Nov 16, 2006

The Domme Returns

I recently got an IM out of nowhere from a person that has a huge importance in my life -- though she may not even be aware of it. Sybatra, my first Domme. I don't remember how old I was when I met her. I must have been twenty. I can distinctly remember reading and writing back to her ad the local weekly. She was one of the few allegedly "dominant" women that I wrote to back then who took the time to write a personal note and include a picture -- no immediate demands of cash via a form letter.

We corresponded for a while before we finally met. Via those letters I explored myriad rudimentary fantasies that I had been entertaining for years when I was just a little subby boy.

She lived far enough away that it felt like the other side of the world from my college. I mean, she was local -- but out in BFE. It took too long for me to finally meet her.

Meeting her... and serving her... was a mind blowing experience. I feel that I've been sexually submissive my entire life and she was the key to unlock the door to some of those feelings that I kept hidden even from myself. It was like taking a blindfold off -- the initial shock of the light hurt my eyes but how wonderous the world looked once my senses adjusted.

I only served Sybatra a handful of times over the years that she stayed in state. Over five years I served her in person that many times. However, each one was incredibly memorable and each one opened me up to unconsidered possibilities more and more.

So, the reappearance of the lady in my life -- even via innocuous IM -- really brings a lot of joy to my heart. I'm not sure if she knows just how deeply she marked me. She was my first and I still feel her claws (used in a good way) imbedded in my soul. She may have given me up to the world when she left the state but I still feel like she owns a part of me and always will.

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