Feb 27, 2009

Hitchin' a Ride

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I should have known better than to pick up a stranger on the side of the road but, had you seen her, you'd have done the same. Even driving past her on the on-ramp as I sped up to get onto the freeway I could tell she was a looker. In that split second I decided to stop my car and back down the side of the road where she was standing, helpless, next to her vehicle.

"Oh, thank you so much!" she said as I got out of my car. I had checked her out in my rear view mirror to see if I had been correct in my quick assessment. Indeed, she was a nubile young woman with big boobs, a small waist, and very pretty face. I looked at her in that order. She was wearing a faux fur coat with a skirt and low cut shirt underneath.

She told me the sad story about her car breaking down on her way home from work and blah, blah, blah. I'm sure she said a lot but my eyes were locked on her bountiful breasts. I'm usually able to keep my eyes north of a woman's bustline but this girl, Callie, might as well have been wearing a big arrow in front of her face pointing to her cleavage.

Knowing nothing about cars, I volunteered to drive her home. "That's great," she said, "I need to get home before Bobby does."

Bobby? Oh, shit. It wasn't like I had any chance of sleeping with this girl but it's always such a nutcrusher to learn that the hot chick you're talking to has a boyfriend. I had already made the offer and couldn't rescind it. It'd still be nice looking at Callie on the way to her place. I'm never one to refuse some eye candy.

She had only been a couple mile away from home when she broke down. I wondered where she had been working to be "leaving work" so early in the morning and she answered my question when she told me about her job at the Velvet Touch massage parlor. Mentioning how much I enjoyed a good massage she offered to hook me up with one once I got her home.

She lived in a little trailer far off the side of a two lane blacktop. The ruts leading up to the patch where she had me park were nearly enough to bottom out my car. I was amazed that such a put-together girl could live in such apparent squalor.

The inside of the trailer bespoke a different story. It was immaculate, not the shithole I expected from the rusted through trim and the cinder blocks used for a variety of purposes.

I didn't think she could look any better than she had but Callie took off her faux fur coat, revealing just how shapely her figure really was. "Now, how about that massage?" she asked. I swear, you could almost hear the "bom chicka-wah-wah" of the porn music starting up as soon as she said it.

She showed me to her front bedroom where she had a massage table set up. After allowing me some privacy to undress (not that I would have minded otherwise), she lit some candles, started a CD of meditative music, and spread some oil on her palms that she warmed with the heat of her body.

Her fingers were a revelation. She worked my muscles with a skill I'd never known before. It hurt, but in a good way. It wasn't just my back that she worked on, either. She gave special attention to my calves where she worked out quite a few knots. She seemed to electrify every inch of my body.

She hummed along with the music, occasionally talking to me, telling me more about her life. Despite being lulled into a state of extreme relaxation, her fingers and voice kept me aroused, so much so that I was tenting my towel when she had me roll over to massage me from the front.

She looked from the bulge under my towel to my face and smiled. She went to work on my shoulders and chest, down to my feet, and back up my legs to my thighs and finally she took ahold of my cock.

Putting more oil on her palms, she slid them over my turgid dick. Her hands were strong and sure. She began stroking me, smiling. "You have a lot of stress built up in your chakras," she said. "I'm going to help you release it."

With that, she stripped out of her clothes revealing a body that looked even better naked than clothed. She held her hand in front of her face and licked her fingers before putting them between her legs and wetting her pussy. This display did the impossible; it made me even harder for her.

She climbed up onto me, her knees on the edge of the massage table on either side of me. She took my oil-slicked cock and slowly slid it inside of her as she lowered herself onto me. She felt wonderful and that only made what happened next even more shocking.

"What the fuck is going on here?" came a gruff voice.

Callie turned, still on top of me, and exclaimed, "Bobby! It's not not what it looks like!"

"Callie, for Christ's sake. How could it not be what it looks like?" came the voice. I couldn't see the person yelling as Callie was between me and them but I noticed that the voice wasn't as gruff anymore and, if anything, it sounded slightly feminine.

I suddenly realized that Callie's boyfriend, Bobby, was actually her girlfriend, Bobbi.

Callie's pussy grabbed onto me tight, despite the sudden fading of my erection. I didn't fancy being in the middle of a domestic dispute.

"Get the fuck off of him!" Bobbi screamed as she reached her flannel-clad arms around Callie, pulling her reluctant body away from me and tossing her on the floor.

Bobbi was all of five and a half feet tall but with broad shoulders. She had gray-blond hair cut into a short mullet, long enough to go over the collar of her flannel coat. Had I been able to look all the way down her, I'd have seen her shitkicker boots under her ragged bluejeans.

I was stunned, but not so much that I didn't instinctively cover my quickly deflating hard-on with my hands as she stepped up to me. "You think it's funny?" she asked, "My girl, cheating on me?"

"Funny" was the furthest thing from my mind at the time and I'm sure I had a look of embarrassment on my face rather than anything close to a smile. Maybe a grimace.

"Maybe you think it'd be pretty funny if you got fucked," she said.

Before I knew what was going on, she undid her belt buckle with one hand while hoisting one of my legs over her shoulder, pulling me to the edge of the massage table, with the other.

She let her jeans drop to the floor in a clatter, hooked her boxer briefs with a thumb and yanked those down to reveal a large, flesh-colored strap-on cock. The sight would have been more disconcerting on a less-masculine woman. As it was, Bobbi looked pretty natural with a cock between her legs.

Still in the heady space of sex, it took me a few seconds to figure out what she was going to do. She spit on her hand and rubbed the shaft of her hard rubber cock. Once I realized that she was going to fuck me, I started struggling to get away.

She was having none of that. She held tight to my leg grunting, "Hold still, little bitch. I'm gonna pop your cherry."

She pulled me closer and I felt a searing pain tear through me. "No, please! Stop!" I gasped, begging. Her cock inside of me, she grabbed my other leg and started pulling me band and forth on her. It felt like she was tearing me in two. Loud sobs filled my ears and I felt bad for Callie but, when I looked over to her, I saw she wasn't crying. It was me. The pain was terrific. But, hidden behind the pain, was something else.

"Oh my god, Callie," Bobbi said with her slight Southern drawl, "You picked up a faggot. Look at his little cock."

I looked down to see that Bobbi was right. Through my tears, I saw that my cock was sticking straight up, a small bead of precum at the tip. I felt mortified that I could be enjoying this somehow and wondered what the hell was the matter with me.

I looked up to see the look of determination on Bobbi's face as she pounded my ass. She was thrusting like her cock was the real deal, her face getting flushed and sweaty from the effort. She was grunting like I'm sure I'd grunted as I had fucked girls in the past, but I was the girl now.

I looked back up to the ceiling, willing it all to stop, realizing that my body was no longer feeling pain now. I was awash with a discomfort topped with pleasure and lust. I couldn't believe it, but I was enjoying Bobbi's cock pummeling my ass. This thought ran through my head before the world exploded in white light. I didn't even know I was close to orgasm but there it was, overtaking me.

I felt the beads of sweat from Bobbi's face landing hot on my stomach, mixing with the puddle of cum that was collecting there. She yelled, "Oh, shit, yes!" and started jack-rabbiting inside of my ass as she came, too.

She pulled out of me and I felt the void where her cock had been crying out for her to be inside of me again. I turned on my side, away from Callie, and brought my knees up to my chin, balling myself up and crying out of shame and release.

Bobbi left the room and Callie followed quickly behind. I could hear them arguing in the front room as I tried desperately to shut out the world around me. More than anything, I was reeling from a horrible sense of confusion. I didn't understand how Bobbi could make me cum the way she did and why I had enjoyed it at all. I didn't want to admit it to myself and couldn't let anyone else in the world know what had happened.

Eventually, the tears stopped coming. I sat up, the cum crusty and dried on my stomach, the blood from my behind smearing the white towels on the massage table. I found my clothes and began to dress.

Callie must have heard my movements. She came to the door and stood there, "Don't worry, Bobbi's got it all out of her system. She's had a few drinks now."

I didn't say anything because there wasn't anything to say. Callie had a bruise under her right eye where she had either hit something after Bobbi had thrown her or where Bobbi had possibly hit her. I just nodded and kept dressing.

I tried to leave the room but Callie was in my way. "Hey," she said, putting her hand on my arm, "It's okay. It doesn't make you any less of a man."

I shrugged off her hand and pushed past her, keeping my head down. I walked quickly to the front door and, as I fumbled with the lock, I heard Bobbi behind me slur, "Come back any time, faggot boy, and I'll cornhole you again."

I came back the next week and she was good to her word. But this time, instead of begging for her to stop, I begged her to fuck me.

Blood Lust

Feb 25, 2009

Suddenly Prolific

Not that anyone does but if anyone were to be following this blog then they might see that I've become really prolific in the last few weeks. Is this due to sudden influx of nookie? Alas, no. I'm not really sure how I can explain what's going on as I'm not quite sure myself.

I think that this sudden increase of writing is filling a void that I currently have in my life. I'm between projects on the "clean" side of my life and have had a few tales rattling around in my noggin for a while. It seemed a good time to let those stories tell themselves and that's what has happened.

Anyone who truly knows me should have realized already that I'm OCD. I have to be working on something at all times; be it an article about BDSM/Fetish doumentaries, a piece about talking genitals, or a story of a lesbian truckdriver. I can't not have my mind occupied with something.

In short, I hope that readers are enjoying the new wave of content!

The Latex Lady

Continuing to add to my photo collection of robots/sex servos.

Feb 24, 2009

Branching Out

I've been discussing some of my stories from this blog with a writer (notice that I don't say "another writer" since I don't think that what I'm doing qualifies) and they've been encouraging me to branch out a little and see if I can get some of my stuff published by other places.

I've got a list going of possible venues. So far I've been sticking to some of the places that don't pay but that I'm basically paying back by contributing as they've provided hours of wank-worthy material.

To this point I've gotten things cross-posted via Literotica and The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive. I'm shooting for more and will probably post appropriately when/if the time comes.

Video Nasty

The only thing stranger than coming home that summer between one's Freshman and Sophomore years at college is coming home between the Sophomore and Junior year. By this time, most of your high school friends have faded into memory or moved on and college was providing more of one's social circle.

I had an obligation to come home to help take care of the family business, working for at my uncle's bakery. It was fairly grueling work; getting up at 4AM to start baking. In the summer heat, the shop could get up to the low hundreds and stay there all day. By the time I hung up my apron at 3PM, I was whipped.

Even if all my old friends had been around, I didn't have much time or energy for socializing. As it was, I didn't see a familiar face until the first Saturday I was home when I stopped by the local Mom & Pop video store. Manning the counter was Gabby Haynes, not necessarily one of my old friends but an acquaintance who often ran with the same crowd I did. Gabby had definitely blossomed in the two years since graduation. She'd grown out her blond hair from her old bob and had lost her "baby fat." She was so tan with teeth so white that she could have been wearing a sash that said "Ms. All-American" and I wouldn't have blinked.

"Where's Sue?" I asked. This was the old joke. For years, you couldn't see Gabby without seeing Sue. As wholesome as Gabby looked, Sue was trashy. The two were cast from opposite molds. Sue was a pale, towering brunette with tattoos (before they became fashionable). Against all odds, the two had become fast friends in high school. They took to referring to each other as twins (as the Schwarzenegger and DeVito comedy was popular at the time) and to see one without the other was a rarity.

"Right here!" came Sue's voice, and the three of us started laughing. I followed the sound of her, going behind the beaded curtain of the video store's adult area. She was straightening tapes and dusting shelves. Seeing some of the covers, I immediately began to blush beet red. I wasn't much of a porn purveyor in those days and had never been in a room filled to the gills with half-naked women on video covers with a real female present. If Sue noticed my discomfort, she didn't note it then but, instead, went out of the beaded door with me following quickly behind.

The three of us hung out by the video store's counter, chatting when Gabby was waiting on the occasional customer. We made plans for the following night. With none of us old enough to drink (Sue was closest to 21 with just two months to go), we ended up at the local Denny's, the old haunt from our high school days.

We caught up and hashed over old times. Our common ground was film; we used to spend hours together in high school watching crappy movies with our gang. Gabby and Sue maintained their love of it through their job while I had joined the cinema society at school.

"Do you know what we should do?" asked Gabby rhetorically. "We should go rent the most fucked up movie we can find and watch it tonight."

A barrage of suggested titles followed until Sue started tapping her palms on the table and said, "I know, I know, I know! We should make it a porn film. You should see some of the stuff in the adult room." In hushed, excited tones she began describing some of the more outrageous titles and scenarios. Edward Penishands, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Big Pussies, Joined at the Clit...

"Wait, what?"

"Joined at the Clit is about these two Siamese twin girls--"

"Is that four girls or two?" Gabby asked.

"Two. They're twins."

"Are they really joined...?" I asked, pointing at below the edge of the table.

"I don't know. That's the title but who knows what's really going on," giggled Sue.

Soon it was agreed, Joined at the Clit would be our viewing fare for the evening.

Using her sister's ID, Sue hooked us up with some beer and Gabby used one of her free rentals. I provided the viewing area as my folks were out of town for the weekend. Once we settled in for the film, the embarrassment from the day before came back a hundredfold. I had watched a lot of strange films while Gabby and Sue were around but never anything entirely pornographic. The closest we had gotten to porn in our previous viewings was a collection of "psychotronic" trailers for things like The Young Seducers, The Smut Peddler, Strange Rampage, and Jail Bait Babysitter. As soon as Joined at the Clit began, so did the nudity and sex.

Luckily, the laughter also began.

Joined at the ClitThe two main characters, the "Siamese twins", were two women in similar wigs with a thin strip of what looked like latex and spirit gum connecting them at the hip. This connection had the profound ability to allow one girl to "orgasm" while the other girl was having sex. It also seemed to make them say the same bad dialog in tandem with the same lackluster acting ability.

Despite the painful performances and cheap special effects, I still found myself getting aroused. This only increased when Gabby got up, speaking slightly louder than she usually did (the beer affecting her volume), took off her blouse, and held out her hand to Sue. "C'mere, let's be Siamese twins."

Sue got up and doffed her top as well. If they were aware I was there, or cared, they didn't show it. The held their sides together, Gabby putting her fist between them as if it were their "connector flesh". They began mimicking the clunky script from the movie.

Holding up her hand, Gabby asked me, "This isn't going to work at all. Do you have something better? Like a tie or a something?"

Thankful that the lights were relatively low (because of the hard-on in my pants), I went to the back of the bathroom door and got the belt from my bathrobe. Gabby wrapped this around her and Sue, pulling the two girls together tightly before tying it off. They turned to the television, as if to survey their work and compare themselves to the girls on screen.

The "Siamese twins" on screen were buck naked and seducing the doctor who wanted to surgically separate the girls. Taking their cue from their on-screen counterparts, Gabby and Sue stripped off their pants and underpants. Their "bond" made doing so a little bit of a challenge, making them look a little less coordinated than a three-legged race.

They were between the television and me, giving me quite a show. To be honest, I really didn't know what was going on, what had gotten into them. But I also wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth but I was going to look two cute girls in the bum as they bent over to remove their underwear. I was feeling a bit overdressed and, for just a second, I wondered if it would be appropriate to disrobe as well but didn't want to disrupt the show I was getting.

They turned back to me. Shuffling, really. Seeing the two of them, naked and side by side with the baby blue belt from my robe tied around them, was an interesting blend of sexy and comical. Sue, the tall goth with tattoos and big boobs, next to Gabby, slight, wholesome, tanned and tiny. No matter how different they looked, though, they both had the same lascivious look in their eyes.

"Doctor, is there anything you can do for us?" they said in unison.

Gabby started, "We don't have the money--"

"--for the surgery," finished Sue.

With as much porn star panache as I could muster, I replied, "Well, ladies, I'm sure there are alternate means of payment can be negotiated." The cheesy music from the on-screen antics provided an appropriate soundtrack to what happened next as Sue and Abby shuffled to me and helped me take off my clothes.

I wouldn't realize until later (when the blood returned to my brain) that this whole thing had to have been some kind of a set-up. Sue and Gabby were repeating the crummy porn film lines perfectly, having had to rehearse them some time. It all fell together far too perfectly for this to just be accident. Why me? Was I convenient? I'd like to think it was something more but I don't have that big of an ego.

The absolute peculiarity of the situation didn't elude me, both that the girls were pretending to be a fake set of conjoined twins and that we were engaging in some lewd behavior when I couldn't even remember shaking their hand or giving them a hug, much less being stripped by their four fast hands.

As Gabby grabbed my cock; I realized just how real the situation was. Her fingers wrapped around me and she dived onto me like a dog going after a treat. I could feel her teeth biting at me, little nibbles all the way down the shaft. In the meantime, Sue cupped my balls and looked from Gabby to me, "She certainly gets into it, doesn't she?"

"Oh yes," I said, between ragged breaths. I was taken aback. In all the dirty stories I had read, the girls never talked in them. They did a lot of sucking and fucking but never had the wherewithal to have a conversation while it was all going on.

Gabby pulled me out of her mouth, a thick line of saliva connecting my cock to her lower lip. She pointed my cock towards Sue and said, "Your turn."

As rough as Gabby was, Sue was gentle. It seemed odd; the girl with the piercing through her tongue was sweetly suckling me while the peachy keen Gabby had been putting me through the wringer. Sue worked me slow and gentle while Gabby leaned lower and began biting at my balls.

Their styles were entirely different but completely complimentary. They each took me to new heights before switching, one ravaging me while the other soothed, and both making me feel wonderful in their own ways.

"What do you want to do now?" asked Sue.

This seemed to be the most difficult question I had ever faced. I didn't want to say something that would immediately stop everything and make the evening end horribly. And, truth be told, I couldn't think too well with all of the blood concentrated around my nether regions. Like a heavy dose of Sodium Pentothal, I blurted, "I'd really like to see you two kiss."

Gabby got a wry grin on her face and Sue shrugged before the two leaned in closer and began kissing. They made quite a show of it, tongues entwining and Gabby's eyes rolling back in her head. They broke their making out and Sue asked, "What next? Do you want to fuck us?"

"Sure!" I said, chortling a bit, as if I could refuse that offer.

"Fuck Gabby first," Sue said. She laid face down on the floor and Gabby maneuvered to lay down on top of her so that the "twins" were back to back, one on top of the other. Sue bent her knees and Gabby put her legs on these. The whole configuration looked like something that Chinese acrobats would do at the circus.

They were nearly vagina to vagina (though not "joined at the clit"). After putting on a rubber (Sue came well prepared), I got between their legs and entered into Gabby. Being a guy, I had fantasized about fucking Gabby before (and Sue, and every other female friend I had had in high school) but doing it was still strange when I never thought this would happen even a half hour before.

Looking down at her, I loved the way her little breasts looked as she laid back on Sue. She groaned so loudly as I entered her that I thought I had hurt her and nearly backed right out. Instead, she took my hands and put them onto her breasts. She began meeting my movements in and out of her and, when she sped up, I realized that it wasn't her actually meeting my thrusts but Sue, underneath her. It was as though Sue and I were fucking Gabby together.

I always thought that sex with multiple positions was only something porn stars did. I thought "real" people got into one position and went until orgasm. So, moving from oral to genital sex was already one change that I was used to. Imagine my surprise when Sue groaned, "My turn" from underneath Gabby.

I pulled out of the smaller of the two. She rolled off of Sue, who turned her head to me and said, "Doctor, I've always wanted to get on top of a man but have never been able to with my sister. Won't you please do the surgery?"

"Scalpel," I said, grabbing the end of the belt and pulling, undoing the knot that held them together.

"Ahhhh, freedom!" laughed Sue, turning over. "Lay down, doctor, I want to show my appreciation."

"What do you want me to do, Doctor?" Gabby asked. Again, I was torn, not wanting to answer "wrongly."

Gabby came close to me as I lay down and said, "Sue's not really into girls too much but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I licked her clit while you were inside of her." I nodded, trying not to blow my wad right there.

In my limited sexual experience at the time, I'd never had a girl on top of me, especially not in the way Sue mounted me with her back to me. She leaned way back, her knees bent, and began lifting herself up and down on me. Meanwhile, true to her word, Gabby got between my legs and began manipulating Sue with her mouth. It was at that moment that I really wished I had one of those convenience store mirrors set up in my basement to see what Gabby was doing to make Sue groan so deeply.

Her groans quickly changed to something else entirely; little yips like an excited puppydog. She leaned back towards me even more and I felt her grasping at me with her insides. I could smell the strong scent of her shampoo as she began to get overheated. She shuddered and grunted, her orgasm coming fast and hard. She leaned forward, spent, moving Gabby away from her now over-sensitive clitoris. I could feel her still spasming on me as she slowly lifted herself off of me.

"How do you want to cum?" Gabby asked me, still kneeling between my legs.

"Oh, I don't care," I said truthfully. "I'd really like to make sure you cum, though. What can I do for you?" Two... or three, rather, can play at this question game.

"Lie back," she said.

She climbed over me and lowered her pussy to my face. I expected something gentle and sensuous. Instead, Gabby ground herself into my face with abandon, pushing my tongue hard against her clitoris. She clasped her thighs around my head, blocking my ears. I fully concentrated on the feel and taste of her, hoping that I was doing a good job at pleasing her.

Suddenly, I felt the cool wetness of what had to be Sue's mouth on my cock again. She began gently sucking at me. I tried to keep my mind fully on Gabby but it was difficult, to say the least.

I felt myself getting more and more aroused, Sue coaxing me closer to orgasm with the little licks from her tongue and stroking of her hand up and down my sex.

Gabby's pushing on my face took on a new urgency. I held my tongue hard and fast as she rubbed up against it. Her taste took on a new, delightful flavor as she began cumming. This was just the right thing to put me over the edge. I felt my own orgasm at the gates and knew Sue could tell this was happening. She removed her mouth from me and allowed her hands to take me over the edge. My own groans were muffled by Gabby's pussy while her own made the walls ring.

She stayed on top of me for a while longer and it took a good deal of self-control to not keep licking her, I enjoyed the sensation so much. She slowly came down from her orgasm while Sue used my cum as fingerpaint across my belly.

As Gabby got up and I felt the cool air of the basement on my overheated face, I felt a dread wash over me. I was afraid that Sue and Gabby might feel uncomfortable and disavow everything that had just happened, ruining our former friendship. My anxiety was for naught. The pair acted completely natural as if what had just happened were the most normal thing three former high school acquaintances could do.

Gabby fetched a few warm wet washcloths that she used on the three of us before we settled into a heap of naked bodies on the floor, touching each other with a newfound familiarity as we lay talking.

I never counted on another night like that one happening again: I didn't want to get my hopes up. But Gabby and Sue surprised me quite a few times throughout that summer with a wide variety of other strange adult films which we would act out in various ways.

The next summer wasn't as fun. The family business went under in the spring while I was at school, meaning that it made more sense for me to stick around campus and find a job there. Though I saw Gabby and Sue from time to time when I would come home for holidays, we didn't have any opportunities to reenact and other films for quite a few years.

Video Nasty - The Inspiration

The story, "Video Nasty", is something of a mash-up.

When I was a young man, home from college, I did indeed hang out one evening with two female friends of mine watching a cheesy porn film about conjoined twins. I'll be damned if I can find a copy of it to verify the title. It definitely wasn't Joined at the Clit. Like "Sue and Gabby", my friends were very different in appearance and mannerism but were fairly inseparable for years (though only one of them worked at an independent video store).

Watching porn with a couple of young, attractive women while in the throws of my hormonal distress (from roughly age 13 to age... how old am I now?) was interesting and seems like the opening to a Forum letter. Alas, it was just another "movie night".

The second half of the story is based on some fun I had with two friends years later. Like my other friends, these two young ladies were physical opposites. In this case, however, there was no mistaking that we were all together to have some fun. A lot of what we did together makes up the second half of the story. Ahhh, memories.

Script Girl

This is a picture of Script Girl, a You Tube celebrity. I think she looks very cute. I especially like that kind of small overbite thing she's got going on.

Feb 23, 2009

If You Can't Keep It In Your Pants...

...Keep It In The Family.

That was the jokey motto of the punk band, The Inbreds. Yes, it's pretty tasteless.

I wanted to take a minute and address the incest theme that's cropped up a few times in the stories I've written in recent weeks. I'm not a proponent of incest and it happening in real life is a stomach-turner. However, when it's in fantasy -- especially when it's more of a "title" thing than a blood-relation thing (calling a man "Daddy" or a woman "Mommy") then it's something else entirely for me. There's some fun to be had when playing with those taboos.

I think it's easier for me to utilize this tact since I am without much family of my own.

I'm the only son of an only daughter of a woman who abandoned her life/family and moved to the West Coast. My biological father died when I was two and my mother moved us away from his family, severing all ties, and putting us where she didn't have any family around either. My mom and I were basically an island apart from our few blood relations.

When I did gain a family via my step-father, I always felt like the family's black sheep. They tried to welcome me as much as they could but it was difficult, what with me being a weirdo.

And, later, when my mother and step-father divorced, I basically lost all of the family I had gained with their "arrangement" (they went for nearly two decades without getting married). I only have the most fleeting of contact with one cousin and one aunt. The rest of them pretty much divorced themselves from me when my folks went their separate ways.

With the recent death of my agoraphobic grandmother, this leaves me, again, with just my mom as my only blood relative around. And, if you knew my mom, you'd know that she's about useless when it comes to being an "engaged" person in my life. I had breakfast with her a few days ago and you'd think that maybe she'd ask about what's going on in my life at all? No. She just jawed on about her own stuff for the entire duration of the meal. Her friends, her book club, her volunteer work...

Thus, you can see, dear reader, that I have a very different view of family than most people. That's probably why I can toss around incestuous relationships with ease. I've got friends who have been molested and my heart goes out to them. I still believe that my ex-wife was a victim of this heinous crime. This still makes me uncomfortable in the real world / fantasy world divide (a topic that Angela St. Lawrence at Zen Fetish has discussed far more eloquently than I ever could but, in fantasy, it's another arrow for my perverse quiver.

Dumb but Pretty?

Rumer Willis may be wearing a dunce cap but there's something very smart about the outfit she's wearing.

Feb 21, 2009

Let My Fingers Do The Talking

When I start writing a story, I don't have much more than an idea in my head. Maybe a phrase, maybe just a kernel. There are many times where stories go their own way, taking on a life of their own. I'm not always happy about where they lead but I give them the ability to grow on their own.

That said, I'm not really happy about everything that occurs in the stories I write (including the incest in "High School Bully Part 2") but they are what they are.

Regardless, I hope that folks find something of value in these... if not something that turns people on. Enjoy!

High School Bully Part 2

The following is a sequel to this story.

"Tony, you have a lot of explaining to do," said Mrs. Fox as she laid something down on the kitchen table as Tony ate his dinner.

When he saw what his mother had laid down, Tony's heart sank and a flood of adrenaline washed through his system. Where the fuck had she gotten these? He was looking down at a series of Polaroids he'd taken of that little faggot, Mike, dressed up the way Tony liked best, in Laura's cheerleading outfit. But where could Tony's mother gotten these? Unless they fell behind the couch or...

"Well?" she demanded. "Do you want to tell me what the hell you've been doing after school down in the rec room?"

Tony tried to think of a lie that could explain what he was looking at but nothing was coming to him until, "Oh, Mom, that's nothing. That's this kid I go to school with. He's in Drama Club and that's something he was wearing for a play he was in."

"And what was the play about?" she asked, laying down another photograph, this one of Mike on his knees with a cock in his mouth taken from the side.

She sighed and sat next to her son. "It's okay, Tony. I'm not mad at you. I just want to know what's going on in my house when I'm not around. Who is this boy and what is he doing for you?"

The sight of her six foot four, musclebound son starting to tear up was slightly disconcerting to Olivia Fox but she would dry his tears like she always did, pull him to her and hush him eventually. She'd been taking care of Tony on her own for over ten years since her divorce. But, for now, she tried to ignore Tony's tears and await the truth about the pictures she'd found.

Eventually, Tony choked out a partly factual recollection of how he had come to talk one of his classmates into coming over and dressing up and, well, one thing led to another, and this classmate ended up seducing Tony and, well, it'll never happen again.

"Don't lie to me, Tony. I know you better than that. This is still going on, isn't it?" She said it more like a statement than a question.


"Good. That's fine. It's important for a young man to experiment. And it looks like you've got this other boy doing anything you want him to do."

Tony smiled at the thought of this, knowing just how true it was. "Yeah."

"Good. When will he be over next?"

"Tomorrow afternoon."

"Tell him to make it tomorrow afternoon. I want to meet this boy of yours."

"But, mom?" he stammered, perplexed.

"Just do it, Tony, for me."

Mike was slightly taken aback by the change of schedule when coming over to Tony's house but knew he couldn't ask the reason why. He wasn't allowed to ask Tony anything. He followed strict rules. He entered the Fox home through the back door, proceeding directly to the basement rec room where he found an outfit laid out for him. It was one of Tony's favorites; a simple white slip with white panties and bra.

He kneeled down, his head resting on the ground, ass up in the air. It could be thirty seconds or thirty minutes before Tony would join him, he never knew which or what mood Tony would be in when he finally arrived. He could be what Mike thought of as "Boyfriend Tony" where Mike would be treated like a "lady", kissed, caressed, and pampered or if it would be "Nightmare Tony" who would leave Mike bedraggled, bruised, and bloody... or some incarnation between the two.

He heard the click clack of what sounded lick high heels coming down the stairs and he wondered what interesting footwear Tony might have on. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a woman's voice say, "You must be Mike."

He looked up to see a lovely older woman at the base of the stairs. She was blond, buxom, and dressed in just a brassiere, panties, and heels. "I'm Mrs. Fox. You can call me Olivia... if I allow you to talk."

She stepped to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, feeling the silky material of the slip. He shuddered with her touch and this made her smile.

From your reaction, I could gather that you like girls, is that true?"

"Yes Missus... er... Olivia."

"That's good. That will make this a little less painful for you... in some aspects." She stood in front of him, took his head in her hand, and pulled in into her crotch. His mouth opened instinctively and breathed in the aroma of her arousal, feeling her panties against his lips.

She sat on the couch in front of him, the same place where Tony had so often sat and gave Mike his dick to suck on. Now it was Tony's mother who leaned back and pulled down her panties, showing Mike her trimmed brunette pussy. She pointed to her sex and commanded him, "Go down."

He crawled to her and began licking her pussy, tasting the wonderful flavor of Olivia. He worked his tongue as best he could, having never pleasured a woman before. His sole sexual experience had been sucking off this woman's son.

He found what he figured had to be Olivia's clitoris. She moaned and he felt her push herself into his tongue. He began sucking on it, imagining it to be a much smaller version of Tony's cock. She moaned and leaned her head back. "Put your fingers in me," she said.

He fumbled his digits around her vulva until he found the entrance to her opening. As he slid one finger in, he found another opening with another finger and pushed into that as well. She squealed and then purred, "You kinky little shit..."

He pushed in and out of her while he licked, trying not to lose the rhythm he was falling into, matching the rise and fall of her hips. She groaned low and loud, startling him a bit. Her hips raised up hard, hitting him in the face with her sex, spreading the wetness across his mouth, chin, and nose. She convulsed, her moan becoming a staccato squeal. Suddenly this sound was muted as she clamped her thighs around his head, pulling him against her sex roughly, his tongue locked against her clitoris.

She shuddered, unlocked her legs and pushed his face away. He came out of the cave of her thighs to hear her panting. His face was wet with her. He licked what he could off of his chin and lips, tasting the tang of female and enjoying its unique flavor. He kept his eyes on her sex, studying it, wanting to know its secrets.

He jumped just a little when he heard the noise behind him. It meant that there was someone else in the room. It used to be that he would have turned his head to look but Tony had trained him to keep his head forward, eyes down, unless he was told to do otherwise. Olivia looked at Mike, still staring at her vagina, and smiled. "You trained him well, honey," she said.

"Now," she said, sitting up, her elbows on the back of the couch, her legs still spread wide, "Show me what you like to do with him."

"Come here, bitch," Tony said in the voice that belied him being a third year senior.

Obediently, Mike crawled to him, moving across the area rug to where Tony stood, hands on his hips, looking down and smirking. Yet, behind the smirk was a nervousness that Mike had only ever seen once.

A few months prior when Tony's girlfriend, Laura, unexpectedly dropped by, Tony had to stop Mike from fellating his cock and had locked him in the basement utility room. Tony left and came back with Laura. The two of them chatted and then began making out, all the while as Mike watched.

Laura, a lovely girl of 18, had a muscular physique honed from years of Varsity basketball and JV cheerleading. She was a blond with a natural wave to her hair. Her naturally big breasts were often accented by a wide selection of sweaters. Tony had his hand up under her blue and black argyle and she moved her body closer to him. She moved her hand up from his knee to his crotch and Mike could see the familiar bulge in Tony's jeans. He watched as Laura massaged that lump and he was transfixed, anticipating seeing Tony from afar, wondering if this is what Tony would want him to do later, or the next day. Would Tony have him dress in the same way, massage his cock like Laura was doing now?

She had unzipped Tony's fly and his cock came out. Mike realized that Tony hadn't put his underwear back on and wondered if Laura had noticed. Then he saw something that panicked him; his lipstick was a smear around the base of Tony's cock. He watched as Laura's hand massaged Tony's manhood, circling the base, right around the ring of lipstick where Mike's lips had been not even a half hour before.

Tony's other arm moved around Laura and began undoing her jeans. Laura leaned back into him, continuing to stroke him while they kissed deeply. Tony continued palming her breasts with one hand while his other moved down into her pants. Mike could tell when he Tony found her clitoris -- she jumped and moaned, her hand grasping Tony's manhood tighter.

Tony moved his mouth to her neck. Laura began moving against his hand, still stroking him with one hand and lifted up her shirt with the other. Mike was thrilled to see her breasts which had been bared by Tony, lifting up her bra. Laura began tweaking her right nipple as Tony worked the other one.

Tony moved his mouth to Laura's ear and whispered something to her. She nodded breathlessly, stood up and shucked her pants. Mike was enthralled, watching as she bent over, pulling down her underwear. He started stroking his cock through the panties Tony had put him in.

Laura got down onto the floor on all fours and Tony got down behind her. He rolled a rubber down his manhood and slid it confidently into her. Mike watched from his hiding place, looking at the pleasure on Laura's face as Tony moved behind her. He saw her hands grasping at the air, her breasts swaying, her mouth open, gasping for breath as he plowed into her.

Tony knew where Mike was, of course, and looked right into his eyes. Mike felt his cock harden even more in his panties, as if Tony were fucking him by proxy, by fucking Laura. Tony nodded slightly, telling Mike, "This is what I'll do to you some day." This sent Mike over the edge. He began cumming in his panties, a wet spot darkening the white cotton. He stifled a groan that came anyway but not from his mouth, from Tony's. Tony moaned and grunted as he dumped his load into his condom, filling up Laura even more.

After his orgasm, Mike was completely appalled, having realized for the first time that his horror of serving Tony had turned into something else, something that he needed, if not enjoyed. He waited in shame as Tony and Laura cuddled after sex and watched a little television before Tony walked her up the stairs and out of the house. All the while, Mike watched how Tony interacted with Laura and imagined himself being in her place. This filled him with dread and shame.

Mike was awakened from his remembrance by the smack that landed on his cheek. "I asked you what kind of girl you are," Tony demanded, standing over him.

"I'm a slutty girl, Sir," he replied, rote but sincere.

"And whose girl are you?"

"Yours, Sir."


This last question was something new and something to which Mike didn't know the answer. For his hesitation, he received a blow to the other cheek. "And your mother?" he guessed.

"Yes," Tony said, smiling his crooked smile. "You're as much hers as you are mine. You are to refer to her as Lady Olivia, because she is a Lady and you have to respect her. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now crawl back over to her."

I went back to her, still sitting on the edge of the couch, her legs still spread wide. She patted her thighs, signaling him to come back to her pussy. He was intrigued by the idea of tasting her again, wondering if every woman tasted the same, imagining what it would be like to taste Laura's pussy, but glad to be between Olivia's... Lady Olivia's.... legs.

Her sex had cooled since he had crawled away and he noticed that it seemed smaller than when he'd been between her legs only moments before. He hoped to learn more of the mysteries of the female by serving her and wondered what this newfound owner would require from him.

For now, she wanted him to lick her again. He did so, with vigor. She placed her hand on his head and pushed him away just a bit, "Not so fast. Easy. Easy. Lick me nice and slow."

He eased up, letting his tongue wander to places other than her clitoris, feeling the fur under his lips, the folds of her skin under his tongue. And then he felt the hands on his hips, peeling down his panties. He felt his knees being pushed apart. He felt something probing him and he gasped. In all the months that he'd served Tony, he had only had his mouth opened to his superior but, since that time of watching Laura and Tony together, he had hoped to give Tony more, to win more favor, to prove how far he was willing to go. This scared him; admitting that he actually found pleasure in his predicament and wanting to dive deeper.

And now, it seemed that he was about to take the next step. Mike was deeply conflicted, at once joyous, terrified, and filled with dread. The probing, slick and cold around his anus, stopped. He felt disappointed and relieved and began licking Lady Olivia deeper, finding the entrance to her vagina and putting his tongue into her as far as he could. He wondered how it felt.

As if in answer, he felt a warm, hard, insistence against his anus. The pressure began to build. There was a discomfort that was verging on pain. Mike didn't want it, but he did. He tried to pay attention to Lady Olivia's sex and let what happen to happen. "Shhh shhh shhh, just let it happen," she said, stroking his head and pushing him deeper into her.

He willed himself to open for Tony but his nerves wouldn't relent. He felt the pressure pushing, pushing, pushing. He began pushing back, finding the rhythm. It was like something splintered inside of him -- in his bottom and in his head. He was flooded with pain and also satisfaction. As he felt Tony enter him, he knew that he had just gone farther, reached a new level with his superior, his Master.

He realized he was gasping, taking in the heady scent of Lady Olivia. This odor would forever remind him of his place in the world. He pictured how he must look, putting himself back in his hiding space and seeing the world from there; his face buried in Lady Olivia's crotch while Tony fucked him from behind, spreading his ass and going deeper with each stroke.

Lady Olivia pulled his head up, putting his tongue on her clitoris. He began licking her in time with Tony's thrusts. She began to make the moans that Mike heard before. He felt her clitoris getting bigger under his tongue. Again, she clasped her thighs around his head. Despite this, he could hear the muffled groans coming from behind him where, impossibly, it felt like Tony was getting even bigger inside of him.

Tony grabbed Mike around the hips even harder, pulling him deep onto his cock. He had never fucked Mike before, keeping that from himself because of the fear that doing so would make him as much of a fag as the little bitch riding his cock. Tony's mother assured him that it was fine and that fucking Mike this was didn't make him gay at all. It was his right. He was in charge and could use his bitch in any way he saw fit. As he got closer to cumming, he was glad that his mother had given him new perspective. It was still weird, seeing her on the end of his bitch, but she asked to be a part of this, to also use his bitch. It was weird... but he'd get over it.

Olivia knew that her son was enjoying himself, and so was she. It'd been so long since she'd had any kind of attention below the belt and it felt wonderful. Watching Tony thrusting and feeling the fag's tongue on her clit, she imagined that Tony was fucking her. This idea put her over the edge. She grabbed Mike's head and pulled him against her, her hips bucking against his mouth.

Hearing his mother starting to orgasm and feeling Mike bucking against him, Tony started to orgasm, filling his bitch's ass with his hot load, feeling the bitch's ass milking it out of him. He began spanking Mike's bitch ass and each slap made Mike's ass grab at Tony's cock even tighter until he had let every drop of his orgasm leave his cock.

Olivia and Tony, mother and son, were spent. They were also slightly embarrassed, being in their states of undress. Tony quickly got up and got his boxers back on while Olivia wrapped a robe around her. The two looked down at their slave, his chin wet with Olivia's juices while Tony's cum dripped out of his ass. Olivia went into the laundry room and got a towel which she left next to Mike. The Foxes left him to clean himself up and return the next time Tony or Olivia called him.

Despite feeling broken and battered, Mike also felt a certain satisfaction. Just like Laura, Tony had fucked him. He felt one step closer to being Tony's girl.

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Worth a Thousand Words

The DVD cover for the Thai film Talking Dick. If my dick could talk, it'd sound a lot like the stories in this blog.

Feb 17, 2009

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Cuffed and Ready

Feb 16, 2009

The Therapist 2

A sequel to both this story and this story.

Michael had been undergoing weekly treatments with Dr. Caroline Herzog and her husband, Charles for a little over a year. They introduced their patient to Wendy, the dirty girl that hid inside of the young man's exterior. Caroline documented the process via notes and video records. From these videos, the Herzogs culled several hours worth of clips which they sold via a third party company.

In their first session, Caroline Herzog found her patient highly susceptible to hypnosis. She was able to open him up as easily as a telephone directory, finding his femme persona hiding just below the surface of his well-cultivated heterosexual facade. She brought out Wendy to play and never looked back.

Wendy gave the Herzogs endless pleasure and a lucrative source of income. After Caroline successfully introduced Michael to Wendy, she was able to extend her sessions outside of their weekly scheduled times. Caroline set up a series of trigger words into Michael's subconscious. She and Charles had gotten into the habit of calling Michael in the evening, simply saying the word "Whorebait", and counting on his arrival at their townhouse within fifteen minutes where he would arrive as Wendy, the cock and cunt hungry whore ready to please them. With another word, she would excuse herself and return to Michael and his vanilla life with no memory of his time as a human party favor.

With each passing week, Caroline continued to extend her lexicon of trigger words. She was building up Michael/Wendy for a meeting with other potential investors. She had Michael in a deep trance and was inserting her trigger when he went into convulsions.

Eyes rolled up in his head and he began shaking. Caroline was paralyzed, never having seen a reaction like this before. Michael began moaning, low, but soon pitched to a scream. This got Caroline out of her seat and to the phone. But, before she began dialing, Michael's fit stopped and complete awareness came to his eyes.

"Stop what you're doing!" he shouted in a voice not his own. Caroline slowly racked the phone and stepped around her desk, closer to him.

"Michael? Are you--"

"You're not welcome here," he boomed. "This area is restricted. If you can hear my voice then you know that Michael is a special boy. Go no farther. Stop what you're doing! You're not welcome here."

He repeated the message three times before stopping. The light went out of his eyes and he returned to the calm hypnotic state into which Caroline had lulled him previously. "What the hell was that?" Caroline thought to herself. She approached him, cautiously, as if he were going to jump out of the chair where he sat in stasis.

"Michael? Who's voice was that?"

"I don't know what you mean, Doctor," he replied. She continued to press but he couldn't shed any light onto the performance she had just witnessed until she asked, "Michael, before our first session together had you ever been hypnotized"

"Yes, Doctor."

She couldn't believe what a fool she had been! No wonder he had been such an easy subject. He'd been primed by a previous hypnotist.

"Who hypnotized you?" she asked.

"Lady Jessica," he responded.

"Tell me more about her."

His eyes took on the eerie light again and his voice changed as he said, "Stop what you're doing! You're not welcome here. This area is restricted. If you can hear my voice then you know that Michael is a special boy. Go no farther."

"Who are you?" Caroline asked, more to herself than to Michael. "Lady Jessica?"

"Yes," came the voice in answer.

She stammered. She imagined that there was an auto response system set up. It was just a matter of figuring out the right questions to ask.

"Who are you?"

"Michael's owner."

"Did you create Wendy?"

"Wendy has always been in there. I helped make her the girl she is though." This was followed by a wicked laugh that sounded entirely wrong coming through Michael.

"Can I talk to you in person?"

Michael repeated a telephone number three times and then ceased all communications. Caroline was unable to get him to respond to anything apart from the sequence she used to bring him out of trance. She tried using one of the trigger words on him after he was awake but it didn't produce a response.

After dismissing Michael, Caroline was on the phone to Charles within minutes. They reviewed the video recording of the session together that afternoon. Charles was distraught, worried about the investor meeting where they had planned to use Michael/Wendy as a bonus incentive for all those who took a share in their enterprise, providing their hypnoslave to investors on weekends, pre-programmed to indulge in their favorite fetishes.

Not even sure if the number they had was still valid, Caroline and Charles called the mysterious Lady Jessica. She initially sounded suspicious when Caroline asked for "Jessica" but immediately responded when she was told that Michael had provided her phone number.

"Ahhh, how is my darling doing?" she asked.

They agreed to meet and discuss their common interests that evening.

The Herzogs and Lady Jessica sat down to coffee in the Herzogs' town house. Slightly older than Caroline Herzog, Lady Jessica was a stately woman who obviously took good care of herself. She had a thick head of black hair with a few shafts of silver highlights. Her posture and the three inch heels on her boots put her even with Charles's six-foot stature. She sat, politely sipping her black coffee, pinky out, while listening to Caroline describe her sessions with Michael and how she had come to discover his feminine persona and how they had used Wendy for their own pleasure.

After a while of this along with some more pleasant conversation, Lady Jessica set down her coffee, straightened her skirt, and asked, "How much money have you been making from Michael?"

Charles looked to Caroline, who chuckled and asked, "Whatever do you mean?"

"There's no sense in pussy footing around this," Lady Jessica responded coolly. "Think of Michael as a two way transmitter. I've heard nearly everything you've told me today from his perspective, albeit colored through his perception while in trance state. What you've neglected to disclose is the video equipment, the website, the backers, and the investor meeting for which you're preparing. I'm aware of all of it. I want to see your books and come to some kind of understanding before you continue to milk the cash cow."

Caroline nodded to Charles who provided a full accounting of their business dealings. After some negotiation, the three of them came to an understanding. Lady Jessica placed a phone call to Michael, triggering him and summoning him to the Herzogs'. When they heard the knock at the door, Lady Jessica reached into her purse and removed a mask which she donned, making her look like "The Lone Dominatrix."

Charles led Michael into the living room and Lady Jessica commanded the young man to strip. "He's not allowed to wear clothes around me. He has to know his place," she said, smiling.

Lady Jessica began speaking to Michael in a series of clipped tones that didn't sound like any language that Caroline or Charles had ever heard. Within moments, she turned to the couple and announced, "He's back to where you left him. If you'd like me to program the new commands, I can do that as well." Caroline nodded and Lady Jessica spoke a few more curt commands which Michael acknowledged.

"Now, I have a request of you," Lady Jessica said to Caroline. "I want to see Wendy in action with you and your husband in person. I've had it described to me, but I want to witness it first hand."

"Certainly." Turning to Michael she said, "Whorebait."

Michael crawled to Caroline and heeled next to her knees. "Daddy needs his cocked sucked, honey. Do you think you can do that for him?"

"Oh, yes Mommy," he said with a feminine lilt to his voice. "Thank you!"

He quickly crawled to Charles who was removing his pants. Michael licked his lips in anticipation and quickly gobbled Charles's hardening cock as soon as it was free of his underwear.

"She's rather an adept cocksucker," Caroline confided to Lady Jessica. The two women watched as Michael/Wendy brought Charles to orgasm.

"Good job, Wendy," Caroline cooed.

"Come here, Wendy. I have something for you to wash that down with," said Lady Jessica. She scooted to the edge of the couch and hiked up her skirt, showing her lack of undergarments. Seeing Lady Jessica's shaved cunt, Michael crawled quickly to her.

He latched onto her cunt just seconds before she released a stream of urine into his waiting mouth, swallowing her nectar in big, thirsty gulps. Caroline and Charles looked on and smiled, seeing their slave do something that they had not yet tried (though they knew a few of their clients would want). "Don't miss a drop," chided Lady Jessica. "You don't want to get any on Mommy and Daddy's carpet."

After her bladder was empty and she was licked clean, Lady Jessica moved forward and pushed Michael's working tongue into her asshole.

"Ahhhh, this is my favorite thing for him to do," she sighed. "I've been training him to be the kind of slave that can be enjoyed since he was a young man. By the way, I like that you call yourselves Mommy and Daddy around Michael. It's important for a boy to have a loving family. I should know, since Michael is my nephew."

This was to be the start of a rather lucrative operation between some of the most important people in Michael's life.

Sugasm 159

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Feb 11, 2009

Gift for Daddy

"I brought you a present, Daddy," Stephanie said, giggling, as we stood on the porch in the run-down neighborhood in the industrial part of town. The man standing inside was in the shade inside of the house and I squinted to get a look at him.

"Eyes down," Stephanie hissed, elbowing me. I did as she said and smiled inwardly. She was usually very submissive and proper when we were together and I felt the power balance shifting already.

The door opened and I followed her in. Despite the disheveled city block, this house was immaculate inside and out. This was surprising, for some reason, but the real surprise came when we went down the carpeted stairs to the basement which was a fully-stocked dungeon; a St. Andrew's cross in one corner, a cage, a wall of whips, paddles, etc. I tried to take in as much as I could with my head down, following Stephanie's shapely bottom and legs into her Daddy's domain.

I had met Stephanie over ten years before and we had played together many times. A transsexual, I only ever spoke of her in feminine terms. Thus, I never sucked her "cock" per se but I loved the feel of her "clit" in my mouth. She had been in the service of her Daddy for a little over a year. I didn't know much about him but knew he pleased Stephanie to no end. When she asked me to serve as a present to him for his birthday, I simply had to consent.

"Take off your clothes and kneel here," she said, turning to me and indicating a mat on the floor.

The air may have been a little cold but the real chill I got from stripping in front of a stranger. I set my clothes aside and kneeled.

"Look upon me, slave," came a low growl from accross the room. I raised my eyes to see Stephanie kneeling at the side of a high-backed wooden chair. Hell, it was a throne, really. The man sitting there was older, maybe in his sixties, with gray streaking his black hair. He was in incredible shape, his arms and chest well defined. He was shirtless but seemed to be wearing black leather pants that clung to him in all the right places, even while sitting.

He turned to Stephanie and asked her, "Are you prepared to come out of chastity to do my bidding?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said meekly, barely louder than a whisper. He wore several keys on a bracelet. She stood next to him, lifting her skirt to expose her "clit" encased in a plastic device. He unlocked the base and removed the shell. As soon as the air hit her, her clit began to swell.

"Tell Me more about what you've brought Me," he commanded.

"This submissive," she announced, "is a sissy and a slut. It loves to suck cock, eat pussy, and be fucked. Moreover, it loves when you tell it just what a worthless tramp it is. You can see, Sir, that its little cock is getting hard just by my talking about it."

"Show Me how much it likes to suck My girl's clitty," he said, chuckling.

She came to me, her clit tenting her skirt. My eyes went north to her eyes, seeing the mischievous look there. She hiked up her skirt, put her hand on the back of my head, and proceeded to rub herself across my face. My eyes closed and my mouth opened expectantly.

"Beg for it," he said. This sent a shiver down my spine. It was enough to fellate Stephanie, but it was another to admit how much I wanted to do it.

And, I wanted it. I wanted to feel the soft skin of the head of her clitty inside my mouth. I wanted to feel the heat of the blood-engorged member. I wanted to feel full of her. I felt empty without it. I swallowed hard, licking my lips, and croaked, "I want to suck you, Stephanie."

"What was that?" he said, loudly from across the room while Stephanie continued to tease me, rubbing her clit around my open mouth, like circling a drain.

"I... I.... I want to suck Stephanie," I said. "Please... I... I want it... I need it. Please."

With each "please" I felt Stephanie getting harder.

Of course, the pauses and the hesitation were all for show. I wanted to devour her, to pull her into my mouth and pleasure her.

She looked to her Daddy and he nodded his ascent. Quickly, I was gifted with the feeling of her pushing past my lips and over my tongue. My lips locked onto her and she began pushing herself deeper into my waiting maw.

She found a rhythm and was thrusting her hips in time, fucking my mouth. My eyes were closed and I was loving the feeling of being used by her, especially while being observed by the stately man across from us.

Using me in front of her Daddy -- and being out of chastity -- must have been doing something for Stephanie as well for she was getting near orgasm much faster than I had hoped. I loved the feel of her in me and wanted it to go on for longer but I felt her testicles tightening and heard her breathing deepen.

"That's enough for now, girl," he said. I was amazed at Stephanie's ability to stop. She pulled out, a thin line of saliva going from my mouth to her clit momentarily; leaving my mouth feeling emptier than it had ever been.

"Did it do well, girl?" he asked, leaning forward on his throne, looking closer at her saliva-covered clit.

"Yes, Daddy. Very well," she replied, catching her breath.

He looked at me and said, "Crawl to Me."

I made my way across the floor, moving from the mat to the cold tiling, my erect penis bobbing between my legs as I went.

As I arrived at his throne, he stood up. I saw the large lump in his leather pants and licked my lips. "Undo My pants," he commanded.

I unbuckled his belt, undid his buttons, and unzipped his fly. It took everything I had to not yank down his pants immediately.

He fished his cock out of his pants and I was hit with the heady smell of man and leather. I opened my mouth in anticipation and he chuckled. He began slapping me in the face with his hardening cock, across each cheek. With each hit, his cock got harder and, eventually, he began to leak pre-cum which wet my face, making me look like I had been crying thick goopy tears.

The slapping was driving me crazy. It was arousing, being abused with his cock, but I wanted him in my mouth... I wanted to taste that pre-cum on my tongue.

Without warning, he pushed himself into my mouth, shoving himself as deep as he could go. I choked a big but quickly began swallowing, trying to get him into my throat comfortably. He was relentless, pushing deep, pulling me nearly off of him, and then plunging back into my willing orifice.

Now my eyes were actually watering, trying not to choke as he fucked my mouth, his hands locked behind my head. His cock felt like a tennis ball atop a rubber hose, pushing deeper and deeper into my throat.

As suddenly as he had invaded me, he pulled out, rubbing his wet cock against my face. "Stephanie, get into your swing," he said. Looking down at me he said, "We're going to see just how much of a little bitch you are."

He put a lead around my neck and made me crawl behind him across the room to where Stephanie was now sitting in a strap and chain contraption into which he bound her. Beside this, strung between four sturdy beams, was another similar set-up into which he had me lie.

I felt like a fly being cocooned into a web as he secured several straps around my joints. Within moments I was fully immobilized and with the movement of two levers I was moved up towards the ceiling two feet and my legs were pulled up and around my head, successfully folding me in half.

I heard more chains rattling and soon saw Stephanie come into view. She was being hoisted above me and slowly lowered like an engine block being dropped into a car. Her half hard clit was being dropped into my mouth where I greedily accepted it.

All of my concentration was dedicated to her, despite the discomfort I was in, until I felt the stinging pain pull me out of my reverie. He was striking my bare, exposed thighs and buttocks with something that sent sharp pain throughout me after singing a whipping song through air.

With each blow, I tried to not cry out and lose my purchase on Stephanie's clit. Instead, I whimpered around her as he rained down blows on my sensitive flesh. The pain seemed to layer itself along my body getting heavier with each blow and weighing me down. Tears were streaming from my eyes again as I shut them tight and sucked harder, using Stephanie's clit as my escape valve from the real world. Soon everything just became focused on her and giving her pleasure, even while pain screamed through my body.

He stopped beating my hindquarters. The pain was replaced by the soothing pleasure of his hands over my body. This was his first tender touch and, contrasted against the pain, felt even more wonderful. Oddly, though he wasn't hurting me, I felt even more helpless and exposed than I had when he was beating me. This made the feel of his cock against my asshole even more of a shock.

He grunted and shoved into me, rough and fast, causing me to cry out around Stephanie's clit. I clamped my mouth back down around her, taking comfort in her hardness. Meanwhile, he began plowing into me, back and forth. Stephanie and I began to swing and sway as he fucked my bottom. Stephanie's clit in my mouth felt like a rudder while his fucking felt like a motor, pushing all of us along.

Stephanie was pushing deeper and deeper into me, above me, and soon her Daddy drove her straight to orgasm. I felt and tasted the salty sweet flavor of her cum on the back of my tongue as she pumped her orgasm into me. My throat worked to drink her down. This only seemed to further increase the insistent pounding in my ass.

He grabbed my calves, giving him more leverage as he continued fucking me. Stephanie removed her cock from my mouth and scooted her bottom over me, giving me access to her tight and tender asshole. I tongued her in time with her Daddy's thrusts.

He pulled me into him violently, his fingers digging into my flesh, and I felt him unleash his orgasm into me, filling me.

He slid his cum-covered cock out of me, leaving my asshole to gape and plead for his return. I heard chains rattling and Stephanie was raised up and off of my face before being lowered down next to me. She was given her Daddy's cock to clean.

After she had licked every drop of his cum from his still-engorged member, he undid her bonds and left my field of vision. Stephanie knelt, waiting patiently, until by some hidden signal, she stood up and allowed my legs to stretch out before releasing the straps that held me in place.

She helped me up and showed me a shower where I could clean up. As I stood in the stall, moments later, I could look out of the glass door and see myself in the full-length mirror across from me. I looked at the red stripes that crossed from behind my knees all the way to slightly above my buttocks. I could also see the eight half moon cuts on my calves where Stephanie's Daddy had grasped me so tight when he came that he'd cut into my skin with his fingernails.

Playing the hostess, Stephanie brought me a towel when I was through and helped me dry off. As I dressed she told me that she had spoken to her Daddy while I was showering and he complimented her on the gift she had brought to him. "Perhaps, someday, He'll let you play with us again," she said. I hope that day comes soon!

Feb 5, 2009

F*ck the Pain Away

A Strange Coincidence

It's strange how small this whole wide world can be. I often find myself cringing when I think about all of the efforts I made to separate my current life from my former one -- that of my first marriage when I was an emotional wreck (moreso than now) -- only to find that I'm just one person removed from my ex-wife on my Facebook.

Another strange coincidence came up today. I'll admit that, occasionally, I do searches on Google to see what people are up to that have left my life. Sometimes this is made easier by the fact that some of these folks are easily Googleable including an author whose wife I used to sleep with. A Google search of him turned up that he's working at a school in a nearby school district -- the same district where my ex-wife began teaching the last year we were together.

This leaves me to wonder if they ever talk to each other and if they're aware of how closely connected they are -- their spouses formerly fucking like bunnies.