't even there. They socialized for a bit before Chrissy gave them all a kiss goodbye.

I spent the rest of my senior year in terror, never knowing when one (or more) of the four boys would stop me in the hallway with an order to meet them in the locker room to take care of them. Rob and DJ used me the most while Steve and Dave provided me with their spunk second-hand more often.

After we graduated high school, Chrissy and I went to the same college and she spent the next four years sampling as many of the larger cocks on campus. It seemed like every day she would come back to the dorm with stories of other men who fucked her in so many ways. I dutifully ate her cream pie and she either jerked me off or allowed me to jerk off and eat my own "stuff."

After leaving college, Chrissy settled down to just a handful of lovers. Chrissy never got over her jism-phobia but our understanding continued and it still does today.