Apr 5, 2018

Shanghai Surprise

The only "people" I'd ever met on Tinder were chatbots who'd send me links to sites asking me to get "verified" -- for a nominal fee, of course.

However, while I was stationed in Shanghai I thought I'd give Tinder another chance. I had been in China for two weeks and was feeling lonely. I missed having anyone to speak with.

The majority of women I saw on Tinder were fellow "ex-pats" -- foreigners to the shores of China from around the globe. I also found many natives and hoped that they spoke English. I did the swipe-right ritual, expecting to find my usual nada, ziltch, zero. Shock of all shocks when I got a match! And, even a bigger surprise, it wasn't a chatbot!

The woman, Elena, had a handful of pictures. She looked to be a few inches north of five feet tall, a few pounds over 100, with straight black hair falling just above her shoulders, with lovely almond eyes and a wicked smirk. We chatted via Tinder for a bit before switching over to WeChat -- the social platform of choice over there.

I never go right to sex when talking to people I meet on Tinder, especially then because, more than anything, I was looking for someone to speak to. My friends in the U.S. were living twelve hours opposite of me, meaning that when I was waking up they were going to bed and vice versa. It'd been two weeks since I'd sat down across a table from someone and shared a meal or a cup of coffee and who could carry on a conversation. Not only did Elena seem capable of holding a conversation but she also wanted to meet me in a few days to help me secure a Chinese SIM card for my mobile phone.

I drove my scooter to the phone store a few kilometers away from my apartment. When I saw her walking toward me, I was dumbstruck. She wore a skirt that came down mid-thigh with kneesocks, a light sweater, and a glowing smile. We met as if we were old friends. She helped me navigate the process of getting a Chinese SIM card. When it came time to pay for my card and phone plan I learned that the store's credit card machine was down. Out of cash, I was in a panic until Elena proffered the 100 RMB they needed. Now I was in her debt even more.

I asked if I could pay her back by taking her to a coffee shop where I knew they took credit cards. She agreed and got on the back of my scooter. It was a cheap thrill having her legs on either side of me. There were a few times I would slow down or stop too quickly and she'd slide into me, sending a charge of electricity through me when I felt the warmth of her against me.

At the coffee shop, I paid for her drink and asked her if I could take her out to dinner in a few days to pay her back the rest of what I owed her. She agreed. We sat and talked for a while. She told me outright that she wasn't interested in being anything more than a friend to me. This disappointed me but I accepted it. I really needed a friend and was glad to have found her. We had similar background in our careers and had a lot to talk about. After a few hours she called a taxi and headed back to her part of Shanghai.

I had had such a great day with Elena, finally being able to converse with someone in English, that not having anyone to talk to again made the next day worse than any of the others since I'd gotten to China.

Elena gave me a call the next afternoon and I think she heard the loneliness in my voice because she asked if she could come over that night and watch a movie with me. I was overjoyed.

I had poor selection of films to choose from -- European art films, a few documentaries, and some Hong Kong action movies. She chose a documentary called A Dancer's Life. She asked if we could turn down all the lights for a more theatrical experience. The TV lit her features as she sat next to me. Again, I felt the warmth from her body and this thrilled me. I felt the uncomfortable pressure of arousal pressing against my clothes and hoped she wouldn't notice. I spent more time thinking about her than watching the movie.

I felt her move closer to me. I put my arm around her and she snuggled closer. She turned her head to look at me and I knew somewhere that I should kiss her. My lips met hers and kissed me harder. I put a hand on breast over her blouse she pulled me closer. I undid a button and slid my hand inside her top to feel her bra. She started undoing the buttons of my shirt.

I didn't want to have a make out session like two teenagers so I leaned back and said, "Let's go to the bedroom." She didn't hesitate when I stood up and made my way down the hall of my little apartment.

The room was lit by a bedside table. I wanted to see her naked. She didn't object when I started undoing the rest of the buttons of her blouse and put it over a chair. Likewise, she let me slide down her skirt. When I saw her matching black bra and underwear I wondered if she had secretly hoped that she'd be seen in them before the night was over. I undid her bra and put it with the rest of her clothes. She sat on the bed and pulled off her underwear while I began taking off my own clothes, letting them hit the floor where they may. I couldn't take my eyes off her. It'd been too long since I'd seen a naked woman much less one so attractive. I admired the black patch of hair between her legs and once I was naked I crawled into the bed to put my head between her legs.

"No!" she cried and I froze. "No, no, it's dirty! It's dirty!" I had been taught that "no means no" so I almost stopped completely until I realized that she was doing some kind of "Brer Rabbit" thing where she was saying that cunnilingus was a "dirty" thing to do. I put my tongue on her pussy and waited for her to push me away. She didn't. Instead, she moaned and protested again, "No, so dirty..." Now I began licking her, tasting her, finding her already wonderfully wet. I felt her body shudder as she cried out and I couldn't believe that she had climaxed already. Then I remembered that she had said it'd been almost a year since she'd broken up with her last boyfriend and I wondered how often she'd been having sex in the meantime. Maybe she was pent up... that would explain why such a pretty girl would go to bed with a slouch like me.

I continued to lick her, and now I did feel her hands on my head but they were pulling me tighter, not pushing me away. I continued to lick her with vigor, sliding my tongue deep inside her until she gasped again. There was no mistaking that she'd had an orgasm that time.

I slid up her body, finding her breasts with my mouth and teasing her nipples with my teeth and tongue. She responded more passionately than I thought possible (I'd later learn that she could bring herself to orgasm just by manipulating her breasts). I lay down next to her, satisfied that our lovemaking was over. That wasn't what she thought. Instead, her hand found my hard-on and began stroking me. It felt so wonderful to have someone else touching me after so long. More than touching, she quickly moved down and put my cock her her mouth, trying to take it all though gagging a bit on it.

She manipulated me with her mouth, making me moan with abandon. She took me out of her mouth and looked up at me to ask, "Do you have a condom?"

"No, no, I don't but that's okay. We don't have to do that," I told her.

She got off the bed and left the room, returning a moment later with a condom that she was tearing open with her teeth. This furthered my suspicion that she may have had ulterior motives in coming over to watch a movie...

She unrolled the condom over my cock before climbing on top of me. Immediately another shudder rocked her body and she cried out. She threw her head back and began writhing on me. Our hands came together and we locked our fingers with one another, pushing and pulling as she rocked up and down on me, occasionally cumming with loud, sexy grunts of pleasure. Finally collapsed onto me, breathing hard, with me still inside. I could feel her muscles gripping and releasing me.

She moved off me and go onto her hands and knees. I got up and moved behind her, sliding inside her once again. She looked over her shoulder at me and this was all it took for me to begin to orgasm. It had been so long since I'd cum that I was afraid I'd overflow the condom. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. Still hard, she fucked me until she orgasmed again and collapsed into a heap on the bed.

I went into the bathroom and flushed the condom before returning to bed where I found her under the covers.

"Will you spend the night with me?" I asked.

"Yes, turn off the light," she said.

I did and then cuddled up next to her. She took my hand and put it on her pussy. It wasn't long before I felt compelled to start fingering her. She protested again but allowed it. I brought her to orgasm again before I slid own to get between her legs once again. "No, no, dirty!" she protested again before I began a marathon session of eating her out. When I crawled back up next to her, she took my cock in her hand, holding it as she fell asleep.

The next morning as we roused she slipped out of the room and came back with another condom, letting me know that she wanted to make love a second time.

As it was a Saturday and we had no other obligations, we spent the day alternating between fucking, ordering take-out food, and talking. Elena left the next day but would return the following Thursday and that was how I spent nearly every weekend after that until I had to leave China. We fucked in the bedroom, on the couch, in the bathroom, and in my kitchenette. I'd never met a woman as voracious and joyous about sex and I doubt I ever will again. Leaving Shanghai and Elena broke my heart.