Jun 29, 2009

A First Lesson

The following is my entry into Teresa Bowers's Free Audio Story Contest. Enjoy!

Wendy, it's time to get dressed for evening! Come join me in my dressing room.

That's a good girl. It's time to get prettied up for this evening. For our guest. Don't look so shocked. I'm sure I mentioned it last week.

No? It doesn't matter. It's not like you'd have a say about it. Though you are going to be the "guest of honor"... so to speak. You'll be a "party favor".

Now, mince over here in your high heels. That's right, make sure your bum moves the right way under your skirt. Oh, that's very good. You've been practicing your walk, I can tell.

For tonight, my pretty, I have the perfect outfit. Strip out of what you're wearing now. Oh, I can see you're excited about the party already.

I don't mean to giggle but, my, it's always amusing to see that little bump between your legs and think about the first time you came on to me, thinking that you were some kind of man. We both know better about that now, don't we? You're much more suited to panties and brassieres than any kind of male accoutrements, aren't you, pretty girl? Yes, that's right, "Mommy" knows best.

Yes, strip down. Everything. Yes, even your stockings. I want to make sure your legs are smooth enough. It's been two days since your last treatment and, mmmm, yes... they're so silky smooth. I think that the laser treatments are paying off. They're painful... to you... but the results are so good. By the end of the summer you're not going to have a hair left on your body.

For tonight it's not stockings but these knee socks. That's right. Roll 'em up. Very nice. And no lace. It's white cotton panties for you. They may look plain but, oh, how nice they fit on you. Here's a blouse for you. White, button down. It looks similar to what you used to wear but it's cut to enhance your more feminine shape. Yes, that's nice. And the skirt. Plaid, pleated, it goes down to your knees -- one of the longer skirts I've allowed you to wear, isn't that right?

And, the coup de gras, your saddle shoes. Oh, how striking! You're the picture of innocence, dear. But we both know that the heart of a slut beats inside you, don't we? Yes, she wants to be a good girl for her Mistress but we both know that she's still controlled more by that nubbin between your legs than anything else, don't we? I just need to find proper... motivation... to keep you in line, don't I?

Let me check your make-up. I think we just need a touch-up. Purse your lips. That's right. Oh, you're getting to be a natural at this. But I suppose that's only fitting. We both know that being a girl is what you truly need to be. And, tonight, you're going to find out another perk of that. Don't look so surprised, especially when we're not done blotting your lips. You agreed that being a girl is what you really need and want. Well, I'm continuing your education. Tonight you're going to be taking a big step but you needn't be worried. I know you'll do fine.

Stand up, do a turn. Oh, yes, that's very nice. You're my sweet little school girl. And here I am, to help and teach you, just like always.

And there's the doorbell. Perfect timing! You're to wait in the living room and I'll get the door. Just sit patiently and remember that first impressions are everything, dearest.

Wendy, darling, your date is here. This is Brad from down the street. I've told him all about you and he's been simply dying to meet you. Now, how do you greet a guest? With a big curtsey, yes. Very nice. Isn't she adorable, Brad? She's prettier than I said? How you flatter, Bradley!

No, Wendy, there are no other guests tonight. Sometimes it only takes a three to make a party. Scoot over and let Brad sit next to you. Don't be shy, Brad. She won't bite. She'll do a lot but not that. I promise.

There, now, don't you two make a handsome couple? You two get to know each other while I go get some refreshments. Brad, remember what we discussed. Wendy is here for you. "No" isn't a part of her vocabulary... any more.

Here's the tea and biscuits. Brad you're more than welcome to... oh! My goodness, don't stop on my account! I'm glad you two are getting along. Tell me, though, Brad, is Wendy a good kisser? Oh, good. She does have a talented tongue, doesn't she?

I'm glad that you're not being shy, Wendy. Your first boyfriend and you're taking to it like a duck to water. Or a slut to cock might be the better analogy. Look at how excited you've got Brad. See that bulge in his khakis? Brad's a real man, dear, and he's got a real man's equipment. And I bet you're just dying to see it, aren't you? Go ahead, you can admit it. Now's not the time to be shy, sweetheart. Think about how good Brad's making you feel with his kisses. Wouldn't it be nice to make him feel good in return? Don't you want to be a good hostess to our guest?

Trust me, Brad doesn't mind. Do you Brad? No, he doesn't mind a bit. Unbutton his trousers. That's right. Oh, you can feel the heat from him under your fingers can't you? Unzip him. You can barely hold onto the zipper, your hands are shaking so bad, honey. It's okay. Slide it down. Good girl.

Now, peel open his pants. See it against his underwear? Yes, that's what you've been craving for all your life. It's okay to admit it. It's fine. Take down his underwear and see what a real cock looks like.

Oh, it's gorgeous, isn't it? So big, and so hard. I know, it's difficult to concentrate when Brad's nibbling on your neck. But drink it in, honey. Look at what a real man has. That's a real cock, not like the clitty you have in your panties.

Ask Brad if you can touch him, Wendy. Tell him how much you want to. Yes, that's right. Tell him how many nights you've dreamt of holding on to a cock. Let it out, honey. Confession is good for the soul. And your words are good for Brad. He's getting even harder. Brad's good with it, honey, so wrap your fingers around him. Feel him.

Yes, that's good, isn't it? So hard and hot in your hand. Oh, and look at you, stroking him gently. That's so sweet! You're a good girl, making him feel nice. Is she doing that well, Brad? Oh, good. I'm glad to see that she knows how to please a man. That's what good girls do, Wendy. And you want to be my good girl, don't you? Mmmm, good.

Look at that little bit of wetness at the end of Brad's cock. He's really liking this, Wendy. Now, be a dear and clean that off for Brad, won't you? No, not with your fingers. With your tongue. But, first, you need to ask permission. You need to ask Brad if you can take his cock in your mouth. Go ahead. You know you want it. Yes, you do.

That's nice, Brad. Thank him, Wendy. Thank him for allowing you to take him into your mouth. Thank him for giving you what you want... what you need.

Get down there, on your knees. Yes, that's it. That's where you belong, Wendy, on your knees. Now, kiss just the head of Brad's cock. Kiss it and thank him again for allowing you to service him.

Aww, that's so cute and sweet. How does he taste, Wendy? You like it? Good. You're going to taste a lot more of that. Run him along your lips, let him feel you. Now, take him into your mouth. Just the head of him.

Isn't that good, Wendy? Isn't that what you've always wanted? Yes, I know it is. I know what's best for my girl. It only you'd remember that more often! But I know, honey. I know it's difficult to admit just how much of a little slut you are. Take more of him in, now. Brad's being very patient with you. Is she doing a good job, Brad?

Good. Feel free to grab her hair and help guide her down the length of your cock. That's right. Oh, that looks so nice. She's taking all of you so well. I always said that she was born to do this. Mmmm, my natural born cocksucker. Hold her head down, Brad. Let her feel your cock deep in her throat. Let her get used to that feeling. This may be the first cock she sucks but we all know it won't be her last.

Yes, Wendy, you heard me right. I've got lots of cock lined up for you. You're a natural and you're going to learn how to please every kind of man. I know that that's what's best for you... and you're going to love it. But, for now, there's only Brad's cock that you need to worry about. Suck it good, darling. Please him. Be a good cocksucker for him.

Pump her face, Brad. Make her go at the rhythm you want. Use that little slut. Teach her what you need to make you cum. Give her her first load.

Get ready, Wendy. You're going to grow to love the taste of spunk. Every load tastes a little different, hon, but they all share the hot saltiness of real men.

Oh? Yes? Do it, Brad. Oh, Wendy, your eyes are so wide. Drink it down. Yes, swallow him. Yes. Suck him slower, now. Just drink, fill your tummy with him. That's a good girl. Now, just lick him lightly. Nice. That's a good girl.

Well, Brad? How was she? Yes? Oh, I'm so glad to hear it. Of course you can come by tomorrow. Oh, tonight? Yes. She's yours all night, Brad. You can have her whenever you're ready... and, yes, in any way you want. Wendy's got a lot to learn, that's why she's our little schoolgirl tonight. I think you'll be a good teacher, Brad.

Lush Stories Contest

Lush Stories is holding a "first timer" story contest. Feel free to check out my entry, The Intern! Thanks!

As they say in Chicago, "Vote Early, Vote Often!"

Jun 26, 2009

High School Bully Part 4

The following is a sequel to this story which was followed up by this story. Enjoy!

I'd been serving... and servicing... Tony Fox for four weeks. I had to go over to his house three times a week where I did anything he commanded. Even when I wasn't with him he had me wearing panties, garters, and stockings under my clothes. I was petrified to use the boys' room, afraid that someone would see what I had on under my khakis.

I felt like everyone must know. Like I had it written across my forehead in blazing, scarlet letters: "FAG." Tony didn't treat me anything differently. He still ignored me at school. And, while I thought I sensed something different about Tony's girlfriend, Laura, I'm sure I was just reading into things.

Yet, I couldn't shake the feeling that Billy Chbowsky had been acting far more friendly than he used to do.

Billy hadn't interacted with me much in the four years that we'd been attending high school together. He was on the track team, or was it swimming? Anyway, we were in different cliques. He would occasionally join me in a joke at our teachers' expense but he always seemed just a little, I dunno, awkward or something. And, for the last few weeks, he'd seemed even more strange. I would be sitting in class and suddenly feel prickles on my neck. I'd turn quickly to catch a glimpse of Billy's eyes on me. Did he know? How could he?

The relationships with my friends had gotten strained over the last month. I was being evasive, unable to hang out every night after school as I once had. I used to spend my afternoons and evenings watching MTV or going to the mall. Now that time was spent on my knees, sucking cock.

I still spent lunch period with my friends. We were an odd mixture of nerds, skate rats, and freaks. If we had one thing in common it was that we were goody-two-shoes in regards to drugs and drinking, probably since each of us came from a home where a parent or sibling was an abuser. That lead to the silliness of a "drinking contest" one Friday afternoon at lunch.

I don't remember who started it but, before I knew it, six of seven of us had juice boxes with the lids ripped off, filled with with water from the drinking fountain. Rather than whiskey, we were slamming shots of water. Not difficult at first, surely, but after twenty or twenty five, people started dropping out. It was only the bell that saved a few bladders from bursting.

As I limped to class, cramping, I cursed myself for having played along. There was no avoiding the boys' room now. I ducked in, hoping to empty my bladder fast and get to class in time. Even as I pulled down my panties, the bell rang. I heaved a satisfied and resigned sigh as the urine continued to stream.

"What color panties are you wearing?" came a voice that froze me, painfully, mid-pee. I didn't know what to do. I stood frozen, as if in a bear attack, hoping that whoever spoke would simply go away.

"He has me in pink, most of the time," the voice continued, "but I see you as more of a red or black."

Hesitantly, I looked up, seeing the bathroom reflected in the mirrors above the sinks next to the urinals. My senses seemed kicked up a notch, my nose filled with the sickly sweet smell of urinal cakes and industrial cleanser. The fluorescent lights seemed especially bright as it bounced off the white porcelain and brown tile. All of it seemed to spotlight Billy, standing in the center of the bathroom wearing nothing but pink stockings, panties, and garters. My eyes darted to the door, afraid for him and me. He had blocked it with a mop bucket, the "cleaning" sign outside, no doubt.

Despite seeing him dressed this way, it took me longer than it should have to realize that he was in the same predicament that I was. At first I thought he had dressed himself that way. Once I knew that we were in the same boat, a strange pang of jealousy ran through me. I wasn't the only boy in Tony Fox's life?

Time slowed, allowing me to take everything in. The hairlessness of Billy's body, the shapeliness of his legs, the bulge in his panties, the desire in his eyes.

Billy wanted me. And he had, all along. This explained the awkward exchanges and frequent looks. Billy had been flirting with me. For how long? It felt like years. I had never been the object of anyone's crush before and I felt overwhelmed with a sense of honor as well as one of need. I turned to him, my cock becoming hard in my hand, taking a good look at him. I watched his well-toned muscles move under his skin as he came to me. His body was breathtaking. I'm not sure if the feminine garb could have accentuated his beauty any more. He was masculine, undoubtedly, but with an androgynous quality that only made him more appealing.

I caught myself thinking these things and realized that my time with Tony had affected me deeply. I never would have be able to think of another boy as "beautiful" or attractive at all before the time spent on my knees serving as Tony's bitch. But now I was drinking in Billy, my mouth watering with desire, my whole world focused on him as he came close enough to wrap his arms around me, my mouth opening to his tongue, his tender lips crushed against mine.

Billy's hands wandered my body, stripping me of my male garb. He grabbed my pantied ass, squeezing, lifting me up a little. My bare cock brushed against his silky underwear, making it jump with excitement. I wanted him to touch me there, to grab hold of me. His other hand went into my hair, twisting my head and baring my neck to him. His showered my neck with kisses and little bites, making my cock twitch with each one.

One of my hands found the front of his panties and the hardness within. He was big, bigger than me, and his sex felt good in my hand. At first I just held onto it, afraid that he might take it away from me. He didn't. I caressed him, feeling the length and girth of him, my mouth watering at the thought of taking him in my mouth. With Tony I had been reluctant to suck another man's cock. With Billy, I relished the thought. I wanted him just as he wanted me. I wasn't serving Billy, we were making love.

Thoughts began to flood my head. What did Billy like? What did two men do together when they made love? I knew how to serve and service Tony, but he never did anything to me -- I almost didn't want him to. But, with Billy, I wanted his hands and mouth everywhere on me. I wanted his cock, too. And, I wanted to be inside of him, too. In his mouth and, yes, in his ass as well. Yes... that's what I wanted. That's where I wanted him.

"Oh, Billy," I said, trying to catch my breath as his mouth worked down to my chest, "I need you. I want you. I need to fuck you."

He pulled away suddenly. Had I said something wrong? No, it wasn't that. He didn't recoil in horror. Instead, he smiled, falling to his knees and taking my cock in his mouth. It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me and I nearly lost my load the moment I felt his tongue running along the underside of my erection.

I hoped he wouldn't stop... but he did, turning around and getting on all fours, looking back at me in a mix of anticipation and lust. I wasn't entirely sure what to do but it didn't seem like rocket science. He leaned forward, spreading his smooth, white ass with his hands, showing me the red rim of his rosebud, waiting to be plucked.

I knelt down behind him, putting one hand on his lower back while I held my cock with the other, steadied and aiming myself my target. I wanted to ease inside but, at the same time, I was anxious to feel his body around me. I pushed with my hips, watching as the purple head of my cock met his puckered hole, seeing it give way and granting me admission.

The first sensation was heat. I'd never felt anything as hot on my skin that didn't burn me. After that, I felt the tightness of his opening as I pushed deeper, wondering how far I could go, hearing him gasp a little but immediately nod after, signalling me to continue. "Yes," he hissed.

Deeper now, halfway down the length of my cock. I watched the veins throbbing and felt a second heartbeat throbbing around my manhood. It was Billy's pulse coming through to me. I breathed in, waiting until our heartbeats synced before pushing deeper.

All the way in and I knew Billy could have taken even more. He signed when he felt my balls rest against his. He knew that I was fully immersed in him. I felt his ass grasp and slightly release me. He was getting used to the feeling of me inside of him. I wondered if I was the first boy to do this to him and something told me that I was. I was taking Billy's cherry and, in a way, he was taking mine. Until then I had only sucked Tony's cock. I'd never been sexual with anyone like this before. The thought made me jerk my hips involuntarily and I heard Billy moan beneath me.

Pulling out more, I watched him release his asscheeks and grab the floor. He pushed back against me, my cock sinking inside of him again. I put both of my hands on his ass and pushed him off slightly before pulling him back onto me. He gasped. I did it again, going farther out before plunging again. I was fucking him.

He moaned, the sound bouncing off the bathroom tiles, loud in my ears. I fucked him harder, faster. I knew that I couldn't keep it up for long. I could already feel the orgasm roiling through me. It only took Billy looking back at me, his eyes dulled with lust, to push me past the brink.

I came. Holding tight onto his hips, keeping him on me. My cock pulsing, twitching, filling him with cum.

Billy collapsed, pulling himself off of me. He was splayed on the bathroom floor, catching his breath. I rolled him over, hungry for the gift between his legs. His hard cock greeted me, the tip wet with precum. I kneeled over him and devoured him, taking his entire length into my mouth in one big gulp.

I felt him get even bigger in my mouth, my tongue wrapping around him. I sucked him the way Tony had taught me, taking him deep, moving my head up and down his length, working him with relish. I massaged his balls, feeling them already tight. I slid a finger into ass, sliding in easily, my finger slicked with my own cum.

He gasped. I tasted the salty warmth of his spunk filling my mouth, feeling his cock jump under my tongue. I swallowed everything he could give me, licking him clean as I knelt between his legs.

There was a slight awkwardness then. We had shared something wonderful, another shared secret among Tony's boys. How many others were there?

We re-dressed, knowing we had to get to class. We stood at the door and kissed each other one long, last time and promised to do this all again soon. I knew that that evening as I serviced Tony's cock, I would be thinking of Billy and wishing it was him.

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Nigella Lawson - Hot Stuff!

I've always been a Nigella fan... especially after she told Graham Norton that she never wears knickers.

Jun 23, 2009

All Hail the White Queen!

Strapped in Silk Story Contest

From Strapped In Silk:

I'm having a contest to find the most erotic, original, and creative story or fantasy and turn it into a killer MP3. It can be about anything-not just my usual Fem Dom stuff, and up to ten minutes long (The time varies depending on the way its written so its hard to say exactly how many words). The winner will get a free audio version of their story narrated by yours truly. I will send it to you to use however you like as well as add it to my website for everyone to enjoy.

It should be written in the first person like my others. All submissions will be kept strictly confidential and the deadline is July 31st.

More Details

Sugasm 168

Thanks to Sugasm for including my story, High School Bully Part 3, as part of this week's fun!

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This Week’s Picks
“My mouth waters at the sheer beauty.”

Lilly’s Turn - Part 3: Wherein Lust, Greed and Risk Intersect
“She was biting her lip to prevent herself from making a sound.”

Oh Dirty Girl
“It was at that moment that I knew I needed him to take me and take me dirty.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Porn’s 2009 AIDs Outbreak

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Review: Why Just Her

Editor’s Choice
My very first HNT!

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Jun 18, 2009

Cacklin' Rosie

"...And he said, 'If you think it's scary now, imagine how I'll feel when I walk back alone!'," she said, allowing the punch line to sink in a second before howling at her joke. The guys laughed too, though not as loud as Rosie. It's doubtful that anyone could equal her boisterous laugh. Her friends back home often called her "Cacklin' Rosie" to which she'd always answer, "Get on board!"

She held court with five younger men. At 65, most of the men at the resort were younger than she was, though they'd be hard-pressed to accurately guess her age. Rosie had the body of a woman half her age. Only the laugh lines around her eyes and her vast experience could belie her years. She was immensely proud of her flat stomach and tight ass, loving the way it looked in her "itsy bitsy" yellow bikini -- the color set off her deep tan, just like her blonde, shoulder-length hair.

They had been gathered around her lounge chair all afternoon, sharing the glazed look of too much sun and way too much alcohol. Occasionally they'd excuse themselves to replenish their drinks, always bringing her a fresh Mai Tai like a tribute to their queen.

The guys, five of them, ranged from acceptable to hunks. Four of them were obviously college kids out for some beer and strange (in that order) while the fifth was a little older, a little paunchier, whose mischevous smile made Rosie a little wet every time she looked at him.

They hung on her every word as she entertained a vast array of topics, speaking to each in her gruff Brenda Vaccaro voice, and all of them thick with double entendres.

As the sun lowered over the gulf and the shadows lengthened around the pool, Rosie finally made her move. Standing up and stretching, showcasing every inch of her luxurious body, she announced, "I'm going to go back up to my room, does anyone care to join me?"

Of course they did.

The only thing less subtle would have been Rosie leading them back to her room with leashes tied around their dicks.

Following her shapely ass through the corridors of the upscale hotel, the guys were practically tripping over their tongues. They nearly bowled her over when she stopped outside of her door, turning to them and saying with an unexpected seriousness, "Things may get a little too kinky in here. If you feel uncomfortable and want to leave, I won't think less of you."

There were a couple of laughs that died quickly in the face of Rosie's serious reproach. She turned and slid the key card through the door handle, opening a new world to the four frat boys. The other man didn't seem taken aback at all at the sight of the naked man, bound with limbs akimbo to the room's second double bed.

Once they were all in Rosie's room she announced, "This is my husband. He's going to watch us. And, if any of you just can't wait to fuck me... he's got two perfectly good holes you can use in the meantime." His eyes got wide with panic but, at the same time, his already turgid cock twitched.

"I dunno, dude," said one of the frat boys. "This is too freaky for me." He couldn't take his eyes from Rosie's husband as he slowly backed away to the door, reaching back and flailing for the knob as if worried he'd be attacked from behind if he turned around.

No one said a word until the door clicked closed. "Anyone else?" Rosie asked, securing the deadbolt and chain. In answer, the four remaining guys started to strip, inelegantly tripping out of their clothes as men are prone to do.

Rosie kicked back on the free double bed, watching the exposure of manflesh, scowling a bit at the overabundance of tattoos that one college boy proudly displayed. "I wonder what he'll look like when he's Gerald's age?" she thought to herself, looking from the boy to her husband and seeing him eye the parade of hunky young bodies. Her mouth turned to a smile, seeing her husband smile behind his gag.

"Will someone help me with my suit?" she asked innocently. Quickly she had three sets of hands working at the three knots that held her bikini in place. The remaining college boys were overeager. The other man looked on, appraising her taut and fully-tanned body as it was freed. "Ahhh, that's better," she said, lying back and playfully tracing the muscular abdomens of the boys on either side of her, tickling down the trails of hair from their belly buttons.

With them all standing around, Rosie knew that she was going to play ringleader until (if) they got more comfortable. She crooked her finger at the third frat boy, beckoning to him before pointing to her bare pussy. It didn't take more than that for him to dive between her legs. He found the nub of her clitoris and attacked it with his tongue. "Shit," she thought, wrapping her thighs around him and pulling him back slightly to slow down his assault. He got the idea and slowed it down, giving her the ability to concentrate on the two boys on either side of her. She took one of their cocks in her hand while pulling the other closer to her waiting mouth.

Just as overeager as his buddy, he put his hands behind Rosie's head, his fingers slipping over her hair, and tried to fuck her mouth. Unable to find a rhythm, she helped him by wrapping her arm around his ass and pulling him into her, working against him until he worked with her.

She could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh as the boy on her right masturbated while one of his buddies used her mouth and the other licked her pussy. She wondered for a second where the fourth man might be but didn't really care. The pressure in her pussy was building to a delightful release.

She moaned around the cock in her mouth as she was pushed over the edge by the tongue in her pussy. She had to push the boy's head away from her after she came, suddenly over sensitized. He moved away and, before she could suggest changing positions, he was between her legs, sliding his cock into her pussy while she continued sucking.

Her legs now hoisted up over her shoulders, the boy was fucking her like a jack rabbit. It took everything she had to keep her lips around the cock in her mouth. It didn't take long, however, for him to whimper and cry out as he came.

Within moments she tasted warm, salty cum filling her mouth. "Oh, shit!" he cried, pulling her head closer into him.

She swallowed and, licking her lips, she turned to the third boy and said, "You've been so patient, hon. How do you want to cum?"

He leaned over and whispered in her ear. She nodded, rolling over and getting up onto her hands and knees.

She looked over at Gerald and smiled at what she saw. The fourth man had taken advantage of her offer. He had Gerald's bound legs up over a shoulder, his cock buried deep in Gerald's ass. Her eyes met Gerald's and she saw the joy there. She was sure the look on her face would be the same shortly as she felt the patient boy spreading lube on her tight rosebud. He groaned as he entered her superb behind.

Her eyes went wide before narrowing to slits of pleasure as she rocked back into him, meeting every thrust of his sex into her forbidden passage. She could hear him grunting behind her, animal sounds. She felt his sweat drip from his forehead, comingling in the pool at the small of her back. He gripped her shoulder with one hand, the other entering her hair to take hold of her long, golden locks. She began bucking harder against him so he might user her hair to guide her, to tame her.

The man in Gerald was about to burst. He pulled out of Gerald's behind and took both of their cocks in his hand, stroking them, their purple heads together. He worked them as one.

Rosie looked to see what the other boys were doing. They had begun to dress themselves but now stood in rapt attention of the sight of the two cocks being jerked at once. Perhaps even the boy plowing her back forty was doing the same. It felt that everything centered on their two cocks being worked, the two heads against one another, the one hand stroking them.

Gerald's groans raised and changed to a low, mewling cry. As if to harmonize with him, the man manipulating Gerald joined the cry with his own. And, as if they'd been practicing this maneuver for years, the two men climaxed at once, their seed mixing as it landed on Gerald's chest and stomach, clotting amongst the graying hairs of this chest.

Now a third voice joined the dying chorus; the boy inside Rosie. She felt him pumping his orgasm deep within her, filling her bowels with warm satisfaction.

Feeling him soften, she slid off of him to rest on the bed. The frat boy quickly joined his companions, dressing, before awkwardly excusing themselves. The fourth man, however, made no move to leave. Rosie nodded at him, knowingly. The boys could go, but the man would stay and continue to play with Rosie and Gerald.

Alicia Witt - Yummy!

Jun 17, 2009

Look Who's Back!

Fictionmania, one of my favorite sites of all time is back! It was my first foray into the idea of dirty stories online. They've been gone (but not forgotten) for a while. I hope to come up with my own sissy stories to add to their vast collection. Wish me luck!

Jun 12, 2009

The Loneliest Girl

This story was co-created by Despotic Desire. All characters are over 18.

"The only good thing about being 'downsized' in June is the opportunity to enjoy summer, for once," he thought, stretching out his legs and rocking slightly on the porch swing. Despite school just getting out, the neighborhood was pleasantly quiet. That had been a selling point when he and his ex-wife had bought the house ten years before. Her mark was still all over what was now his property -- from the perennials in the flowerbed to the ridiculous cement goose that stood guard over the steps to the porch.

Only the girl on the bicycle provided any distraction from his drinking and reading. "Right on time," he thought, glancing at his watch. She was circling the block once every ten minutes. In the distance he could hear the silver jingle of the bell on her handlebars, signaling that she was turning the corner.

She was the loneliest girl in the world, or at least that's how she felt. Erika was "special," and she knew it. Her mother had always told her that. Her father had another word for it that he used to spit venomously at her before he left her life forever, "retarded." She preferred her mother's word. Erika had a difficult time learning things and remembering them. This frustrated her, often to the point where she'd break her favorite things. But, more often than not, she was sad, not angry.

She was the only girl her age in the neighborhood. She occasionally would talk to the younger girls down the street but they had ostracized her once they realized that she was special.

The breeze blew through her kinky red hair, the world slightly obscured by her smudged glasses. She rang her bell as she neared the corner of the block, resentful that she couldn't cross the street without her mom. It'd be another five hours before she came home from work, leaving Erika with little to do other than go around the block again.

He'd watched the girl (Erika?) growing up over the years since he'd been in his house but it wasn't until today, seeing her pass by, that he'd noticed that she'd changed from a gawky girl a young woman with, frankly, a pretty figure. He watched her pale legs pumping the pedals of her Schwinn, eyeing the way her t-shirt rode up her back and hugged her blossoming breasts.

He shook his head, trying to clear it. What was he thinking? She was the slow girl from down the street, not a sex goddess. Yet, to his embarrassment, he realized that he had become aroused, wondering what she looked like under her play clothes.

Ching-Ching! The bell woke him from his racing thoughts as she rounded the block again. Before he could stop himself he called out, "That's thirsty work!"

She slowed down and stopped her bike in front of the house next door, turning to him and scrunching up her face in confusion. "Huh?" she shouted across the lawn.

"Riding your bike all day. That's thirsty work. Do you need something to drink?" he heard his own words with a bit of distance, as if it were someone else speaking. Someone who was up to no good. "I've got some cold lemonade here," he shouted, holding up the condensation-beaded pitcher.

He watched her lick her lips and start to move before hesitating. "It's Erika, right? I'm Arthur," he said with as much friendly openness he could muster.

Lemonade overcame bad judgment. She walked her bike to his porch and came up to join him on the porch swing, enjoying the shade from his awning.

"I just need to grab another glass and fill this up, " he said, grabbing the pitcher.

He ran inside, his heart fluttering. He grabbed the glass and started adding more water to the ice-filled pitcher. His eyes were drawn to the liquor next to the sink. "Maybe I could use a little help here," he thought. He shook his head, trying to rid it of the idea just as soon as it entered his head. Yet, his eye strayed back to the vodka.

He began doing arithmetic. She couldn't have even tipped the scale at even a hundred pounds. How much vodka would it take in one glass to get her tipsy enough to… No, he couldn't do that. Even as he was trying to deny his thoughts, his hand was unscrewing the top of the bottle.

Back outside, she took the freshly poured glass and drank thirstily. He wanted to tell her to slow down, afraid that she might pass out.

He watched her throat work as she drank, emptying the glass with a loud lip-smacking "ahhhhh" and wiping her mouth with her arm, wetting the downy red hairs. She teetered a little bit before she tittered, sitting down on the porch swing next to him, her legs splayed unladylike. She held the glass in her lap and he noticed the sweat from it leaving a wet spot on the crotch of her shorts.

It took every ounce of self-restraint to not reach across and put his hand on her bare leg, muscled from her hours of daily biking.

He was troubled by a strange noise. It took him a few seconds before he realized that she was humming to herself. Was she drunk? Then he finally figured that the poor girl probably hadn't had a bite all day. The alcohol on an empty stomach was hitting her hard.

"Would you like me to make you a sandwich?" he asked. Her face lit up with a goofy grin.

"Do you have baloney?"

"Sure do!" he chirped.

"And American cheese?"

"Yup!" She squealed, clasping her hands to her chest, nodding, like she had just won an award. As he got up to go inside he wondered if she'd still be there when he returned. Wanting to take no chances he suggested that she follow him to the kitchen.

"Want to come in?" he asked. Seeing her hesitate, he quickly added, "It's okay. After all, we are 'lemonade buddies' now." He smiled.

She entered his house tenuously and, unexpectedly, she squealed when she saw that it was a carbon copy of her own house. Her eyes were everywhere in the living room and then kitchen while he made her a sandwich and poured her another glass of (spiked) lemonade. She took the food, greedily. Once her mother left for work in the morning, Erika wasn't allowed back in the house, much less the kitchen. Her mother figured that Erika was in less danger of harming herself that way.

She wolfed down the sandwich and followed it up with a gulp of the lemonade. "Woopsy-daisy!" Erika exclaimed, a little too loud, after accidentally dribbling a bit of lemonade onto her shirt, her mouth just not working the way she was used to. Her face was a little numb and this felt silly. She smiled, not caring about the wetness spreading over her t-shirt. Arthur cared about it very dearly as it served to highlight her apple-like breasts and the strawberry-colored nipple the white t-shirt exposed. He gulped, not knowing what to say or do next to get this young girl into his bed. Luckily, she was about to help him out.

She squealed, as if suddenly being pinched and ran past him to his den.

"This is my room!" she said as he trotted in behind her. "My bed is here," she held out her arms as wide as she could, "and my drawers are over there, and my hamster habitrail is over there," she swiveled her arms around, pointing to the corners of the room. "And I've got posters all over the walls, not books."

She yawned, wiping her eyes, and looked down, wishing her bed was really there, where she stood.

"I'm sleepy," she said plaintively.

"Do you want to take a nap?" he asked, his eyes dipping again to her shirt.

Another look of revelation washed over her face, quickly followed by a mischievous glee. "Can I sleep in the front bedroom?" she asked shyly, expectantly.

"Why sure! That's my bedroom and I've got a big bed in there!"

She moved closer to him. He felt her breasts brush up against his chest, her nipples evident against him. It took more self-control than he knew he had to not grind his hard cock against her. Instead, he merely put his hand on her shoulder to see if she'd shy away. She didn't.

After she released him, he found it difficult to walk to his bedroom with her in tow. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at his California King. It was the biggest bed she'd ever seen.

"I usually just sleep in my panties. Is that okay?" she asked, already taking her shorts down, revealing her yellow panties with little pink balloons on them.

He studied the swell of her hips, the shape of her perfect bottom with the little moons of her butt that the bottom of her panties revealed. He watched as she carefully folded her shorts and ritualistically put them on his night stand. He stood, his mouth agape, in awe of her shape, her youthful bloom.

She looked down, seeing the spots of lemonade on her shirt. He followed her eyes and croaked out the words, "We should get you out of that wet shirt. I can throw it in my drier and it'll be ready by the time you wake up." He hoped she didn't freak out from the suggestion; this was the moment he had been truly waiting for, and hating himself for. Did he really want this girl to undress in his bedroom? He didn't want to admit it, but he did want that. And, for that reason, he held out his hand to her, wanting her to hand him her shirt.

She looked from the wet spots on her shirt to his hand and back again before reaching to the hem of her shirt and lifting it straight above her head revealing her pert bare breasts. He secretly thanked his lucky stars.

She handed it to him and he hung it over the door knob. She was too tipsy to notice that he didn't run it to the drier as promised.

His cock jumped and he quickly asked, "I'm kind of sleepy, too, do you mind if I nap with you?"

She looked him up and down, as if appraising him, before saying, "Sure, but your clothes aren't dry either." She pointed at his crotch. He looked down to see that he'd leaked enough precum to leave a wet spot on the inseam of his shorts.

"I'll put these in the dryer later, too," he said, pulling them off.

She was already in the bed, her glasses on the nightstand, her body under the covers. He snuggled up next to her.

"I've never been in bed with a boy before," she said. "Sometimes I see my mom in her bed with the men she brings home." Nearly inaudibly she added, "I've watched them together. I want to be a grown up like that."

He reached down and pulled off his underwear, hidden by the sheet. He snuggled closer, pushing his hard cock into her thigh, taking her admission as an invitation.

The room was silent except for their breathing and the occasional chirps of the birds outside his bedroom window.

Her breathing got deeper and faster. She whispered, "I want to do what grownups do. Can we hug like they do?"

"I can help," he said. "But it's got to be our little secret, okay?"

She nodded solemnly.

"I'm just going to take these off." He slid her underwear down over her blossoming hips and down her silky legs. He could smell the innocent aroma of female and wondered, "Is she a virgin?"

"How can I even be thinking of doing this? " he asked himself. He was seducing an innocent. He hugged her to him and the way she moved against him was too much. Lust overcame guilt; all sense of right and wrong departed. The world became the two of them. He needed her, needed to be inside of her, to possess her.

"I'm going to make you feel good," he said, brushing her hair away from her face, tracing a line of freckles on her forehead, allowing his fingers to go down to her neck where he replaced his fingers with his lips, kissing her there and feeling her pulse under his mouth. His fingers continued down, down, finding her breasts and squeezing them, one after another.

He felt her nipples harden under his palms and slightly pinched one of them. She moaned and arched her back. He smiled.

He slid down, taking the other nipple in his mouth and sucking it. It got even harder under his tongue. She moaned again and he felt her legs instinctively open.

She had dreamed of this day when she laid in bed at night, rocking back and forth with her favorite stuffed animal between her legs, its button eyes looking up at her coldly as she matted its belly with her wetness. Now it was a real man, her new friend, Mr. Pimsleur, between her legs, his warm breath on her freckled skin, moving down her.

Kissing his way over her belly, he found her mons lightly covered with silky red hair in contrast to her kinky red mane. He moved further, positioning himself between her legs where he lightly bit her thighs. Her odor was gentle and fresh, unsullied. His mind recognized the scent of musk and "Love's Baby Soft" immediately taking him back to the back of his car learning the ropes with his high school sweetheart, making him ache even more.

He spread her labia and put his face between the pink folds, finding the pearl of her clitoris there.

She tasted sweet. He moved a finger into her and found her sex soaked with excitement. Pushing in, he found resistance and knew that she was still a virgin. He lapped at her clit, feeling her grow harder under his tongue. She fisted his hair, pulling him closer. Wanting it. Wanting sex. Wanting him to treat her like a woman.

He raised up, moving over her body, feeling her writhe under him. "We're going to do more of what grownups do," he said, looking into her eyes. At this distance, he was the only thing in focus for her. Everything else was a blur.

She felt him pressing into her... down there. She wanted more of his kissing but, more than that, she wanted to feel grown up. Tiny tears trickled out the edges of her eyes, yet, she nodded vigorously. He wiped away her tears with his thumb, smiling down at her.

"This is going to hurt... a lot... but only for a minute and then it's going to feel really good. Okay?" he asked, not wanting to surprise her. The last thing he wanted was her crying out with alarm.

He positioned himself at her entrance and she managed to spread her legs even wider, her body tense now. He leaned into her, finding her lips under his, kissing her as he pushed himself with one forceful thrust into her, past her resistance. She cried out. He moved over her, kissing and muffling her with his mouth.

He was in her now and he felt her body quake, trying to adjust to the intrusion, feeling her internal muscles grasping his cock while she gasped in his ear, whimpering, whining, "Yes...?"

"Yes," he hissed in response, pulling back and thrusting into her a second time. Her body quaked again, her nipples drilling into his chest, her hair spread about his pillow, the fresh scent of girl filling his nostrils. His eyes rolled back into his head as he withdrew and thrust a third time, their copulation lubricated by her vaginal secretions and her virginal blood.

She looked up at him and squeaked out, "Am I pretty?"

His eyes returned and he looked down at her, thrusting again, "Pretty? You're beautiful."

She felt a wave of pleasure ride through her.

"Am... am I a good girl?"

He thrust again. "Girl? You're a woman."

Another wave hit her, taking away her breath like the waves at the beach.

"Am I sexy?" she inquired with a voice so meek he could barely hear it.

With one final thrust he came inside of her, "Yes," he groaned, "You are so sexy."

Whether it was the confirmation of her long-held desires or the flood of warmth from his orgasm, something filled her up and over the brim. She exploded in her first orgasm. It felt like she had lost control of her body. For a second she was afraid she was going to pee herself. She unleashed a long, low moan that sounded more like an animal than a person. It was as foreign to her ears as the feelings that rushed through her limbs and into her torso.

Seeing her spasm around him lifted a weight from his heart. The guilt that had been present lifted from his heart like a bird in flight. His final inhibition gone, he began to cum inside of her, filling her tight young hole with his spunk.

She held on tightly to him, gasping. He was gasping too. He collapsed onto her, his weight uncomfortable but comforting. He rolled off of her, his cock slick with an obscene mix of fluids. She held onto him, burying her head in his chest, not wanting to let go; always wanting to be sexy for him.

My Favorite Witch

Jun 11, 2009

Sugasm #167!

I'm so excited! I managed to make it "above the fold" on Sugasm again with my story, A Thousand Kisses, thanks so much to everyone who voted for me!

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“There is nothing that screams "fuck you" to the pain and the hurt in the world than screaming "fuck me" to the person in your bed.”

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A Thousand Kisses
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Sugasm #166

Thanks to Sugasm and its readers/contributors for including my story, Safe Haven in Sugasm #166!

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