Sep 1, 2009

Shopping Day

We spent Saturday afternoon downtown doing some shopping. Having gone without breakfast, one of our first stops was at the local deli to pick up a few sandwiches. I fetched the food while Daddy took a seat.

As I set the tray down, he took my hand in his, pressing the rubber dingus into my palm. When it touched my skin, I’m sure I gasped. Its length was barely concealed by our hands. “Go into the Ladies Room and put that in, girl,” he instructed.

I nodded, taking the buttplug and hurrying off. I could feel his eyes on me the whole way. I had a spring in my step, excited to serve my Daddy.

The restroom was a single stall, allowing me some privacy as I slicked up the plug—pink jelly about five inches long—with the lube I always kept in my purse. I raised my skirt, lowered my underwear, and bent over the sink before sinking it home in my bottom. No matter how often Daddy had me full like this, I always felt invaded. Though it was relatively skinny, about the size of my middle finger, it felt far larger as it entered me.

My body adjusted to the plug, accommodating its girth. I could feel my pussy get wet as much from being opened as doing it for my Daddy.

I teetered back to my seat, feeling the plug working deeper into me as I moved. Daddy gave me a wry grin but didn’t say anything else about it while we ate. The day was going to prove interesting, trying to hold in the plug and concentrate as we did our shopping.

With great effort I kept my legs together as I stood and waited for Daddy in every shop. My instructions were clear: I would stand by the entrance of the shop, looking cute and keeping my hands to myself. I rocked gently on my heels, feeling the plug slowly fucking me and thinking the whole time, “This is Daddy’s finger inside of me.” No one would have suspected that I was working myself up at every stop, the plug nestled between my cheeks under my flowered skirt. I didn’t look at all like the slut I felt like. I resembled any other college girl in the campus town in my sandals and peasant blouse. Only the black choker around my neck stood in any contrast to the noveau hippy fashion I enjoyed (and Daddy enjoyed, too).

Daddy and I found one another the summer before. He was a regular customer at the video store where I worked as a tape jockey. Something about the way he carried himself set him apart from the rest of the maddening crowd. I began keeping an eye on the movies that he rented and would secret them back to my apartment after he returned them. There were no usual blockbusters and new releases to be found. Instead, I witnessed some very unusual tales of troubled people that invariably worked out issues through spanking, bondage, and other kinky things. My mind kept returning to these images and themes whenever I masturbated.

I don’t know how he found out or if he was only guessing when he returned a tape one day and caught my eye only to say, “Enjoy.” Maybe I heard him wrong. I never did ask. Instead, I couldn’t wait to take the tape home with me that night and see what new pleasures awaited. It was the story of a man who hires a new secretary. He finds her work ethic lacking and corrects her with a spanking. “This is what he wants to do to me,” I thought, watching the man in the film redden the girl’s bottom. And, moreover, that’s what I wanted done to me.

“I enjoyed that movie,” I said, the next time I saw him.

“I thought you might,” he said, nodding knowingly. He asked me about my next night off and told me when and where we’d meet. He wasn’t shy. Rather than asking if I wanted to serve him, he simply laid out some ground rules and expectations. Within hours, I was on my kneeling before him for the first time. That night I gave up who I was when I was with him. Ever since then, he’s been “Daddy” and I’ve been “girl.” His girl.

Every minute that went by while we shopped, I found myself getting more aroused. Things came to a fever pitch when we went to a store that had a second story. Going up the stairs with Daddy behind me, he put his hand on the base of the plug and pushed it deeper as he followed. I almost orgasmed right there. And, as it was, I had to stop and catch my breath as Daddy browsed the antiques. I was positively dripping with desire but knew that Daddy wouldn’t do anything about it until he saw fit. Nothing I could do would sway him from his plans for today, especially since I knew that this torture was all part of what he had in mind.

Daddy liked making me mad with desire and he knew just how to do it. It wasn’t easy for him, I’m sure, as I didn’t come to our relationship with a list of turn-ons. I’d never served anyone before. It was all new to me. He was patient, pushing me in new directions all the time, seeing what worked and what didn’t. Fortunately, nearly everything he did turned me on including things that I never would have considered even a year before. It’d only been in the last few months that Daddy had begun exploring my bottom.

Again, I never thought I’d allow anyone to enter me back there and perish the thought that I’d enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy it… I loved it. Feeling Daddy’s toys, fingers, or cock inside of me elevated me to another plane. I never fathomed that such sensations existed or that the key to them rested inside my back door. Daddy knew this and used it to his full advantage. On those rare occasions where Daddy allowed me a choice as to how he would fuck me, I found myself begging for him to take me from behind.

Finally, Daddy was done with his shopping. I carried the bags back to the car, walking awkwardly. Throughout the day it felt like the plug grew three sizes.

Now came the hard part, sitting in the car as Daddy drove us home, the vibrations from the road finding their way through me via the plug, the pressure of sitting driving me crazy. I had thoughts of Daddy telling me to spread my legs and masturbating for him right there. I would have loved that, true, but what I really wanted was to feel his cock inside of me.

Back at our apartment, Daddy didn’t waste any time, thank goodness. After setting down the bags, Daddy told me to stay bent over. I reached for my toes and felt my skirt go up over my back and my panties lowered down past my knees.

“Oh, look at this,” he said to no one in particular. “My girl’s panties are soaking wet. Did she have an accident? It couldn’t be that she got so excited by having her ass open for me all day, could it?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said, my voice muffled by my position.

“Let’s see just how wet she is,” he said, sliding at least two fingers into my sopping pussy. I shuddered around him, my knees growing weak as I felt him deep inside of me. “Oh yes, she is very wet. It must have been so difficult for a slut like her to be so aroused and not touch herself today,” he said, teasingly.

I could only moan in reply. I was powerless now. Everything began and ended with my sex. I existed as two holes, both of them filled by Daddy.

He put his thumb on the plug, pushing it in as he fucked my pussy with his fingers. They felt good, but what I really wanted was his cock.

“Please Daddy,” I sputtered, “Please fuck me. I need to feel you inside of me.”

“What’s that?” he asked, his fingers pumping harder. “Do you need something?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Daddy. I need your cock.”

“How do you need it?”

I didn’t know what kind of answer he wanted to hear. I only knew how I needed him.

“In my ass, Daddy. I need you to fuck my ass. Please?” I begged, pushing back into his hand, my hips bucking.

“Oh, she does need it badly, doesn’t she?”

He freed my bottom from the plug. As soon as I was out, I missed it. I felt a gaping need, like I had been made hollow.

Without warning I felt the hot head of his cock against me. “This cock here? Is this what you need?”

“Yes, Daddy! Yes!” I screamed, my voice strained with desperate lust.

“Show me how much you want it,” he said. “Push back onto it. Fuck yourself with my cock.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. Even with the lack of leverage in the way I was bent over, I strained and found my bottom opening to take him inside, made easier by being stretched all damn day long.

I was hollow no more. He filled me, wonderfully and completely. I skewered myself on his manhood, feeling him, far larger than the plug and all the more satisfying.

I could feel the sweat beading on my forehead as I struggled to take all of him inside of me. I couldn’t get the leverage I needed to slam myself onto him, to fuck myself properly. I found myself whining, wanting to stand up and brace myself against the wall and fuck him properly. It was delicious torture and he knew it. Daddy didn’t do anything he didn’t mean, especially when it came to torturing me.

Finally, I fit every bit of him inside of me. Then I began the arduous task of getting him out before pushing back once again.

The feather-light touch of his fingers on my hips made me gasp. He grasped me around the waist after I had gone nearly his entire length. He pulled me back onto him, rough, fast, and with all of the authority I had ceded to him as his girl. I was his and he reminded me of this fact every time he plunged his cock deep into my behind.

Then came my favorite part, the moment I never could have even imagined biologically possible. Though Daddy was fucking my ass, the motion and the emotion became such that I felt an orgasm building inside of me. It didn’t come from my clit, like most of my orgasms in my “previous life”, life before Daddy, had been. These felt like they came from somewhere outside of me, entering my body through every pore.

Daddy grunted, his fingers digging into my skin. I knew I’d be bruised by nightfall. I wanted those marks. I relished every one for they were a sign that I had provided pleasure to my Daddy.

As quickly as I slid that plug into my bottom all those hours before came the orgasm that nearly knocked me off my feet. I shuddered, my body spasming around him. This brought him, too, to completion.

No matter how many times it happened, I could never quite get used to the sensation of Daddy’s cock cumming inside of my behind. It was a mix of warmth and wetness that felt like an alien life taking root.

I never wanted the fucking to end; always feeling a little sad after Daddy slowly slid his softening cock from out of me. Again, I felt a little hollow, though Daddy’s seed inside of me tempered that feeling well enough that I didn’t beg for the plug to go back in this time.

Sweaty and exhausted, Daddy and I showered before he allowed me to see everything he bought during the day. I must have been on his mind as much as he was on mine as everything he bought had been presents for me! But nothing could top the present he had given me by allowing me to be his.

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Laura said...

I loved this story. I would so love to be in a relationship like this. Thank you for sharing!