Jul 16, 2010

Pack of Lies - Book Review

Paranormal romance is hot -- in many senses of the word. I can't turn around without tripping on a new paranormal tale. Usually it's vampires or demons that take the fore but there are the occasional werewolf book such as Vanessa Vaughn's Pack of Lies.

The story of Jack, a human attacked by a werewolf who survives and finds himself infected, and Marcus, the alpha wolf that attacked Jack, Vaughn explores group dynamics (of Marcus's pack), submissive/dominance (in the animal and human kingdoms), and some raw, hot, sex. As to be expected from that set-up, there's a lot of tension between Jack and Marcus and some hot animalistic man-on-man lovin'. Vaughn doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the sex. She writes some eye-searing passages that will get your pulse pounding.

Only available as an eBook (not my favorite format), get this via Amazon.

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