Oct 29, 2007

More Cosplay

I'm not a huge proponent of nunsploitation (though I find that the nun menage a trois in Michael Ninn's CASHMERE is the hottest scene of the film) but I'm digging this bit of cosplay (and the rest on Sexy-Cosplay.com. It reminds me of when I was in high school and attended a costume party. My girlfriend while I was a nun... a pregnant nun.

Have I always been twisted?

Beam Me Up, Hottie

I'm not a huge cosplay fan but there are certain things that pique my interest, including this fun frolic in the "Star Trek" world courtesy of phone sex maven Frisky Kitty Kat. Very hot.

I love, in the second picture, the way that the skirt clings to her hips.

Ensign Hottie

Where no Man has gone before

Vulcan Poon

Oct 25, 2007

Recent Obsession

A simple idea caught my fancy last week. Then it took hold and it hasn't let go. It's related to cross-dressing, in a way that's never really interested me before. I'm fascinated by the idea of seeing a thin woman in male briefs. Something about the way that the seams frame her pudendum, the slight Barbie Doll bulge there, the unflattering treatment of her ass by the unforgiving briefs. All of this adds up to something I want to see and experience first hand. Why? I don't know. Why do I have any fetish I do?

Fortunately, I have friends with open minds.

Oct 23, 2007

A Musical Interlude

My talk about laying a "variety pack" brought to mind this pretty little ditty by The Dwarves:

Fuck 'Em All

I fucked one in the basement. I fucked one in the hall.
Fucked one on a toilet seat in a bathroom stall.
Fucked one in an alley, up against the wall.
I fucked 'em all.

I fucked one in Exotica when I got the blues.
Then I fucked a college girl, [she] didn't have a clue.
Fucked one kind of sideways, like a China doll.
I fucked 'em all.

It seems like ballin' bitches is all I ever do.
You'd better watch your ass, or I'll fuck that too.

I fucked one on a freight train and it rolled all night.
I fucked a girl in Pittsburgh, the Steelers won that night.
I fucked an operator, now she takes my calls.
I fucked 'em all. Yeah, yeah, I fucked 'em all.

Oct 22, 2007

Lady Sylvia -- An Early Crush

These images from THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM used to keep me awake at night -- in both good and bad ways. The danger that faced the boy who had been seduced by Lady Sylvia (Amanda Donohoe) was delicious. I sometimes wish I could find a nice vampire girl...

This was also the first time I had encountered a strap on and what that meant...

Oct 17, 2007

Anniversary Present: A Fantasy

My girlfriend, Nancy, and I had been together for a year. Our sex life had always included certain activities that departed from "standard missionary" quite a bit. For our anniversary, I expected a nice dinner and then a romp between the sheets. We'd recently started playing with candles and I hoped that the candles from the cake I had waiting for tonight might spark some ideas.

I never got a chance that evening to present Nancy with the cake. When we returned to our place after dinner, there was an unfamiliar car in our driveway. Seeing the look of confusion on my face, Nancy leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "Happy Anniversary! Your present's inside!" she squealed, bouncing in her seat with elation."

The front door was unlocked. Inside, the house looked pitch black at first, until my eyes adjusted to the candles that lit our way like a faerie path to our bedroom. Knowing of Nancy's tactile love, I expected a to find a masseuse waiting for us. Imagine my shock when I heard a growling female voice come out of the darkness that told me to strip.

Nancy took my hand and squeezed it. In the low light I could see her nod at me, glee in her eyes. I began to strip as she did the same. I looked around and, as my eyes continued to adjust, I could make out the luscious figure of a woman clad in a long red robe, stockings, heels, and a bustier. Her face was obscured by a mask, making her look like the "Lone Ranger of Domination." As I looked her over, my eyes met hers and she snapped, "Eyes down!" I complied immediately as I started to slide my pants off.

Before I even had my socks off, Nancy was already naked. I admired her pert posterior which she wiggled in anticipation. Once I had joined her, the mystery woman addressed us again. "I am Lady Judy. And, tonight, you're my entertainment." She relayed a brief list of ground rules before putting a small pile of clothes in front of us and told us to put them on. I found that I had a pair of well-fitted black lace panties while Nancy pulled on her male briefs. She looked absolutely adorable in her whitey tighties. With her trim figure, the curves of her hip bones looked lovely under the rough ribbed material. Meanwhile, my private parts were ensconced in soft lace and I felt the blood rushing to fill the front of them with my engorging cock.

"Tonight's fun is brought to us by role reversals." Approaching us, Lady Judy traced a fingernail across my chest as she dubbed me 'Nancy' and my girlfriend 'Michael.' She had us get up onto the bed, on our knees, facing each other. Completely in control of us, she had "Michael" reach out to touch me. My skin goosebumped, despite it being my girlfriend's familiar fingers caressing me.

Then it was my turn. I was told to run my hands over her arms, across her cheeks, down her chest. Lady Judy was closer now, observing us. We were like puppets for her amusement. Nancy's eyes were locked with mine as I ran my fingers over her soft, pale skin. I could feel her shudder a bit under my hand. As my fingers caressed Nancy's belly, Lady Judy's riding crop came between us and the tip was rubbed across my nipples. Rubbing soon became light slapping. The stinging was painful but alluring. I was having trouble concentrating on Nancy as they began to throb a bit.

Lady Judy turned her attention to Nancy's nipples. I watched them grow pink around the edges as they got even larger and harder than they already were. Nancy was reaching out, touching me, but having a hard time doing so as Lady Judy slapped harder, the sound of her riding crop making some sharp noises that sounded louder than they probably were. Every sound seemed enhanced by the darkness of our candlelit room.

Lady Judy ran her hand through Nancy's hair, grabbing a hold of it. I knew that this was one of Nancy's weaknesses and she couldn't help but moan. Lady Judy smiled at this and cooed, "Such a little slut. So many buttons to push." She pushed Nancy forward and to the side, leaving her on hands and knees. "Move alongside," she told me. I crawled to be side by side with Nancy.

My pretty panties were yanked down to my knees, as were Nancy's briefs. They were replaced by the soft but firm hand of Lady Judy who stroked both of our behinds before starting to spank us. Blows landed on each of us in time. We held hands and put our heads down as Lady Judy slapped our asses long and loud. I could hear Nancy whimper and I'm sure I did the same a few times as our asses were reddened.

"Kiss," Lady Judy said, and Nancy and I found ourselves kissing while our butts continued to be pounded. The passion in Nancy's kiss surprised me. Her tongue drove deep into my mouth and her teeth scraped at my lips. I allowed myself to reciprocate her feelings and, as I did, our eyes widened and our breath caught in our throats as Lady Judy placed a lubricated finger into both of us without warning. Into my bottom and, perhaps, into Nancy's as well. After the initial shock, we both moaned with pleasure as Lady Judy began fingering us with smooth, slow strokes.

"What a pair of sluts," Lady Judy chuckled. Her laugh managed to work its way through the haze of lust into which I had sank. I realized exactly who the Mystery Dominatrix was; none other than Nancy's good friend, Susan. I hadn't any idea that Nancy and Susan had this kind of relationship but, I have to admit, I didn't give it much thought at the moment. My mind was otherwise occupied. But, knowing who had their finger in my ass made the experience even more enjoyable.

Nancy was told to turn over onto her back. "Lady Judy" moved from one finger to two inside of me. Her other hand was busy inside of Nancy who was moaning and arching her back to get more of Lady Judy into her. Lady Judy removed her fingers from me and sank to her knees where she began licking Nancy's shaved pussy with vigor. Nancy cried out anew as Lady Judy ate her. I turned and watched this sight, kissing Nancy's neck, biting her earlobes, and pinching her sensitive nipples as Lady Judy brought her to climax.

As she neared her orgasm, Nancy's legs locked around Lady Judy's head and she thrust her pussy against Lady Judy's mouth. Without remembering doing so, I had rolled onto my side and was rubbing my hard cock against Nancy's leg like a dog in heat. As Lady Judy lifted her head, her mouth gleaming with Nancy's juices, she saw my erection and smiled. This was my first time seeing her face clearly and there was no doubt to who had exhausted my girlfriend and who now was eying me like a hungry tigress.

I started to sit up but Lady Judy wasn't having that. She put her hand on my chest and pushed me back down next to Nancy. She crawled up on top of me, her legs on either side of me, before she planted her pussy on my erect cock. She sighed and shuddered as she slid down onto me. I felt her cunt grab onto me tightly. She looked down at me with a wry grin on her face and I felt her grab me internally, knowing that she must do some heavy duty kegel exercises.

I glanced briefly at Nancy, making sure it was fine that her best friend was on top of me, fucking me. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat in a mixture of post-coital satisfaction and happy lust and the vision Lady Judy's thighs wrapped around me, her hands roughly pinching my nipples and making my cock jump inside of her.

Slowly, deliberately, she began rising and sinking onto me. Her eyes rolled back in her head when Nancy pushed a hand between us and found Lady Judy's clitoris, manipulating it as she started her next ascent up the length of me. Nancy's mouth found its way to one of Lady Judy's hands and began suckling on her fingers.

Enjoying the mixture of my cock in her cunt and Nancy's fingers on her clit, Lady Judy began pumping me harder. I was trying to take everything in, though I found it difficult to pull my eyes away from Lady Judy's face as she entered the throes of passion. My hands gripped Lady Judy's muscular thighs. "I told you that he's got a nice cock," Nancy said.

This seemed to trigger Lady Judy. The low, guttural moaning that had been in her throat began to grow into a small howl. Her eyes snapped open and she locked her eyes onto mine. She nodded and began thrusting harder, up and down, taking me as deep as she could. The look of lust had gone to glee as she started saying, "Uh huh, yeah, uh huh" like a mantra until she started screaming. My own cries joined in, as did Nancy's (who had been masturbating with her free hand). The chorus of pleasure, undoubtedly sounding like a caterwaul, slowly subsided as we caught our breath and fell into a sweaty heap of arms, legs, mouths, fingers, and private parts that remained public to one another for the remainder of the night. We assumed a wide array of configurations, always making sure that Lady Judy was the one to call the shots when needed.

Oct 16, 2007


I need to take a trip to Niagara Falls. I've become enchanted by the idea of staying at the Willow Branch Bed and Breakfast, a "scene friendly" place to stay with a fully-stocked dungeon and a lovely proprietor.

Oct 15, 2007

Oddly Attractive

I tend to enjoy beauty that isn't 100% conventional. Diane Farr is such a person. She makes watching "Numbers" absolutely "bonerific."

Oct 12, 2007

Speaking of Websites...

My good friend, Grace, has recently re-launched her website. She's a gorgeous gal and quite a sport.

The Amazing Grace

Oct 8, 2007

Between Friends

Sometimes a person will do something for me and I'm just amazed at how generous they can be. This happened to me last week when, after months of posting on a web board that I was looking for someone to provide Greek for me, my friend gave me a call and said, "Have you found your Greek provider yet? If not, well, you could probably talk me into it."

Before I get ahead of myself; when I'm referring to Greek here, that doesn't mean that I'm looking for a descendant of Greece. Rather, it's a shorthand parlance for anal sex. Certain things like "Greek" kind of make sense if you think about the historically held notion of philosophers as buggerers. Likewise with "French" loaning itself to oral sex. Yet, things like "Russian" (rubbing one's penis between a girl's boobs) and "Asian" (analingus) just leave me flummoxed.

I don't know what kind of things trigger a mood / catch a fancy but I had been of the mind that I wanted to bugger a woman again. I hadn't done it in years and enjoyed it greatly. I'm sure that some would say that doing this is a "power trip" and others would claim that anal sex is only pleasurable to men (either as givers or receivers) but I would counter that I've known many women that enjoy receiving anal sex -- either due to the implied power exchange or to the actual physical sensations.

Neither of these things seemed to be motivating my friend. Rather, she simply knew that I was wanting this, couldn't find anyone willing, and hoped to fulfill a desire. If that's not altruism, I don't know what it.

Fastidious to the point of being slightly obsessive, I was amazed that my friend would allow anything near her anus much less inside of it. The more messages I got from my friend as the week progressed before we met up, the more resolved she seemed. She had started off by saying that I could put a finger inside of her and see how that felt before moving into larger objects. Then the figure changed to a dildo. Finally, she told me that she was able, willing, and ready to take me inside of her. "This is something I want to try again. It's been years since I've done it and I know that you'll be nice about it."

Yes, I was gentle. She was nervous as heck when I arrived. "Now, how are you going to go about this? Are we going to do it first? Last?" I assured her that it really wasn't all that important and that if she was so nervous we could forgo any anal play -- "Oh, no! We're doing this. I'm set on it. I just want to know if you're going to do anything first. I want to get ready for it," she assured me. The logistics were giving her fits. She was so nervous about the anal sex being messy and wanted to be able to jump right into the shower afterwards. I couldn't help but chuckle.

As it happened, we kissed and cuddled for a while before we stripped and she allowed me between her legs to lick her to climax until she couldn't take it anymore. Afterwards she moved to the edge of the bed where she bade me to allow her to get me even harder with her mouth. It didn't take long until she was rolling a condom over my fully-erect member and slick up the rubber with some lube.

She looked up at me, into my eyes, and I could see that she was still nervous. I put my hand on her cheek and said, "If you want to not do this, I'll understand. This isn't a 'make or break' for me. I like doing anything and everything with you."

She stood up, putting her arms over my shoulders, and kissed me deeply. "This is something I have to do. I want to see if I can still do it and I trust that you'll go slow and will stop if I can't handle it."

"You have my word," I said before she turned around and got on all fours at the edge of the bed. One of my greatest fears is going into the "wrong hole" when I'm entering a woman so it was interesting to take aim and try to get into this orifice on purpose after so many years. I slid my finger in, first, judging just how much pressure I had to use to open her anus. She moaned and lowered her front half so that her weight went to her shoulders.

I pushed deeper with my finger, sliding in slowly before pulling out. I wasn't sure how long she was going to allow me access to her ass before she started to feel too self-conscious so I replaced my finger with my cock, aimed at her anus. Using the same amount of pressure, I pushed into her, opening her wider over the head of my cock. She moaned again, breathier this time. I waited, allowing her to get used to the sensation. Wordlessly, she nodded and I continued; moving deeper inside of her.

It was so unusual, being inside of her bottom. I thought back to the last time that I had done such a thing and that was a mistake. The last time I had anal sex, I had started to worry that I was taking too long to cum, and that going too long would hurt my partner. This planted the seed in my head that the same thing was going to happen again. However, looking down at her, I realized that she would have the courtesy to tell me if she needed or wanted me to stop and that I could fuck her for as long as I needed without having to worry. This put new steam in my stroke as I began doing more than just slowly moving in and out of her and, rather, began to fuck her.

"Oh, yes," she said into the comforter. Seeing the look of pleasure on her face and feeling her ass tightening around my cock. I put my hands around her waist and began pulling her against me as I pushed into her. I could feel the vibration as she fingered her pussy beneath me, her hand between her legs as I fucked her harder. Unbelievably, she started to cum again and as she reached her orgasm the pressure on my cock triggered my own orgasm. I threw myself into her, over and over again as I exploded inside of her ass.

I slowed and stopped, my cock still spasming as we both caught our breaths. "Is it okay?" she asked. "Is it all right for you to pull out?" She was concerned about anything that might be on the condom as I pulled out of her.

"Don't worry. It'll be fine. I'll slide out slowly." I did and grabbed a tissue to hide any "evidence" from her. I didn't want her to feel bad about anything. I disposed of that as she got up.

"It's okay if we cuddle some more in a few, right? I need to take a shower."

This sounded so much like something that I would say that I had to laugh out loud. "Of course. Do what you need to do to make yourself feel okay and I'll meet you right here," I said, patting the bed.

A few minutes later, we were laying next to one another. She was smoking a cigarette and I was nuzzled against her shoulder. Before I had a chance to thank her, she said, "Thank you. I'm glad we could do that. It really meant a lot to me. I won't be doing that all the time but that's something we can add to our repertoire. I'd like to have you do that to me again sometime... soon." I smiled and returned her gratitude, happy that she made this desire a reality.

Variety Pack

I married the first girl I had sex with.

And then I didn't have sex again for a while.

As the marriage crumbled I realized that I had a lot of wild oats to sow. I made a resolution that I'm still working on.

"I want to try my hand at every kind of girl I can find. I want to have sex with a black girl, an Asian girl, a Jewish girl... It sounds like there's a punch line coming up but there's not. I want to try tall girls, short girls (a dwarf if I can find one); I'm intent on a United Nations of pussy."

And, I still am. I don't have a checklist written down anywhere; a "girls to do before I die" kind of thing but I have a mental inventory of what/who I've done to this point. There are a few glaring omissions but nothing terrible. There's only one hole (ha!) that bothers me...

From my earlier posts, it's pretty easy to discern what industry I work in. If that's not the case, then let me add... I work with a lot of Indian people. No, actually, I work with a lot of Indian women. I don't tend to have crushes on people, especially co-workers, but I find one of them particularly attractive and her accent is to die for. While I'll never be with her, I'm still on hunt for some sari-wrapped strange... (Sorry to be crude but it was too good to pass up).

A Lovely Bum

Molls Gone Wild

Gangster Girls


This article brilliantly captures how unrelenting the creative process can be at times -- not to claim that I've ever been creative. When the muse want to fuck is by one of my favorite erotic writers. Be sure to check it out.

The Pet: Movie Review

The Pet PosterIn this laughable tale, Mary (Andrea Edmondson) is unappreciated by everyone in her life including the boyfriend who killed her cat. It seems that only the slimy Frenchman Philip (Pierre Dulat) understands Mary and what she needs. He introduces her to lifestyle BDSM (Bondage Discipline SadoMasochism) and, by locking her in a cage, frees her to be his GG (“good girl”). Previously inexperienced with “the lifestyle,” Mary adopts the conventions of her newfound slavery with a questionable ease, taking to her triangular cage as if she had been born there.

Rather than explore the dynamics of D/s (“Dominance/submission”), training, and various forms of play as done in Molly Weatherfield’s Carrie’s Story, Kim Corum’s Breaking the Girl, Pauline Reage’s The Story of O, or Puppy Sharon and Steven Toushin’s The Puppy Papers, THE PET moves quickly from lukewarm erotica into tepid thriller territory with a human trafficking plot. If the lame first half was too much for the actors to handle, this boost in the melodrama is almost enough to put them into histrionics.

Yes, the acting in THE PET is bad. To call Andrea Edmonson “wooden” would be an insult to trees. The acting is even worse than the barrel bottom production values. D. Stevens manages the impossible; by creating such an awful bit of drivel masquerading as adult content, he makes Zalman King look like Douglas Sirk. Worse, all of the marketing of THE PET positions the film as being aware and empathetic of real BDSM but none of this comes across on screen.

Oct 6, 2007

Website Revamp

This year I've been serving as something of an adviser to a good friend of mine, Dee Paige. I gave her a rather pointed and detailed critique of her website, TSPaige.com. She took this in stride and had her webmaster revamp her site. This second version got another no-holds-barred list of further necessary improvements. Finally, I put my "money" where my mouth was and did a site for her gratis at a domain I registered, PaigeTS.com. She was delighted. I managed to talk her into allowing me to work some of my magic at her TSPaige site and I spent the last fortnight giving her site a little cosmetic surgery (I won't call it a complete facelift).

There are a lot of things I'd like to continue to work with her on but I feel that the site's a vast improvement and invite readers to check it out. It's definitely a lot lighter load (save for the intro animation which I want to do code-based) and is now standards-compliant and Search Engine Optimized. Yes, I'm a nerd but I'm a nerd with heart.