Jul 10, 2007

Re-Education: A Fantasy

He awoke, groggy, the feeling of unnatural sleep still holding him down and he began to feel an immediate malaise. As quickly, he realized that he had no idea where he was. He discovered that more than sleep kept him immobile. With his limited strength, he struggled against for cuffs that secured his wrists and angles. He would have shouted for help were it not for the gag in his mouth. He would have looked about except that something opaque covered his eyes.

He tried to cast his mind back to grab hold of his last solid memory. He could go no further than standing at a urinal in his company's bathroom. He would not be able to come up with more, for that was the moment when a pair of rough, thick hands held a chloroform-soaked rag to his mouth and nose.

The hands belonged to Charles, who now sat watching the inane struggle of Michael against his bonds. Charles held back a chuckle. The plan had gone perfectly. After Michael fell easily into unconsciousness, it took little effort for Charles to drag the helpless weakling out of the restroom and into the waiting van outside wher Angela waited anxiously.

It would be a few days until he saw Angela again and the two of them took this opportunity to say farewell and celebrate their successful abduction with a heated fuck in the back of Charley's van, right next to the prone body of Angela's husband.

Once he awakened, Michael was moved to a chair. This could have happened earlier but this was a good way to demonstrate Charley's strength as he lifted the now naked Michael. Charley's muscles rippled, though it would be a bit more time before Michael would see the full extent of Charley's physical prowess. The blindfold removed from behind, Michael sat before a television set. The image of Angela filled the screen. She was addressing the camera and, it seemed, looking right into Michael's eyes.

"Hello, Michael," she said icily. Beautiful Angela was not a woman to be trifled with. He knew her tone but couldn't fathom what might have made her angry. She was so angry that she appeared to be shaking. Her head was moving up and down almost imperceptibly.

"I found your magazines. You know the ones," she continued. "I should have known, and I think I did, really. I think, deep dow, that I knew you weren't a real man. Just a sissy trying to be a man. That's probably why I had to find a real man... Meet Charley," she said as the camera zoomed out.

Angela hadn't been shaking with anger. Rather, she had been slowly riding Charley's cock while she spoke. He was under her and she nwo moved farther up and down the large man's cock. His face was visible and he smiled before his eyes rolled back in his head the from the pleasure Angela provided him.

"Charley is standing behind you right now. We talked it over and decided that I'll stay married to you, Michael, but there will be changes. Charley is going to be the new man of the house since you're simply not a man. I will now only please Charley, or anyone he wishes me to please. And you, my dear, will have the same role."

"You're going to spend some time with Charley and his friends until he's satisfied that you'll be able to follow directions. I'll check in with him from time to time to make sure you're being a good girl. Don't worry about work, dear. I talked to your boss and he's fully abreast of the situation. Your job will be waiting, though your duties will include a bit more. You'll figure out exactly what I mean once Charley has you admitting to yourself just how much you crave cock. By the end of the week, you won't know how you lived without it."

Michael continued to watch his wife ride Charley until they came to a screaming conclusion. The video continued as Angela got off of Charley and licked his cock clean. While she sucked his now-limp (but significantly larger) cock, another man came out from behind the camera and positioned himself behind her. Charley could be heard saying, "Go ahead, Kevin, fuck her ass."

Angela yelped as Kevin drove his cock into a location that Angela had never let her husband enter, no matter how much he begged.

The tape kept going as Michael watched helplessly, seeing Kevin deposit his load in Angela's shapely bottom. The picture faded to black after zooming in on a final close-up of Angela's mouth wrapped around Charley's revitalized tool.

Michael was startled when a voice came from behind him (despite Angela's warning). "You're going to be sucking me just like that before tonight is over. Are you ready for your first lesson?"

Michael shook his head but was in no position to protest. His chair was turned around and he faced Charley in the flesh. The large man was clad in a work shirt and boots with his erect cock sticking out of his jeans. He unsnapped the leather band that kept Michael's gag in. When he removed the gag, Michael was amazed by its girth and shape -- it was a side, short, dildo, now dripping with Michael's slobber.

"Looks like you're sucking cock already. Angie thought that'd be a good way to start you out." Charley smirked and ran his thumb over Michael's lips. "That mouth is going to look so good around my cock. But first, I think you should feel what a real cock is like."

Charley pulled Michael's right wrist strap until his hand brushed Charley's cock. "You know you want to touch my cock, you fucking sissy. Angie showed me your magazine collection. All those stories about guys sucking each other. Well, I'll never suck you off but you'll do it for me. You're gonna take my load down your throat and up your ass. I can tell just by looking at you that this is turning you on."

Shamefaced, Michael realized that Charley was right. His cock was hard. How could he be aroused by this crude behemoth? How could finding out that his wife was putting out for Charley and his friends be a turn on? Or did Charley really know something? Without even realizing it, Michael had grasped Charley's hard cock and was rhythmically stroking it.

"How many cocks have you stroked, bitch?" Charley asked.

Without taking his eyes off of Charley's meat in his hands he replied, "Two. Mine and yours."

"Make that one bitch. You don't have a cock," Charley corrected, "just a defored clitoris. You're practically a girl with that bump between your legs and I'm going to treat you that way. You're going to that thing as a clit and that hole as your pussy. Are we clear?"


"That's 'Yes, Sir,' faggot. You'll only refer to me as 'Sir,' 'Daddy,' or 'Master.' Are we clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl. You're doing fine with your first cock, honey. You stroke it very well."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Do you want to taste it?" Charley asked. Fear gripped Michael. He was suddenly torn. If he said the first thing that came into his head it would have been, "Yes, yes, oh god yes" but this reaction shocked him. He didn't want that cock anywhere near him, especially his mouth, but doing so would have fulfilled countless fantasies that Michael wouldn't admit to. How many times had he stroked his... clitty... and thought about how it'd feel to have a man pumping his cock in and out of his mouth? He couldn't admit it. He shook his head silently, no.

SMACK Michael felt Charley's open palm against his face, leaving a stinging hot mark. "Don't fucking lie to me, bitch." SMACK Another blow fell on the other cheek. Tear ran from Michael's eyes yet, inexplicably, his hand remained on Charley's member, still stroking.

"I'm going to ask you again. This time I want the truth. Do you want to suck my cock?"

Michael couldn't look into Charley's eyes. He could only stare at the cock -- now at mouth level. He licked his lips and nodded assent.

"Say it," Charley commanded.

He gulped and, in a quiet voice, admitted to Charley and himself, "I want to suck your cock."

"Louder, bitch. Make me believe it."

"I... I want to suck your cock."

"Who are you talking to?"

"Sir... I want to suck your cock, Sir."

"I don't care what you want, bitch. So you're going to have to beg me."

"Sir, may I suck your cock?"

"No. I simply don't believe you. I don't believe you really want to."

Without thinking, Michael blurted out, "Oh, but I do, Sir, Please. Please let me suck it!"

Smiling, victorious, Charley continued, "Why should I?"

The answer bubbled up deep from within Michael's psyche, "I should hope to please you, Sir, to take your load, to give you pleasure." It was almost as if Michael were outside of himself, not believing that that these words and sentiments were genuinely his. Or was he simply still to scared to admit it?

"Who do you belong to?" Charley asked.

"You, Sir."

"Whose cock do you serve?"

"Yours, Sir.

"What will you do for me?"

"Anything, Sir."


"Yes, Sir, anything." It was all true.

"Now, sissy, tell me what you want."

"To please you, Sir."

"Did you get that?"

This last question confused Michael, especially as it didn't seem to be directed at him.

A door to the right of them opened. "Got it!" came a voice, followed by the person who owned it. It was Kevin, video camera in hand.

"Good," said Charley and the two high-fived. "Sissy, you'll remember Kevin from the video earlier."

"Your wife has a great ass," Kevin confided. "I love fucking her, and so does my girlfriend, Melanie." Turning back to the door Kevin shouted, "Melanie, come on out and meet Michael!"

Stepping from the shadowy confines of Kevin's studio, Melanie said, "Shouldn't 'She' have a better name than 'sissy,' 'faggot,' or 'Michael?' I mean, if you want me to turn her into more of a girl, she should have a girl name." Melanie sashayed in, her long legs exposed under her cut-off jeans and the light catching on the diamond in her belly button.

Melanie stalked around Michael and Charley; Michael's hand still stroking the hard dick of his master.

"Hmmm... 'Michelle' is too obvious. I think something more girlie would help take away the rest of her tiny amount of masculinity." Eying some take-out garbage in the trash, Melanie exclaimed, "I've got it!"

Taking out her lipstick, Melanie stood between Michael and the two men. She turned and stepped away, revealing Michael's new name, written gin scarlet across his forehead. "Boys, meet 'Wendy.'"

"Hello, Wendy," the two men said in unison.

Unsure, Michael/Wendy stammered, "Hello."

Now, where were we?" Kevin asked, framing up his next shot via his camera's viewfinder.

"We were about to see Wendy suck her first cock," said Charley.

"And now she knows she's got an audience," laughed Melanie, who pulled up a chair next to Wendy as to not miss a stroke. "I've never seen someone's first time, except, I guess, when I watched Angela go down on a girl... but I did a bit more than just watch," she giggled.

"Guide me in, Wendy. Take your first lick."

Still fearful of his own desires, Michael/Wendy licked Charley's cock with trepidation. He felt the silky skin and tasted the acrid salty taste of Charley's precum.

"Keep licking, girl, lick it like a lollipop," Kevin encouraged behind the lens.

Playing a bit to his audience, Wendy gave Charley an over-stylized long lick, her tongue swirling around the bulbous head of Charley's cock. Melanie nearly broke out in applause at the sight of Wendy relishing her new role.

Moaning, Charley encouraged her, "Suck it you bitch, suck it. You were born to suck cock, girl, and you know it now. Embrace it. Take it. This is your birthday present."

Taking Charley into his mouth, Melanie whispered into Wendy's ear, "We're hear to raise you, to train you to be the sissy you were meant to be. I'm going to teach you how to dress and be a lady. Charley's going to teach you how to please a man. Kevin's going to document everything and probably take a few turns at your mouth and pussy, too."

To Be Continued

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Well, you have done such a great job with this... guess you won't be needing MY stories anymore... But then, what you need or don't need has never really been the purpose of our communion, has it?