Jul 29, 2008

Best Thing About ComicCon

Ruby RocketThe best thing about ComicCon has to be the cosplay from potentially hot girls dressed as slutty comic characters. One of my all time favorite cosplay girls, Ruby Rocket, is highlighted here on Playboy's pictorial of hot fangirls. Please give her a vote if you agree that she's one spicy tamale.

Jul 28, 2008

Surprising Photo

I say "surprising" because Bryce Howard usually looks pretty freaky to me.

Bryce Howard

Jul 27, 2008

Book Now Available!

Freedom is Slavery I'm proud to announce the availability of Freedom is Slavery by Louis Friend, the first book of erotica/pornography available from PornoPerson.com.

The book features a cavalcade of images of the lovely Ms. Elle and a stunning foreword from ZenFetish scribe, Angela St. Lawrence.

It's being self-published at Lulu.com and is available as a beautiful paperback book or a downloadable version. Please check it out feel free to leave reviews if you enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who's supported me in this venture!

More salty adventures are to come on the blog!