Oct 31, 2010

Just Another Blood Red Saturday Night

If this story seems familiar, it's a rewrite of another one that's been expanded a bit and changed in one other important way.

As I raised my glass to toast my coworker’s departure, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Setting my drink back down, I scanned the room and found that a man at the bar was staring at me. He took my breath away. His jet black hair and dark suit only helped emphasize his pale skin. He was well over six feet tall with eyes that defined the word violet. They were the kind of eyes that I could get lost in and those eyes were focused solely on me.

It was as if I was the only person who saw him. No one around him seemed to pay him any attention. Seeing how striking he was, I thought every eye in the place—male and female—would be on him. I excused myself and went to him. As I drew closer I could smell his cologne. There was something underneath it; a sweet sourness that I had smelled before but couldn’t place. He didn’t say a word as I took the empty bar stool next to him. I thought about pinching myself to see if I was dreaming and might have if he’d not laid his hand over mine, his exquisitely manicured nails reflecting the light as he did.

I offered to buy him a drink but he shrugged it off. The intense din of the bar made conversation almost impossible but, when he finally spoke, it sounded as if his mouth were pressed against my ear. “Let’s get out of here,” he said. I nodded and followed him outside.

“You drive,” he said as we walked into the cool night air.

He sat close to me in the car. I thought he must have had a chill as I couldn’t feel the warmth of his body despite his proximity. His nearness made concentrating on the road and heeding his directions nearly impossible.

We headed out of the ‘burbs and into what used to be farm country. It was still the haven for some of the old estates and the occasional ant colony condominiums that besmirched the landscape. He lived in one of the older homes. I suppose the only word to describe it was “Gothic” with its ornate woodwork and looming façade. I couldn’t see all of it as we pulled up—the sun had finished going down as we drove—but the light from the lamps outside gave me a feeling that it was huge.

I parked in the circle drive and followed him up to the front door, watching his wonderful behind as he took the stairs. I normally didn’t pick up guys or allow myself to be picked up at bars, but there was no denying this one. I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been to meet such a sexy man.

Rather than the warm, cozy interior I expected, the entire first floor of his house was a single room; completely austere save for the stairwells and a single raised dais, illuminated from above by an unseen light source. It looked like a stage in an empty cabaret. As we got closer I saw that the dais was about three feet above the floor on some kind of solid base. It looked like granite or marble. More than a stage, it looked like something out of a morgue. The slotted grill set into the stone didn’t help dissuade me from this idea.

I found that I had stopped dead in my tracks. He took me by the hand. The shock of his cold finger startled me. Pulling me forward, he looked back and me and smiled. It was meant to be reassuring but it put me on edge even more. His white teeth caught the low light of the room and seemed to be illuminated from within. He led me to the edge of the dais before he turned me around and began undoing my shirt buttons.

I fell into his eyes again. The only thing I could hear was the faint rustle of cloth and the pounding of my heart in my ears. Yet, somewhere in the house I could hear a faint scratching. I wondered if he had pets and where they could be kept in his austere abode.

His hands went to my belt. I realized on some secret level that if I had wanted to move, I couldn’t. My cock strained against my pants and I longed for him to free it. He did. I was naked in front of him while he remained fully clothed. I reached up to remedy the situation. He took me by the wrist and lowered my hand below his waist. I felt the bulge of him beneath his pants and couldn’t wait to get at it.

I went to my knees, quickly unzipping him. I pulled his cock from his pants. Like the rest of him, it was pale, perfect, and oddly cold. My fingers wrapped around him, barely able to contain his girth. I took him into my mouth. Though his cock was rock-hard, his skin was ice cold. It was like was suckling an icicle. I half-expected him to melt in my mouth. I moved my head slowly down his shaft, opening as wide as I could to take more of him.

I took my mouth from his cock and moved it to his plump, pendulous balls. I lapped at them, feeling something unusual under my tongue. I took a peek, finding two red scars there, circular in shape and ragged around the edges. Before I could look closer, his fingers closed around my hair, pulling my head back up to his cock. I took him in my mouth again, deeper than before. He kept his fingers fisted in my hair and began slowly fucking my face.

I moaned around his cock, enjoying him pushing deeper and deeper into me. I felt him getting larger in my mouth. His hands gripped harder, pulling me away from him and to my feet. He pushed me back onto the dais where the cold stone chilled me to the core.

I found myself moving into a depression that my body filled perfectly, as if the stone had been carved with me in mind. He climbed atop me with a speed I didn’t think possible. He straddled me at the waist, pushing my hard cock up against my body. He looked down at me and smiled again. It was only then that I saw the menacing sharpness of his incisors.

When I looked from his face down his body I saw him fully undressed. Impossible! I had felt the material from his suit on me only seconds before but now I was seeing his cock resting against mine, feeling the pulse from my heartbeat echoed back from his manhood.

His chest hair was the same dark color as the hair on his head. It stood in stark contrast to his alabaster skin which was, like the stone beneath me, cooler than it should have been. He slid down, parting my legs with a knee, and grasped my cock in his hand, wrapping his elegant fingers around me. Quickly, I felt the familiar pressure against my bottom as he readied himself to enter me. I wanted him. I had since the second I felt his eyes on me. I heard myself moaning and pleading for him.

He thrust his hips and was inside me. He opened me wide and I cried out. The delicious pressure of his cock made me moan with pleasure though I was still disconcerted by the chill of his flesh.

He bent over me and I could smell his scent stronger, his sickly sweet odor. His smile of pleasure turned to a leer that filled my vision. He lunged at my neck and I could feel his cool lips on my hot flesh. And then I felt his tongue.

He wasn’t licking me so much as he was tasting me. His tongue was cold, dead. Like a piece of meat from the grocery store deli case being dragged along my neck. I shuddered though my cock didn’t falter as he squeezed it again, his hips still thrusting his cock deep inside of me.

I was trapped beneath him, yet, I didn’t care. I wanted this. I wanted whatever he did to me, more than life itself. I wanted him deeper, harder, faster.

I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him tight. His breathing filled my ear. His moans became grunts. I felt him grow larger inside of me as his grunts became a growl, low and mean. I shuddered as I felt a chill fill me from the inside. He raised his head and howled an unholy scream as he came, pumping me full of his numbing seed.

He removed himself from me and I went to adjust myself. I found my legs paralyzed. My arms were the same way. Only my eyes could move. I looked down to see his teeth flashing as he took me into my mouth. I felt my heart beating faster, fighting against the paralysis that struck me.

Lust overcame fear. My cock disappeared into his wanting mouth, taking me deeply. His tongue flitted about me, massaging my sex in a way I’d never experienced before. It felt like an invisible stone rested on my chest; I could barely breathe. I heard my heartbeat pounding in my ears, getting faster as he took me farther and farther along the precipice of passion.

And then… my breathing… came shorter… until… he pushed me over that edge. And with that pleasure came an intense pain. In the instant, the seconds slowed. With a blink, he moved from my cock to my balls, opening his mouth wide, displaying his hungry maw. He sank his teeth into me, tearing my flesh. I was cumming, my cock jerking, but nothing came out. Instead, he was draining me, feasting upon me. The world became the sucking sound he made as he drained me while I underwent the longest, most satisfying orgasm of my life.

He leaned back, howling triumphantly, crimson-colored cum streaking his chin. The sound that came out wasn’t human or like any animal I’d ever heard. Worse, whatever had been scratching before joined in his cry.

I must have blacked out after that. When I awoke, even opening my eyes proved a struggle. Everything looked like I was looking through cheesecloth. I felt my life draining out of me, my blood flowing out into the slotted grill in the stone. I heard those same scratching sounds from earlier and they were much closer now...

Zeena LaVey - Happy Halloween