Jan 26, 2007

My Favorite TV Domme

Lady Heather

A Bit About "Flappers & Gangsters"

F&G was a strange story to write. It was actually a request from a friend. I asked for a writing excercise and she gave me the restrictions that I needed to write about "flappers, gangsters, and prohibition". The first attempt at this was a lengthy exposition of bootleggin in Wisconsin that went on for a few pages before I ever introduced a possible "love interest." This just didn't work. So, I went the other way and started it off lascivious and kept at it. I hope it works for you.

Jan 24, 2007

Flappers and Gangsters

While the girls hiked their skirts on stage, dancing a bawdy can-can that wouldn't have passed muster in Paris but did well enough for us Chicago thus, my hand was moved from my own leg to the bared cock of my boss, Jimmy Spitz.

I had been in the Organization for six months when I was given the opportunity to move up in the ranks. It was Jimmy who called me into his office one late September night to let me know where I stood and what it would take to start living the "high life" of a Chicago mobster. I thought that I would be asked to make a hit or pull of a heist. Instead, Jimmy unbuckled his pants and put it to me simply. Either I could be his private bitch or he'd put a bullet through my brain for knowing his secret proclivities. Regardless, he'd be pumping something into my mouth before the night was through.

It was an easy choice and Jimmy was easy to get along with. He liked me. He told me this every night after he had emptied his load into my mouth before kicking me out of his office. Stroking his cock under the table while he watched the dancing girls was nothing new for me. I'd been learning to like giving him his secret pleasures while he put on his tough guy straight act. With a few more kicks and a few more strokes I could have him shooting his spunk into my napkin before the next song was over.

I don't know if it was the sparkle of the broach around her neck or some kind of animal instinct but my eyes were drawn across the room to one of the gin joint floozies. But, I gulped, this was no dime-a-dance girl. I had never seen this one before and there was just something about her that made her stand out like the full moon on a starless night.

My excitement over this stellar dish must have translated its way to my arm because Jimmy was cumming before I knew it. Without my napkin there, his spunk sprayed all over my black pants. Fuck! I reached down to take the last few dabs onto my handkerchief before slipping his cock back into his pants. "Thanks, lover," he whispered into my ear as I tried to dab at the cum on my legs.

When I looked back up, she was gone. This wasn't my night. I excused myself and made it to the bathroom as fast as I could, taking the most round-about way to avoid anyone seeing the wetness on my pants and getting the wrong idea.

I made it to the head and closed the door behind me. I grabbed a rag and ran water over it before starting to rub at the spots on my legs. I heard the thunk and creak of the door behind me but didn't give it any thought until I heard the distinct female voice. "You should have used selzer water, that's the best thing for it."

I looked up into the mirror in front of me to see the dancefloor beauty reflect in it. She smiled and locked the door behind her. I tried to play it cool despite the raging hard-on I found myself with and the cummy rag in my hand.

I started down at her low-heeled shoes and I followed up to a low-cut tassled skirt. Liking what I saw, I let my eyes continue to wander over the gentle curves, the alabaster arms, and by the time I reached her pearl necklace I was ensnared. Her mouth was a crimson pout around a cigarette holder. Her hair was done up and I found myself lost in the nautilus curls.

She removed the cigarette holder from her mouth and smiled. It scared me. Her smile was captivating and knowing. It was like a beacon that shone through me. She was more Cheshire cat than woman at that moment. Her smile told me that she knew more about me than I might know about myself. The photograph she handed to me (how did she get so close so fast?) proved that she definitely knew more about me than I would have liked.

There in crisp black and white was Jimmy Spitz with his pants down, me on my knees, and Jimmy's cock balls deep in my mouth. I tried hard to not let the panic show on my face but I can't be sure that I did a good enough job. This photograph was my death warrent staring me in the face. Forget about Jimmy being wacked for being a gunsel, it wasn't him on the receiving end. Jimmy wouldn't be seen as the faggot, I would be.

I gulped and tried to say something clever but I couldn't form a word. Her smile changed to a leer. "I represent some people that want you to do them a favor," she said, moving even closer. I could smell her perfume mixed with the bathtub gin she had been drinking. She told me that people downtown wanted Jimmy Spitz out of business, permanently, but they couldn't get close enough to him to do the job. They wanted me to do that job after doing the job that Jimmy enjoyed.

She had me over a barrel and she knew it. She touched my shoulder and moved behind me. There wasn't much room to shake a leg in that john but she managed to glide into the space well enough. I felt her breath on the back of my neck as she spoke. It raised the hairs and sent a cold chill down my spine. "Well, do we have an understanding?" she purred, her hand massaging my shoulder.

"I don't have a choice."

"Oh, but you do. You can do what we ask, or you can continue being Jimmy Spitz's cocksucker until someone puts a bullet into the back of your brain. But, there's one more thing I need to ask for... There's something I want you to do for me to show me that you're serious about all of this."

I liked the tone in her voice. "What's that?"

Before I knew what was happening, she pushed me over the sink and had my belt undone. My pants were falling to the floor as she hissed, "I want you to take my cock to seal the deal." I looked behind me as she yanked my underwear down to see her hiking her skirt up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when she pulled a quickly hardening cock out of her panties and slapped it against my ass.

"I used to be Jimmy's plaything and I want a taste of what he's been enjoying all these months after he kicked me out of his bed. You take this good and those pictures will disappear when Jimmy does. But your ass is mine from now on." She spit in her hand and started rubbing the wetness over her engorged cock until it shined in the dim bathroom light. She grunted and shoved it inside of me. It felt like my ass was on fire from the pain. I knew she was tearing me up and that I would be bleeding all night. She didn't care. She shoved in farther and started fucking me.

She didn't say anything else for a few minutes while she fucked me over the sinks, my cock pressed uncomfortabley up against the cold porcelain, my head twisted unnaturally to take in the bizarre scene of such a beautiful creature with such an unmerciless cock. Hot tears streamed down my face from the pain and deception. After what seemed like an eternity she grunted and I could feel her filling my bowels with hot cum that mixed with the blood from my internal tears.

She pulled her cock out of me and wiped it off on my shirt tale. She got herself back together before she made her way to the door. "You've got one week," she said before she left. I felt the hot spunk running down my thighs and I tried to pull myself together.

I spent the week trying to recover. The throbbing pain in my ass subsided as the pain in my head, my conscience, got worse. I woke each morning clutching the gun I was going to use on Jimmy before the end of the week.

Every night that week at the speakeasy I saw her on the periphery of my vision, like a guardian angel -- or demon, perhaps, in this case. The last night of my last week with Jimmy he excused himself with a wink to me. I knew that I was to follow thirty seconds later.

I went into the bathroom where I had been raped seven days prior only to find that Jimmy wasn't there. I went outside to see if he had slipped into his car and was expecting a back seat blowjob. Risky, but something he enjoyed. As I made my way to the door I heard a scream from outside. I rushed out, pushing a few palookas out of my way.

I saw the blood first and followed it to the crack in Jimmy's head. He was face down on the pavement, his head split open. There was a car twenty feet away and a woman, ashen faced and crying hysterically behind the wheel. A crowd had already started to gather. I stared down in disbelief. He must have been on his way to the car when he was run down.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, reassuring. "Come on," said a familiar voice. I looked behind me to see her again. My ownership had passed from one person to another. "It's time to go home."

Sexy And Bad

Off to Vegas

I'm off to Las Vegas in early February and I'm hoping for more fodder for this blog. Any recommendations for some nocturnal fun?

Jan 12, 2007

Cabaret Encounter

She sat down at the small table in the cabaret, joining the man who was already there. The air was crisp with cold and should have been thick with smoke. This kind of place cried out for cigarettes. It was an unusual but appropriate venue for a literary conference.

He didn't take much notice as she sat down as he was engrossed in his book. It wasn't until he caught her lovely scent that glanced over the cover to take in his new table mate. She wore her black hair in a bob and wore her small-lensed glasses at the end of her nose. She was pale with dark red lipstick. Her striking dark eyes were surrounded by long lashes. He lowered his book a bit more to see her long neck and the brooch she wore. Trying not to stare, he returned to his reading, unable to concentrate on a word.

She relaxed as the next presenter got on stage. She'd driven all the way down from New York to Philadelphia and the traffic left her a bit frazzled. She tried to just concentrate on the speaker but she felt the eyes of the man next to her. She shifted, trying to see if he was really staring or if it was just her imagination. No sign of a quick head-turn. He seemed to be fully engrossed in the PowerPoint slides being projected on stage. She took this opportunity to gander at her companion. He was fairly handsome, despite his thinning hair and middle-aged paunch. As her girlfriends put it, "He didn't hurt the eye." Then she saw what he had been reading so studiously upon her arrival. The cover was innocuous but the title, Fast Forward: Confessions of a Porn Screenwriter, was definitely of interest. She had to bite her tongue from blurting out what came to her mind. Rather, she turned back to the speaker and tried to keep her wits about her.

Between seminars she waited a few minutes before talking to him. He finished writing his notes before she asked if he was a local or if he had come in from out of town for the conference.

He was nearly started to hear her speak to him. It took him a second to find his voice, "Out of town," he stammered. "Cleveland," he clarified. Thus began their interlude of small talk. He was amazed that this gorgeous woman would be talking to him but he quickly discounted any overtones of flirtation and imagined that she must simply be bored and passing the time until the next lecture.

That was, until she asked, "What are you up to this evening?"

"Not a whole lot," he said, hoping that perhaps they could grab a cup of coffee and continue to chat after the day's program was over. "How about yourself?"

"I may go out to dinner later but I've been told that since I'm in this part of the city that I simply must check out a store over at Fifth and Brandenberg. When I told my friends that I was coming to this area they said, 'Oh, you have to check out the fetish store that's right nearby.'" She laughed. "I don't know why my friends would think I'm particularly interested in a fetish store but perhaps they're picking up on something in my writing that I'm not aware of." She laughed again.

"I always find that an author doesn't always pick up on what all they're sending across. It's tough to read between one's own lines. But I have trouble reading through anyone's lines at times," he said, hoping that she's clarify what he hoped she was saying.

"Yes, some people are incredibly dense at times." She smiled wickedly.

"I think that store is on my way back to my hotel. I'd love to see what the fuss is about if you don't mind some company," he said.

"That sounds delightful." Their conversation was cut off by the annoucement of the next speaker. They turned their eyes back to the lectern though their attention was elsewhere.

They chatted and walked along the avenue, finding the fetish store with ease. There were a few nervous chuckles, mostly from him, as they perused the wide array of leather, latex, lace, and other implements of pleasure and pain. She watched him carefully, trying to see what he made of everything around him. As he seemed to take it all in stride, she began seeing just how she could "push" him.

Taking a harness and strap-on dildo off of a counter she held it up to her waist and asked, "What do you think?"

Putting his finger up to his chin contemplatively he remarked, "I don't know. If you're going to do that, you might as well go bigger."

She grinned.

"It's all a matter of perspective," she opined, the drink in her hand gently shifting the ice cubes to tinkle musically between the Ketel One. "We could both write down everything we see and here and maybe, maybe, fifteeen perect of it would be the same. The light from the window, the look in your eyes, the music on the jukebox. Everything else gets filtered through our perceptions."

He nodded, his hand on his chin, looking into her rich black pupils and wondering how he was lucky enough to have been invited for drinks with such a radiant creature. He stirred his Seven and Seven with his other hand. The red plastic bag from the fetish shop lay between them, almost taunting him. He hadn't seen her make any purchases and he wondered what was inside and if he would see it before the night was out.

She finished her drink and indicated that he should do the same. When he put his glass down she simply said, "Invite me back to your room."

Despite it being January, they were both incredibly warm when they got back to his room. It was unseasonably warm and awkwardly humid. He turned on the air conditioning but she had a better idea of how to cool down. "Strip," she said.

He began doffing his clothes, slightly embarassed and equally intoxicated from both drink and her authority. It didn't take him long before he was nude. She told him to get down on his knees and help her out of her boots as she sat on the hotel room's small loveseat.

While he worked at her boots, she removed her top, revealing a lovely black lace bra underneath. She threw it aside and, looking down at him, said, "Why don't you massage my feet while you're down there. I did a lot of walking today."

He began rubbing the arch of her left foot. She felt her body relax at his touch and a smile crept over her face. While he worked on her left foot, she put her right over his nose, her toes above her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her heel and she chuckled. "Oh, so that's how it is..." she said and moved her foot down, pushing her toes into his waiting mouth.

He sucked on her big toe and she told him to keep it in his mouth as she tried to pull it away. He sucked as hard as he could without biting. She finally got it out with a loud slurp. She laughed and did it again before putting her other toes in his mouth. She moved her other foot out of his hands and rested it on his hard cock, massaging it a bit with her bare heel.

After switching feet and allowing him to suckle the toes on her other foot she placed both on his chest and pushed him over so that he landed with a thump on his butt on the carpeting. She stood up and removed her jeans. In just bra and underwear she went to the hotel room door and secured the lock before going to the nearby table to grab her shopping bag.

She pulled out two long black plastic strips that looked like the tie from a garbage bag. He couldn't figure out what they were even as she leaned over (showing him her cleavage) and pinched his nipples gently until they were hard. Quicky she slid the ends of one of the strips towards the middle. This opened the strip and she placed the opening over his hard nipple. With one quick pull she slid the ends back, tightening the strips around his nipple. He cried out and she put a finger to his lips to silence him before moving the finger to his other nipple and repeating the process.

He gasped. It felt painful but oddly satisfying at the same time. His cock jumped as she flicked the ends of the clamps. He marvelled at the strange person he had managed to find in her and thanked his lucky stars as she flicked harder, laughing at his mixed reaction of lust and pain.

Unconsciously he started to raise his hands, his body trying to defend itself from the pain. She tsked at him and pulled a cord from her bag. He found his wrists being bound with soft purple rope. "Get up. Get on the bed," she said sternly, leading him there by the wrists.

He lay down and she straddled him, her ass in his face. He could smell the sweet perfume of her arousal as she trussed his feet, binding them together and securing the rope to the one that bound his wrists, further immobilizing him. Knowing what she was doing to him, she slid back even further, allowing him to nuzzle and kiss her bottom. She didn't stop him.

She grabbed onto his cock and squeezed it, perhaps a little too hard, before she got off of him and rolled him over onto his stomach. He heard the faint rustle of the plastic from her shopping bag and wondered what other goodies she had. Her heard a click and a unceremonious spurt before feeling the cool sensation of gel being rubbed against his unprotected asshole. He couldn't help but moan into the pillow under him as he felt her fingers opening him.

She unwrapped the small cylindrical toy and twisted the top. It came to life in a gentle whirring. She slicked it with her lubricated fingers before pushing it, gently and firmly, into him. He groaned again and she smiled. She relished his unquestioning surrender. She love manipulating him nad knowing that she possessed the power.

She felt him squirm a bit under him as she pushed the cylinder deeper inside of him, a small tail trailing behind for easy removal. She leaned back and brought both hands down on his bare bottom, smacking it loudly. She began slapping it like she was playing the butt bongos. She watched his body react to the various sensations and felt herself getting wetter. She watched his flesh redden as she continued to slap away.

She slid her hand down the front of her underwear and felt her hard clit. She rubbed it gently and sucked her breath in over between her teeth. She massaged herself, content in hearing the hum of the vibrator in his ass and his panting breath beneath her. He didn't know when or if she was going to spank him again and she loved the tension in his body.

She wanted to savor the feelings... She moved next to him and rolled him over onto his back. She loosened his hands. "Masturbate for me," she purred as she pulled down one cup of her bra and put her nipple into his mouth. She shuddered internally at the sensation of his tongue swirling and teeth gently biting. She watched his hands work at his cock, one hand cupping his balls, the other stroking his erection. She loved the sight of a man jacking off, especially when she was controlling it.

"Faster," she said. He gasped around her breast and she felt the cold air sweep around her sensitive nipple. His tongue was back on it almost immediately as his arm pistoned faster, bringing him closer to the edge. She loved the control, knowing that he was getting off on her, knowing that she could tell him to stop and he would, but she didn't plan on it. She enjoyed watching a man cum too much to stop it now.

"Cum for me," she commanded. "Ten, nine, eight..." she watched him work faster, heard him moan into her, "seven, six, five...." He grunted and she giggled at that. "Four, three, two...." and before she said "one" he was cumming. She watched him cover his belly with his ejaculation. He breathed heavily around her breast as the last bit of spunk slowly dripped out of his cock. She couldn't take it any more.

She stood up and pulled her underwear off in record time before throwing a leg over him and putting her bottom over his face, her pussy over his mouth. He opened wide, his tongue finding her clitoris and licking it heatedly. She pushed down onto him, fucking herself with his nose and mouth. He found it difficult to breathe at first until he found her rhythm and matched it. She felt his tounge lapping steadily at her sex and felt his nose pressing against her tight asshole. The pressure was exquisite. She rode him, feeling him getting her closer. Crescendoing until her breath caught in her throat and she shuddered with a long pent-up orgasm that caused the corners of her vision to grow dim.

She rode waves of pleasure over one crest and then another and another, cumming in tiny waves after the first tidal crest broke the shore. She felt his tongue slithering deep inside of her, lapping her wetness and she sighed with pleasure. She could tell that he wasn't going to stop. He would have licked her for as long as her knees could hold up. She couldn't take any more and got off of him.

He lay there with a goofy smile on his face. Pleased with her and with himself. She didn't want to burst his bubble so she allowed him to feel the satisfaction. She put on her undergarments and clothes before gathering up all of her toys. She made him go into the bathroom and clean the one that still hummed inside of him.

By the time he came out she was ready to go. She pocketed the now-silent cylinder and kissed him on the cheek before departing. He stood, looking at the closed door in stunned silence. He had never even gotten her name.

Jan 6, 2007

Goodnight Paige

She greeted me at the door like a long lost friend. She hugged me tight enough to take the breath from me and leaned down to kiss me on the mouth. "Oh, it's so nice to see you," she said sincerely. I had only seen Paige once before, approximately a year prior, and was thrilled to be welcomed back into her apartment.

She looked even better than she had the year before and I told her so. I surveyed her little place to see that not much had changed. The wall near her bed was still adorned with racks of whips, chains, cuffs, and other fetish implements. The life-size standee of Elvira (whom Paige so much resembled) was against the other wall. Her mannequin collection had grown by one, it stood with its arms outstretched to greet me near the couch were I sat after hanging up my coat. Paige called to me from her kitchen where she poured us a glass of wine. "Can I get you anything else? I have juice, fruit, cheese, some cold cuts..."

I assured her that I was fine and told her she was too good of a hostess. As if only a week had past, we caught up over our wine like friends out for a drink. She didn't have to but she had remembered so much about me that I was flattered. I recalled what I knew of her as well. When I said that I had enjoyed rubbing her feet the last time I saw her she kicked off her high heels and placed her stocking-clad toes on my knees. This was an easy feat as she sat on a tall chair across from me, looking down into my eyes with anticipation as I began to touch her tootsies.

"I just love to have my feet touched," she said, practically purring as I rubbed her arch and wiggled each little piggy in turn. "I've always been a big fan of feet. When I was little I used to smell my mother's shoes when she got home from work. Oh, it just sends me." She giggled and took another sip of her wine. While not nearly the foot enthusiast she is, I knew how much she enjoyed having me rub hers down and I obliged with vigor. When she switched legs I caught a glimpse under her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties and her cock stood at full mast.

This sight inspired me and I took her big toe into my mouth, sucking it the way I wanted to suck her cock. "Oooh," she squealed, pushing her toe Deeper into my waiting mouth. I moved my mouth up and down over her big toe, my fingers massaging her arch. She leaned her head back and moaned.

In the past Paige had expressed that she liked power exchange but that she was often asked to be the Dominant one and actually preferred being the submissive. Seeing her like she was, throat exposed and completely turned on, I suddenly had the urge to take her and make her mine. I did something very out of character for me. I took her toe out of my mouth, leaned back on the couch, undid my fly, and unleashed my hard cock. "Get down here and please me with your mouth," I told her uncharacteristically. Even better, she did.

Bobbing up and down like a cock-starved slut, I ran my hands over her shoulders before reaching down and feeling her hard nipples under her top. Squeezing them, I wondered how much pain she could handle. I started pinching them tighter and tighter between my fingernails. This only made her suck more vigorously. She moaned louder around my cock until she couldn't take it anymore, leaning back and gasping. However, she didn't take my hand away... she simply looked at me pleadingly as I tightened my viselike grip even more. "Please..." she whimpered.

"Please what, girl?" I asked.

"Please, Daddy, please don't hurt me..."

"But I thought you liked having your nipples played with," I taunted.

"Yes, Daddy but... it hurts."

"You can't take being hurt, baby girl?"

This put her in a quandary. She wanted the pain; she just didn't want that much. I eased back just a little and she smiled. In response I squeezed even harder. She whimpered again and reached up to touch my cock, running her fingernails over the head. "Please, Daddy... I'll do anything you want."

"Yes... I know you will." I grinned and released her nipples suddenly, knowing that the blood rushing back to them would hurt even worse. She gasped and I took her open mouth and placed it back over my cock, fucking her face. It takes a lot to get me off orally, which is good as I didn’t want to get off that early in the evening despite her hoovering my cock like there was no tomorrow. I leaned back and watched her work my cock expertly between her lips and fingers. Eventually I pulled her off and, leaning over, kissed her Deeply our tongues meeting.

Paige got off of her knees and went over to the rack next to her bed. She started pulling various toys from the rack and laying them out on her bed. Four leather cuffs and a butt plug attached to what looked like the bulb from a blood pressure cuff. I stripped her and kissed her Deeply, my hands rubbing her cock all the while.

I attached the cuffs. They each had a hook and ring so they could be locked together. I locked her hands over her head and laid her down on her bed. I lifted up her legs and cuffed those together, too. Finally, I cuffed her legs to her arms, leaving her completely exposed. Taking some lube from her bedside table, I slicked up the plug and slowly inserted it into her. Her gasp was quickly replaced by a moan.

I grasped her cock at the base with my left hand while my right pumped up the plug, filling her. I stopped pumping when it got too difficult to squeeze the bulb. Her moan slowly rose into a squeal as the pressure got to be too much. “Shhh, shhh, that’s a good girl,” I cooed to her. My hand tightened around her cock and she quieted a bit. “Just a few more seconds and…” The rush of air as I allowed the plug to shrink back to its normal size.

I didn’t wait long to start pumping again, filling her up once more. “Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she whined as I filled her again. The metals from her cuffs jingled as her legs began to shake. I began stroking her cock when I got her full again.

“Doesn’t this feel nice?” I said, knowing that she was torn between the pleasure of my hand and the fullness in her bottom.

She barely squeaked out, “Yes, Daddy,” before I let the air out again. She caught her breath and pleaded, “Please Daddy, no more.”

“Come now, girl. You can take one more, can’t you?” I looked down at her and arched my eyebrow.

“Yes, Daddy. For you, yes.” She had barely gotten the words out before I started pumping her full again. This time I kept her bottom full for longer than before and stroked her more vigorously.

I allowed the air out once again and unhooked her legs from her arms. While she caught her breath I began stroking my cock, rubbing it against her tender feet. She grasped my cock between them and stroked it for me, her legs pumping back and forth. Looking down at her, helpless, her feet cuffed together, her arms above her head, I started to ejaculate. My cum covered her toes and she looked at me pleadingly. “Yes, girl, you may clean them off,” I said before she met her toes to her mouth and sucked my hot load off of her feet.

I got down and took her cock into my mouth, sucking for a good long time. I unhooked the cuffs, removed the plug, and allowed her to get up. She wanted to model some lingerie for me. I took pictures of her as she paraded through her apartment in different outfits, each nicer than the last. Between each outfit she would come over and drop to her knees, taking my quickly hardening cock in her mouth.

I looked at the clock as she walked through the apartment in a low cut cocktail dress. “Paige, either you need to ask me to spend the night or I need to hit the road,” I said, expecting her to gracefully kick me out.

“Well, I get up early,” she said, “But if that’s okay then I’d love you to stay.” I assured her it would be. I asked her to change into her night clothes so we could get some shut eye. “That’s simple enough,” she said, doffing her clothes. She helped me out of my things, as well, and got the bed ready. Before we turned in, I took her cuffs off and put them back on her wall.

We cuddled up, her in my arms, her hand resting on my cock. “If you need me at all in the night, let me know. I will do anything you want… any time.”

“Wake me up with a blowjob,” I said, half kidding. But, inDeep, hours after sleep had taken me, I awoke to feel her mouth on me, taking me Deep. It didn’t take long before she had me cumming in her mouth. She sucked up every last drop before crawling back up to rest her head on my chest. I kissed her again and then pushed her back so she was lying on her back and returned the favor.

I kissed her cock up and down, feeling it go completely hard under my lips. Knowing that she hadn’t cum the night before I looked forward to giving her release. I took the head of her cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue underneath. I heard her sigh as I slipped more of her Deep inside of my mouth, taking her all the way until my chin rested on her tight balls. I started bobbing up and down on her, sucking her hard and fast.

I heard her breath coming in pants. I took her all the way into my mouth again and felt her cum Deep into my throat. I felt her load warming my belly.

We thanked each other for breakfast and she watched from the bed as I got dressed and let her get about her business. We kissed each other goodbye and I made my way back into the city. I’m already counting the days until the next time I come back and see Paige again.

Jan 4, 2007

Mistress Ann Mea Culpa

Apparently I've just never smoked good enough weed. I shared a joint with a friend of mine last night and had it affect me nearly as much as the stuff from Mistress Ann. In other words, I don't think that she and her boyfriend "duped" me with anything. It was just really good chronic.

Jan 3, 2007

More Lovely Ladies

An Afternoon With Suzie C*cksucker

One of the strangest relationships I've had over the years was with a woman named Laura. She saw my profile on Yahoo and dropped me a note. It was like manna from heaven. She was very into the idea of fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. She'd not done it before but had fantasized about it for years. Would I be willing to help? You bet!

We chatted for a long time before we finally agreed to meet. Her trailer park wasn't too far from where I was staying at the time and I went to see her one Saturday afternoon. She was quite a hefty gal with few taboos. She had me strip down and gave me a pair of crotchless panties to put on. Back in her living room she had me bend over an ottoman and tied me to it so that I wouldn't squirm away as she paddled my ass.

Luckily, I had built up a good deal of trust with her via our chats and was able to take all of the abuse she wanted to give me. There was no ass-fucking that night. Instead, she wanted to be eaten out for a good long while. She was one of those ladies who unleashed a good deal of vaginal secretions when she came. She had me rub my face in her pussy, coating every inch and lapping up what I could.

Afterwards, she had me masturbate onto her bountiful breasts and clean up my cum with my tongue.

The next time we met she had a surprise for me. Laura had invited over "Suzy Cocksucker," an older transvestite. I was put into a pair of white panties (and nothing else) and bent over her couch with Suzy next to me. We looked at each other, smiled, and turned to look forward and steel ourselves to what was to come. The only warning was the whistling through the air of the strands from the cat of nine tails. The question was, "Will it be her or I that get it first?"

"WHACK!" It was Suzy's turn but soon it was mine. Laura went from ass to ass, her flogger singing a sound of pain as it whipped across our pantied bottoms. Back and forth she went, whipping each of us. At times, she would stand between us and caress the pantied cock of the other as she concentrated her whip on the other. When she was satisfied, she bound Suzy and left her kneeling on her living room floor while she took me into her spare room down the hall. I felt like I was the prize slave and this made me smile inside.

In privacy she produced a double-headed dildo which she slid into herself. She had me kneel on the room's bed and got behind me, trying to slide the other end of the dildo into me. It just wasn't stiff enough to do a good job of penetration. I suppose it felt like being fucked with a semi-hard cock. She tried valiantly to get it in and fuck me but it just wasn't the right equipment for the job. Instead, she used a dildo and fucked me by hand for a bit.

We went back to her living room and she bound me over her ottoman as before. Then she gave me a treat that I will never forget and shall always be thankful for. She had Suzy get behind me and perform analingus on me. It was amazing. I've never felt anything quite so nice. Of course, I was very self-conscious. I knew that I was clean but felt awful for being hairy and tasting like KY Jelly. So, even while I enjoyed it immensely I was too self-conscious to just let myself go and enjoy it fully. I hope someday to enjoy this again without the guilt.

Laura released me and had me get down on the floor next to Suzy. We were face-to-cock and performed sixty-nine on each other while Laura watched and enjoyed. She wished aloud that she had a digital camera to capture the moment forever but, alas... When she had had enough, she allowed Suzy to lick her to orgasm while I sat (bound) and watched. She had Suzy get her face wet with her juices and my job was to lick Suzy's face clean. With the taste of makeup, this wasn't a pleasant task.

She was done with us after that. We cleaned up and I said my goodbyes to Laura and Suzy. Little did I know that that would be my last time seeing Laura. She had just started dating a guy and he wasn't into BDSM at all. She felt guilty keeping on submissives while dating so she dismissed everyone who saw her and cut herself off from this part of her life. The real shame is that this kind of thing happens all the time to both men and women. They find that special someone and find themselves having to make a choice between D/s or a vanilla life. As vanilla is seen as "normal" that's usually the one that wins out.

Jan 2, 2007

A Couple of Couples

I've been lucky enough to play with a few sets of couples over the years. I tend to enjoy the dynamic of them. My first experience with a couple played out like something out of a "Letters Magazine" with me meeting up with a husband and wife over dinner and them already having a hotel room at the ready in anticipation that our meeting would go well. The husband and I took turns at either end of the wife with her going down on me as the climax of the evening. They were very game for me to stick around and play some more but time was against me.

The second couple was more intersting from a weirdness factor. I met the wife at a restaurant in Toronto. She was absolutely stunning. A slight little thing with big curly hair and bountiful breasts. She wore a simple sundress that highlighted her assets wonderfully. After lunch I followed her back to her apartment where I met her boyfriend. He wasn't too interested in talking. He had me sit down in a high-backed chair where he blindfolded me and started making out with his girlfriend. It seemed that I was only there as a prop, really.

After a bit, they had me get out of my things and laid me down on their large area rug. Still blindfolded, I regretted not being able to see the woman's naked form. Either she (or her boyfriend) had a very talented mouth and gave my cock quite an oral workout. She crawled up and lay across my stomach, straddling my middle as her boyfriend proceeded to fuck her. I could feel her breasts pushing against me on each thrust.

After he came he gave me the choice of either cumming by her using her hand on me or using her mouth. Despite my absolute love of handjobs, I had to ask for her mouth as I had enjoyed the oral play so much earlier. After I came in her mouth, they made me wait to take my blindfold off until they were both dressed. I was then allowed to dress and asked politely to leave.

However odd that encounter was, something about it really appealed. It could have been that I felt dehumanized and humilated -- that I was there just as a plaything. Indeed, I found that occasion more stimulating then even my time with a Dominant couple a few cities over.

Though they were an older couple, the woman had a better body than most twentysomethings could hope for. Her bottom was absolutely delectable. I was rewarded the pleasure of rimming her after giving her husband a good polishing with my tongue. This was all quite nice. What I found objectionable was the addition of a fourth player, another male submissive. Had I known these two better, that would have been one thing but this was my first time playing with them. As it happened, another submissive called while I was there and they invited him over. He had also never played with these two. It all got very awkward and rather unsatisfying.

We adjourned to their basement which was a fully-equipped dungeon. We only had to wait about ten minutes for the other submissive male to arrive. When he did he was told to strip upon arrival and brought down to the basement. We were barely introduced before the fun began again. The other submissive was placed into their bondage swing and swatted by both man and wife with their crops. After he was good and welted it was my turn. They knew that I had a low tolerance for pain so I didn't last long in the swing. Being in this precarious position, however, the husband took advantage of my mouth while I was suspended.

Afterwards it became something of a daisy chain with me sucking the husband while the other submissive sucked me and the wife watched. She liked grabbing me by the back of the head and jamming me down onto her husband's cock to the point of choking. I was unable to get the husband off and the other sub was unable to get me off so it became something of a "masturbation party" with all three males jacking off until we came while the wife watched.

I don't think it's greed to say that I would have had a better time without the other male sub there. Had we all known each other better (r at least the couple and I), the addition of another player would have been a bit of fun but it was too early for me to have this other body there. Too many cooks, as it were.

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