Jun 26, 2009

High School Bully Part 4

The following is a sequel to this story which was followed up by this story. Enjoy!

I'd been serving... and servicing... Tony Fox for four weeks. I had to go over to his house three times a week where I did anything he commanded. Even when I wasn't with him he had me wearing panties, garters, and stockings under my clothes. I was petrified to use the boys' room, afraid that someone would see what I had on under my khakis.

I felt like everyone must know. Like I had it written across my forehead in blazing, scarlet letters: "FAG." Tony didn't treat me anything differently. He still ignored me at school. And, while I thought I sensed something different about Tony's girlfriend, Laura, I'm sure I was just reading into things.

Yet, I couldn't shake the feeling that Billy Chbowsky had been acting far more friendly than he used to do.

Billy hadn't interacted with me much in the four years that we'd been attending high school together. He was on the track team, or was it swimming? Anyway, we were in different cliques. He would occasionally join me in a joke at our teachers' expense but he always seemed just a little, I dunno, awkward or something. And, for the last few weeks, he'd seemed even more strange. I would be sitting in class and suddenly feel prickles on my neck. I'd turn quickly to catch a glimpse of Billy's eyes on me. Did he know? How could he?

The relationships with my friends had gotten strained over the last month. I was being evasive, unable to hang out every night after school as I once had. I used to spend my afternoons and evenings watching MTV or going to the mall. Now that time was spent on my knees, sucking cock.

I still spent lunch period with my friends. We were an odd mixture of nerds, skate rats, and freaks. If we had one thing in common it was that we were goody-two-shoes in regards to drugs and drinking, probably since each of us came from a home where a parent or sibling was an abuser. That lead to the silliness of a "drinking contest" one Friday afternoon at lunch.

I don't remember who started it but, before I knew it, six of seven of us had juice boxes with the lids ripped off, filled with with water from the drinking fountain. Rather than whiskey, we were slamming shots of water. Not difficult at first, surely, but after twenty or twenty five, people started dropping out. It was only the bell that saved a few bladders from bursting.

As I limped to class, cramping, I cursed myself for having played along. There was no avoiding the boys' room now. I ducked in, hoping to empty my bladder fast and get to class in time. Even as I pulled down my panties, the bell rang. I heaved a satisfied and resigned sigh as the urine continued to stream.

"What color panties are you wearing?" came a voice that froze me, painfully, mid-pee. I didn't know what to do. I stood frozen, as if in a bear attack, hoping that whoever spoke would simply go away.

"He has me in pink, most of the time," the voice continued, "but I see you as more of a red or black."

Hesitantly, I looked up, seeing the bathroom reflected in the mirrors above the sinks next to the urinals. My senses seemed kicked up a notch, my nose filled with the sickly sweet smell of urinal cakes and industrial cleanser. The fluorescent lights seemed especially bright as it bounced off the white porcelain and brown tile. All of it seemed to spotlight Billy, standing in the center of the bathroom wearing nothing but pink stockings, panties, and garters. My eyes darted to the door, afraid for him and me. He had blocked it with a mop bucket, the "cleaning" sign outside, no doubt.

Despite seeing him dressed this way, it took me longer than it should have to realize that he was in the same predicament that I was. At first I thought he had dressed himself that way. Once I knew that we were in the same boat, a strange pang of jealousy ran through me. I wasn't the only boy in Tony Fox's life?

Time slowed, allowing me to take everything in. The hairlessness of Billy's body, the shapeliness of his legs, the bulge in his panties, the desire in his eyes.

Billy wanted me. And he had, all along. This explained the awkward exchanges and frequent looks. Billy had been flirting with me. For how long? It felt like years. I had never been the object of anyone's crush before and I felt overwhelmed with a sense of honor as well as one of need. I turned to him, my cock becoming hard in my hand, taking a good look at him. I watched his well-toned muscles move under his skin as he came to me. His body was breathtaking. I'm not sure if the feminine garb could have accentuated his beauty any more. He was masculine, undoubtedly, but with an androgynous quality that only made him more appealing.

I caught myself thinking these things and realized that my time with Tony had affected me deeply. I never would have be able to think of another boy as "beautiful" or attractive at all before the time spent on my knees serving as Tony's bitch. But now I was drinking in Billy, my mouth watering with desire, my whole world focused on him as he came close enough to wrap his arms around me, my mouth opening to his tongue, his tender lips crushed against mine.

Billy's hands wandered my body, stripping me of my male garb. He grabbed my pantied ass, squeezing, lifting me up a little. My bare cock brushed against his silky underwear, making it jump with excitement. I wanted him to touch me there, to grab hold of me. His other hand went into my hair, twisting my head and baring my neck to him. His showered my neck with kisses and little bites, making my cock twitch with each one.

One of my hands found the front of his panties and the hardness within. He was big, bigger than me, and his sex felt good in my hand. At first I just held onto it, afraid that he might take it away from me. He didn't. I caressed him, feeling the length and girth of him, my mouth watering at the thought of taking him in my mouth. With Tony I had been reluctant to suck another man's cock. With Billy, I relished the thought. I wanted him just as he wanted me. I wasn't serving Billy, we were making love.

Thoughts began to flood my head. What did Billy like? What did two men do together when they made love? I knew how to serve and service Tony, but he never did anything to me -- I almost didn't want him to. But, with Billy, I wanted his hands and mouth everywhere on me. I wanted his cock, too. And, I wanted to be inside of him, too. In his mouth and, yes, in his ass as well. Yes... that's what I wanted. That's where I wanted him.

"Oh, Billy," I said, trying to catch my breath as his mouth worked down to my chest, "I need you. I want you. I need to fuck you."

He pulled away suddenly. Had I said something wrong? No, it wasn't that. He didn't recoil in horror. Instead, he smiled, falling to his knees and taking my cock in his mouth. It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me and I nearly lost my load the moment I felt his tongue running along the underside of my erection.

I hoped he wouldn't stop... but he did, turning around and getting on all fours, looking back at me in a mix of anticipation and lust. I wasn't entirely sure what to do but it didn't seem like rocket science. He leaned forward, spreading his smooth, white ass with his hands, showing me the red rim of his rosebud, waiting to be plucked.

I knelt down behind him, putting one hand on his lower back while I held my cock with the other, steadied and aiming myself my target. I wanted to ease inside but, at the same time, I was anxious to feel his body around me. I pushed with my hips, watching as the purple head of my cock met his puckered hole, seeing it give way and granting me admission.

The first sensation was heat. I'd never felt anything as hot on my skin that didn't burn me. After that, I felt the tightness of his opening as I pushed deeper, wondering how far I could go, hearing him gasp a little but immediately nod after, signalling me to continue. "Yes," he hissed.

Deeper now, halfway down the length of my cock. I watched the veins throbbing and felt a second heartbeat throbbing around my manhood. It was Billy's pulse coming through to me. I breathed in, waiting until our heartbeats synced before pushing deeper.

All the way in and I knew Billy could have taken even more. He signed when he felt my balls rest against his. He knew that I was fully immersed in him. I felt his ass grasp and slightly release me. He was getting used to the feeling of me inside of him. I wondered if I was the first boy to do this to him and something told me that I was. I was taking Billy's cherry and, in a way, he was taking mine. Until then I had only sucked Tony's cock. I'd never been sexual with anyone like this before. The thought made me jerk my hips involuntarily and I heard Billy moan beneath me.

Pulling out more, I watched him release his asscheeks and grab the floor. He pushed back against me, my cock sinking inside of him again. I put both of my hands on his ass and pushed him off slightly before pulling him back onto me. He gasped. I did it again, going farther out before plunging again. I was fucking him.

He moaned, the sound bouncing off the bathroom tiles, loud in my ears. I fucked him harder, faster. I knew that I couldn't keep it up for long. I could already feel the orgasm roiling through me. It only took Billy looking back at me, his eyes dulled with lust, to push me past the brink.

I came. Holding tight onto his hips, keeping him on me. My cock pulsing, twitching, filling him with cum.

Billy collapsed, pulling himself off of me. He was splayed on the bathroom floor, catching his breath. I rolled him over, hungry for the gift between his legs. His hard cock greeted me, the tip wet with precum. I kneeled over him and devoured him, taking his entire length into my mouth in one big gulp.

I felt him get even bigger in my mouth, my tongue wrapping around him. I sucked him the way Tony had taught me, taking him deep, moving my head up and down his length, working him with relish. I massaged his balls, feeling them already tight. I slid a finger into ass, sliding in easily, my finger slicked with my own cum.

He gasped. I tasted the salty warmth of his spunk filling my mouth, feeling his cock jump under my tongue. I swallowed everything he could give me, licking him clean as I knelt between his legs.

There was a slight awkwardness then. We had shared something wonderful, another shared secret among Tony's boys. How many others were there?

We re-dressed, knowing we had to get to class. We stood at the door and kissed each other one long, last time and promised to do this all again soon. I knew that that evening as I serviced Tony's cock, I would be thinking of Billy and wishing it was him.

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