Jul 2, 2007

Open-Minded Wet Nurse

The local free magazine hosts a wide variety of interesting personal ads. The one that caught my eye a few weeks back started with the line, "Open-Minded Wet Nurse."

A woman was renting out her lactation ability. A visit to the URL provided, along with a few phone calls, shed some more light on the offer. The woman, Mistress Sue, also provides a wide array of other fetish fulfillment but her "hook" is her continued lactation.

Having never tasted breast milk, I was incredibly curious. Moreover, I had some great conversations with Mistress Sue. Though she's a professional Dominatrix, she didn't put on the typical airs that so many unprofessional professionals tend to do. No "bow, yield, kneel!" from the word go. Instead, we talked like two rational human beings, discussing our likes, dislikes, and curiosities.

When we met, Mistress Sue wore a lovely red outfit of lace. A bustier, thigh high stockings, garters, and panties. She welcomed me with a hug and a whisper in my ear, "There's Mommy's little slut."

My knees melted a bit at her words while other parts of me stiffened significantly. She helped me out of my clothes and into a pair of pink panties. "Oh, she's such a cute little girl," she cooed, rubbing her long fingernails over the silky drawers.

Mommy laid me down on a king-sized bed. The room was darkened, lit only by candles. I could smell the soft scene of her skin, feeling the warmth of her fingers as she pulled my testicles out from the panties and attached a set of electrodes. She sat next to me, her fingers toying with my nipples, sending ripples of desire through me along with a slow, low current of energy that built. She kept her eyes locked to mine, breathing in time with me as I began to feel the prick of electricity build to what felt like a steady thump against the underside of my cock, as if it were a metronome.

The way she looked down at me, it felt like she was the only person in the world. She filled my field of vision. She lowered the intensity of the electricity before lifting one of her breasts out of her bustier.

"Is my baby hungry?" she asked. I nodded, unable to speak, so excited by the idea of what might occur next.

She lowered her breast to above my mouth and, squeezing on either side, sprayed a thin stream of warm, sweet milk onto my waiting tongue. It was wonderful. I felt it run down my tongue and I savored the taste all along its path. She sprayed again and then put her nipple into my mouth. I sucked and suckled, trying to find the way to get her milk from her breast. I worked her breast as best I could until I finally found a way to get the milk out with the pressure of my mouth.

Mommy began satisfying my thirst, my hunger, my lust, with her delicious breast milk. I could feel it dripping down my tongue and I swallowed. She took the breast away and I nearly cried like an infant until she replaced it with her other breast. She switched off several more times, allowing me to suckle at her teats for a good long while.

I won't say that I was satisfied when she took her breast away for the last time because I don't think that I could ever be sated from that. I wanted to do it all night long. But, she had different things in mind.

She put a pacifier in my mouth before moving to the foot of the bed. I stared up at the ceiling as she busied herself. She tugged down my panties before she lifted up my legs. She told me to hold them up and I complied. Cool wetness fell over my exposed bunghole, followed soon by a gloved finger.

I moaned around the pacified as she entered into me with one finger and then two. I looked down to see her smiling as she manipulated my opening. She pushed my legs higher and replaced her fingers with the head of a strap-on dildo.

"Mommy's baby needs to be fucked," she taunted before pushing into me. She fucked me deeply, moving up close and resting her body on my erection. As she moved in and out of me, the friction from her flesh on my cock was wonderful. It felt like I was being fucked from behind and stroked from the front.

She looked down at me, fucking me, on top of me, and told me, "I want my little slut to make a mess on Mommy's belly." With those words and the pressure/pleasure below, I was over the edge. With each pump of me, she was pumping cum out of my cock and onto her flesh. "Oh, you're making Mommy all sticky," she moaned, feeling the warm wetness between us.

She spread the wetness of my cum over her now-bare breasts and stomach, her cock still inside of me. She slowly slid out before removing the condom on the rubber cock and moving up next to me. She removed the pacifier from my mouth and replaced it with the dildo, allowing me to suck on it while she stroked my hair. When she was satisfied with that, she took the cock out of my mouth and allowed me to feed a little more on the milk from her breasts. As I suckled, she hummed quietly, making me feel completely safe, comfortable, and at ease.

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