Jun 28, 2007

An Evil Twin

Cruella DeVil: My Heroes Have Always Been Evil

I wrote the other day about being enamored with the Queen of Venus when I was a kid. There were many other women that fascinated me. Strangely enough, almost all of them were evil. Amongst my early crushes were these other fictional characters:

  • Cruella DeVil
  • The Winter Witch (from the animated THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE
  • Cat Woman (Julie Newmar)

I've never been a big Glen Close fan but I must admit that my loins were stirred when she appeared in the live-action remake of 101 DALMATIONS.

Jun 26, 2007

Story from Sybatra

The following comes from my friend and first Mistress, Sybatra.

Once upon a time there was a young man who had applied himself diligently to his studies. When he brought home his report card, it showed many A's and just one B. That B was in Home Economics, a class required by his school, and by his Father's desire that he find ways to make himself useful around the house.

When his Mother saw the report card, she was happy for all the A's, but a little sad for the B. The B meant certain punishment when Daddy came home. She sent Michael to his room to wait for his Father, as she knew she should.

When his Father arrived home, he could hear his parents voices below him, then his father called up the stairs "Son, come down to the Kitchen. Now."

Michael came down immediately, not daring to do anything to increase his Father's anger. The boy stood, eyes cast down, waiting for what was to come. Mother sat quietly watching as Daddy stripped his son naked and put him in a frilly apron, leaving his bottom bare, and not much else covered either.

"Now for a little lesson in Home Economics, my boy. I trust this will help you bring that grade up to an A as it should be"

The tall man checked the windows, seeing that they were all covered and closed, that no one could see in, and then it began.

"On you knees!! Now bend over, hands on the floor."

Mom watched as Daddy paddled Michael's bare bottom with a wide steel spatula. As the welts grew, the boy was driven closer and closer to his mother's feet.

"Kiss them!", the words boomed in the boy's ears. "You will learn to respect the role of homemaker, and take your studies seriously."

The paddling went on as his Mother, following orders, stood and removed her panties, dropping them near the boy. He felt his face pressed down into them, and the paddle stopped.

"Smell them! That is the scent of woman. Honor it!!"

Daddy grabbed him by the back of his hair, and as his Mother returned to the chair, Michael's face was pressed between her legs as she lifted her petticoats and allowed him entrance to her private world.

"Now, lick!!!!"

On his aching knees, forced from behind by Daddy, he had little choice but to do as instructed. Sweet, musky pussy engulfed his senses, and though his bottom stung from the memory of the paddling, and he wanted it to begin again. He wiggled his bottom as he licked, wondering where Daddy was.

Suddenly, deliciously, he felt a warm slippery something and heard "Warm butter!! That's what a good meal needs! Can't eat without warm butter, kid."

Into his tight little ass went butter, and lots of it, worked in by eager probing fingers and followed quickly by what could only be his Father's cock! The Pain was quickly gone replaced by tingling fullness. Caught between hot pussy and the hard cock, the boy rocked and ached and wanted more than could undertsand having. His own cock was throbbing and his fingers longed to enter his Mother's cunt, but he was pinned and helpless and drowning in her juices, aching to be opened even wider from behind.

When the boy came, he screamed and called out "Please hurt me! Love me! Keep me safe..." Then he mumbled, dissolving in gratitude, "I'm sorry, I'll do better. Oh, please just fuck me forever."

Then he curled up small. Daddy removed the frilly apron, and rubbed his back. Mommy washed his face and they carried him to bed. They held Michael close between them and he could still smell the cunt and the cock. He could still taste the love, and feel the heat of the paddle that told him they cared.

Jun 25, 2007

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Julia and I had hung out all afternoon. We had gone to the show, shopped, and dined. She was one of my few female friends. I find my lack of female friends somewhat perplexing as I get along with women much more than I do with men.

Not content to go our separate ways, Julia came over to my apartment where we popped in Baz Luhrmann's MOULIN ROUGE. We started talking about absinthe and I volunteered that I had a bottle available. The film had made me so curious the first time seeing it that I researched and located a place in Czechoslovakia that imported bottles to the U.S. It didn't take much arm-twisting for Julia to talk me into breaking the seal on the beautiful green bottle.

Following the handy instruction card that came with the bottle, we proceeded to soak a lump of sugar with the absinthe, set it aflame, and prepare the drink as Toulouse-Lautrec would have. It tasted awful.

We waited for some kind of chemically altered state to overtake us but, alas, we were as sober as nuns after waiting a half an hour for the drink to take effect. Not prone to giving up, we tried the drink again. This time we followed another instruction on the recipe card, adding a little brandy to the mix. This seemed to work much better.

I noticed that Julia's tongue was loosened by the drink. I wish I could remember how we got onto this topic but I simply can't. It's lost in the haze. All I remember is Julia volunteering that she isn't a fan of pornography, per se, but "give me a good spanking film and I'll be happy."

"I just happen to have a good spanking film, my dear," I offered. "I bought it because John Zorn does the soundtrack. It's called THE ELEGANT SPANKING by Maria Beatty. Shall I?" I gestured towards the VCR.

Julia slapped her knee and proclaimed, "Hot damn! What are you waiting for, son! Get that French crap off the screen and let the spankings begin!"

We refreshed our glasses with the last of the absinthe before the movie began.

Beatty's film is a black and white affair that's artistically shot. Most of it concerns a very bad girl who must suffer at the hands of another woman. Suddenly, Julia began a running commentary all about spanking -- the art and the artifice. "You see, the underwear needs to remain on. White panties are best. They make the woman look like a little girl. Oh, this is good."

"I didn't know you were such a connoisseur of spanking," I joked. Her face turned beet red, as if she didn't realize that she had been speaking aloud.

"Only a little," she said, smiling mischievously. "There's still a lot I need to learn. Did you know that spanking enthusiasts never use the word 'ass' or 'butt' but always say 'bottom'?"

You learn something new every day. We watched the rest of the film, cracking jokes out of mutual embarrassment over seeing racy images on screen. When it was over it would have been time for Julia to go home. However, her eyes were closing and she caught herself snoring a few times.

"I absolutely forbid you to make the drive home in that condition," I told her. "You can spend the night here. Sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the couch."

I led her to my bedroom, laid out a large t-shirt for her to sleep in, and went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I came out, she was sitting on the edge of the bed. "You really don't need to sleep on the couch. I can share."

I won't pretend that the look in her eye was completely innocent or that I didn't notice it. I will say that I didn't think of what that look would mean to our friendship if I joined her in bed. At that moment, I didn't care.

Crawling into bed next to her, I turned off the light. For a few minutes we pretended to be responsible adults rather than the horny kids we felt like.

I moved close to her, feeling the heat of her body next to mine, smelling the sweet scent of her hair. I had fantasized about what it would be like to make love to Julia before -- no woman is safe from a man's imagination -- but never thought I would be doing it. I put my hand on her hip, feeling the t-shirt beneath my fingers. I slid it up to reveal the soft flesh beneath. I could feel the waistband of her underwear -- white, just like the girl in the spanking video.

I slid my hand into her underwear, cupping her mons and feeling the prickles of hair under my palm. She moaned a bit and leaned back into me. I put my mouth on the side of her neck and kissed for a few seconds before biting her skin. She almost hiccuped with excitement. She pressed her body harder against mine, feeling my hardness behind her ass, I'm sure.

She reached back, grabbing me and pulling me even tighter, grinding against my cock behind her and my hand in front of her. I slid a finger along her slit, finding it wet to the touch. I slid inside of her and she gasped. I bit harder into her neck, like a conquering animal.

She struggled against me, wanting to turn her mouth to mine. Rather than allow that, at the moment, I plunged my fingers deep inside of her, my thumb finding her engorged clitoris. My cock grinding against her in time with my fingers, moving in and out of her. She moved her hand from my back to cover the hand inside of her, pushing me deeper. "I need you inside of me," she gasped.

I allowed her to get up onto her hands and knees and pulled her panties down around her thighs. As I got ready to push my cock into her she turned her head towards me and said, "You can put it in my bottom, if you want to."

This invitation couldn't be ignored. I grabbed some lube off the side of my bed and applied it liberally to my cock and her asshole. I pushed myself inside of her, generating a low moan from her that raised in pitch as I got deeper. I watched her arm move as she rubbed herself in time with my now-deep thrusts. I could hear her moving towards climax and I knew that I was as well. Her sphincter gripped my cock, pulling me nearer to orgasm.

Her body began to shake and shudder as she pushed her face into a pillow to muffle a scream. I was seconds behind her as I began cumming deep inside of her. My hips bucked involuntarily, plunging me between her cheeks as I dumped my cum into her bowels. She collapsed, sliding my cock out of her as she hit the bed.

I fell next to her, holding her close as we caught our breath. The room was spinning in a combination of drunkenness and sexual revelry. Our chaste friendship was no longer so. I'm not sure if this was as much Julia's concern at the moment as it was mine.

It turned out not to matter much. We had a few weeks of more sexual experimentation. It turned out that I had quite a hand at spanking and she had quite a mouth for fellatio. However, her employer came between us, making her a terrific offer in another state. We still talk from time to time. We're not as close as we were before our sexual adventures and I'm not sure if it's the sex or geography that got in the way but I don't think that either of us regret that night of debauchery.

Jun 21, 2007

An Early Crush: Mari Blanchard

I used to have such a crush on Allura, the Queen of Venus, from ABBOTT & COSTELLO GO TO MARS. I dreamed of being her sole male servant.

Mammary Memories

It's easy to blame your parents for every little neurotic bit of your behavior. Believe me, I've tried. I've often wondered if my upbringing has anything to do with the way my brain is hardwired, especially when it comes to D/s.

One area that always puzzles me is my love of breasts as a kid. It's not that I don't like breasts now. I'm not not as obsessed with them now as I was before. As a youngster, they were the most obvious sexual bits of a woman. When I had fantasies they always were "waist up/neck down"-inspired. And, usually, they involved lactation. That a body part could provide both satisfaction (for her) and nourishment (for me); it was a dream come true. Was this all because I wasn't breast fed?

I've never been into the idea of "infantilism" but I do remember fantasizing about being a baby and feeding from various women. I think there was a character named "Diaper Man" in a Ralph Bakshi cartoon, "Mighy Heroes," that seemed to intrigue me.

It wasn't until years later that I realized that women had any other "fun bits" to play with. What? A vagina? How could this be?

I wouldn't say that lactation is a fetish of mine, but it's definitely something that I'm interested in. Add to that that I've always been interested in "age play" and a "mommy scenario" seems like the next logical choice.

Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure

Jun 12, 2007

Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann This pretty young lady reminds me of a hot Raggedy Ann.

Jun 6, 2007

The Fortune Cookie

"Your generosity shall be your undoing," read a fortune cooking I opened many years ago. I don't often remember the quaint sayings or good advice given after a mean of fine Chinese food but that particular prediction has stuck with me ever since. You see, I like to be generous. I'm inclined to believe in karma so, when I have friends in need, I try to help out however I can.

One way that I felt repaid recently was when I gave a friend of mine some money to help her move out of her apartment (away from her psycho roommate) and, later, gave her a little more to get her a set of wheels. I missed her terribly and, without a car and stuck in her new apartment, it was difficult to see her. Essentially, I was helping myself out--she now had a place where we could play or she could meet me somewhere to do the same.

She felt fairly awkward, however, accepting my "charity." She knew that I would never ask for anything in return but wanted to repay me somehow. (I tend to not ask for things I want). Worse, she knew it would be a long time coming before she could cobble together the cash to pay me back. Inspired by one of her favorite books, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, she decided to pay me back via sexual favors. Likewise, we had something of a sexual history between us. Taking note from her student loan payment book, she made up a "coupon book" that she presented to me the first time she came over in her new car.

I had only seen her look as provocative as she did in pictures, never in person. She had her hair pulled back, showing off the blond streaks in her otherwise dark coif. She wore a long, black dress that was cut up to her thigh. She was an absolute knock-out.

Inside of a small folder were twenty pieces of paper. The first one read, "GOOD FOR ONE FUCK"; the second, "ONE FREE ROUND OF CUNNILINGUS"; the third, "YOU DESERVE A BLOWJOB"; and so on. Each had a sexual act on it, some were repeats while others were definitely unique ("ONE FREE HANDJOB FROM YOUR FAVORITE SCHOOLGIRL (GIGGLE)"). I was aroused at the idea of redeeming these but, moreover, I was amused to no end. She really outdid herself. Some had little hand drawn pictures while others were done up with such elaborate fleur-de-lis and calligraphy that I could barely make out the prurient value.

I tried to put off just how intrigued I was by this. At the same time, my mind was a flurry of activity. Could I only use one at a time? What if I wanted to do multiple things, would I have to use more than one coupon? How long were they good for? What kind of notice did I need to give? I started to stammer out some of these but she put her finger up to my lips and said, "You'll think better in a few minutes... this first one is on the house."

With that, she leaned towards me and put her mouth on my neck, kissing and gently biting me. I don't know how she knew it, but that melted me completely. She put her arms around me and gently pushed me down to my knees. She reached down and pulled up her dress to her waist, revealing her lack of underwear. She parted her legs, standing with her feed far apart and pulled my head against her crotch, allowing me to smell and lick her. She knew how much I enjoyed her taste and allowed me to take a long drink from her well.

She pushed me the rest of the way down and indicated with a motion of her hand that I should take off my pants. Laying there, she climbed on top of me--rolling a condom down my engorged cock before sliding herself down onto me, her dress still on. She looked down at me and smiled before moving her hips ever-so-slightly, working myself deeper into her. I groaned aloud and she began leaning forward onto her knees, allowing me to slide out before plunging back down and pushing me all the way inside of her. Her hands found my buttons and began opening my shirt enough to pinch my nipples. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she began riding my cock, twisting and tweaking my nipples all the while.

She began moving faster, her mouth opened and I she gave a shaking gasp. She began riding me harder and faster. I couldn't hold back any longer. I began cumming as I saw her shoulders begin to shake with orgasm. She was merciless, fucking me hard, coaxing the orgasm out of herself. As I passed my own threshold a thought passed through my head. wondering if my hips would be bruised the next day from how hard she was slamming down on them.

Regaining her breath, and her always cool composure, she pulled a few stray hairs back into place before smirking down at me, standing up, and straightening her dress. "Now I'll take your questions," she said, taking out a cigarette and sitting down on my couch.

We worked out all of the pesky details and spent the next six months working through my coupon book. I even managed to earn a few coupons here and there when her car needed some maintenance. While my generosity might be my undoing some day, this wasn't the time.

Office Workers Delight

The lady "singing" is having some kind of fits but the rest of the women in this video are very attractive.

This is pretty nice as well.

Jun 1, 2007


The thing I like a lot about the goth look is the harshness of features.