Jul 30, 2009

How To Get A Pearl Necklace

And thanks to Cinekinkster for this!

I think I may have to find an appropriate song and cut some clips of these two together!

Too late!

Open Wide

Jul 28, 2009

Friday Night Plans: Faith

Friday night worked out far better than I could have ever dreamed.

My best friend, Jen, and her new boyfriend, Charlie, were scheduled to arrive promptly at seven. We had met the week previous to discuss my idea. Fortunately, they were both very into it.

When my fiancée, Louis, showed them in I practically ran to them saying, "Oh, Jen, you're such a lucky devil! He's quite a specimen."

I put a hand on Charlie's chiseled chest, feeling his sculpted form. On a spectrum of masculinity, Charlie was at the end most distant from Louis.

We made small talk while Louis fetched us drinks. I had trained him well, yes, but tonight would be the test to see just how far I could push him. We had been together for over three years and I began nearly immediately after our first date to exert my influence over the poor boy. Something about his slender form and fey voice sparked an idea. I gave him access to the honeypot only once but had been reminding him of how sweet it was ever since.

Now I was rolling the dice and hoping for a big payoff. I wanted to take Louis to the next level of our relationship.

Looking right at Jen, gathering my courage, I stated rather loudly, "Charlie, here, is what I'd consider a real man. Not like the wimp with which I've been saddled."

"Now wait just a darned minute," Louis whined. He tried to get up and I shot him a look that put him right back in his seat. I had made my dissatisfaction with his cock size known for the last three months and knew letting this cat out of the bag before Jen and Charlie would put Louis into a tailspin.

"Undoubtedly Charlie is a superb cocksman, possessing the proper equipment. Alas, Louis just doesn't have the goods." I laughed long and hard, joined by Jen and Charlie.

Looking at my poor, dejected fiancée I asked, "You don't honestly think you can measure up, do you? Should we get out a ruler? Perhaps a demonstration is in order." I reached down to Charlie's belt buckle, undoing it with my shaking hands. I unleashed his cock and had to stifle a gasp. Jen had told me that he was big but I had idea what a monster he held in his pants.

I began stroking him, reveling in his size. He looked nearly as long and thick as my arm. There was no denying that he dwarfed Louis. What my fiancée had in his pants didn't even look like a prick, compared to what I had in my hands.

A hand behind his back, I led Charlie by the cock towards Louis who sat slack jawed across the room. "Do you see what a real man can be, Louis? Do you see the beauty of his cock? The fullness of it? The girth? This is what every woman wants; what she needs. Isn't it lovely?"

And then I knew that my bet was going to pay off. For a faint second, almost imperceptivity, he nodded. I felt my pulse race and swallowed hard in an attempt to calm my nerves.

"It looks delicious, doesn't it? It's heavenly, the kind of cock that needs to be shown appreciation. We should thank it for even existing, falling down to our knees in praise of a world that could grant us such beauty. Don't you think? Shouldn't we thank Charlie for his gift to us?" I brought the bigger man closer to my little fiancée.

I saw his fingers twitch, his tongue race across his lips, his eyes wide with fear and confusion. And, finally, he raised his hand--slowly, cautiously as if Charlie's trouser snake were the real thing, venomous and ready to strike. His fingers touched the velvet head of Charlie's cock and Louis visibly shuddered.

"Yes, that's right. That's a good boy. Doesn't it feel good?" I asked.

Louis couldn't take his eyes off the other man's cock. I had been subtly (and not so much) training him for this moment for quite a while. For instance, we frequently took in a number of adult films each week. I'd gone from purely hetero porn to films peppered with bisexual males to completely guy-on-guy films. Louis grumbled about these changes as they happened but never looked away. Now he was living out one of those porn scenarios I loved so much; the weaker male submitting to the will of the stronger one.

"Yes, that's right," I said. "Doesn't it feel good?"

He nodded.

"If it feels that good in your hand, just imagine how it will be in your mouth. Think about the velvet smoothness of his prick on your tongue," Jen added.

"That sounds like a delightful idea, don't you think?" I asked.

He nodded again, his eyes glassy as if entranced. He continued stroking and I knew he needed just a little motivation to move to the next step. I raised an eyebrow to Charlie. He wrapped his big hands through Louis's tawny hair and pulled my fiancée in close.

Louis opened his mouth, instinctively, and took Charlie inside. "That's it," I said, "Take it. Take his cock."

He moaned, muffled by Charlie's meat. Charlie pulled Louis in even closer, giving him more. I was afraid it'd be too much for Louis to take, so quickly out of the gate.

He moaned again. Charlie pulled him even closer and Louis's eyes grew wide. I knew that he would choke soon and that we needed to handle that delicately. There was nothing quite as hot as a man gagging on another bloke's cock and I felt like I was on the edge of orgams, waiting in anticipation of that glorious noise. But, at the same time, we had to make sure Louis knew this was okay, that it was a natural response to having a man enter his throat.

There... the slight gag... It puts me over the edge and I feel a mini-tremble tickle me inside. Quickly I recover and say, "There, there, that's very nice. That's good, yes? You love that, don't you?"

"This is where you belong, on your knees, pleasuring the men who dwarf you. The men superior to you. You were born to suck cock, darling, and I'm going to make sure you get a steady diet from here now on."

His eyes widened, not from choking but from surprise and, I smiled, from delight. Jen patted his head, quieting him even as he continued to suck her boyfriend's cock. Charlie worked Louis's head back and forth along his tremendous tool, fucking his face with glee.

Charlie moaned, practically growling. Jen quietly asked, "Are you good?"

"Fuck yes," he hissed. "I'm gonna blow soon."

Jen and I grinned at one another. I put my hand on Charlie's balls and felt how tight they were (though they still managed to slap against my hand as he continued to fuck Louis's face). While I was bent over I whispered into Louis's ear: "Did you hear that darling? Your first load of cum. I want you to drink down every drop. Don't waste it. It's a gift."

Charlie grunted, long and loudly. I put my hand over his, holding him deep in Louis's mouth. Watching Louis's throat working, guzzling down Charlie's cum, made me feel hot, yes, but more than that, I felt triumphant. My dream was coming true. I had turned Louis from my fiancée to my cuckold. My little bitch, drinking his first load from another man.

Charlie wasn't my lover, true, but finding another man... or men... that could satisfy me the way Charlie satisfied Jen wouldn't be too difficult. Not with my natural assets.

I watched Charlie take out his spit-slick cock from Louis's mouth. My fiancée’s lips had turned a bright shade of red from all the friction, like he was wearing lipstick. Perhaps someday...

"You did very well, darling. Very good for your first cock. Tidy up while Jen, Charlie and I are out for the evening. And when I return... I feel certain that I'll have another fat cock for you to suck. Doesn't that sound good?"

He met my eyes and, without a hint of deception, he nodded his head. "Yes, Faith," he said, his voice raspy from cocksucking.

"Good boy," I said. I gave him a final glance before shutting the door. He remained on his knees. Waiting for cock. Wanting cock. He'd get his new desire tonight and my victory would be complete.

Eurovision 2008

Eva Green

Jul 23, 2009

Recommended Reading!

Teresa Bowers of Strapped in Silk has kindly included Freedom is Slavery in her list of recommended reading!

See the full list here.

Jul 22, 2009

Friday Night Plans: Louis

Friday night wasn't supposed to turn out the way it did.

My fiancée’s best friend, Jen, came over with her new boyfriend. We were supposed to go out for dinner and some gambling at the new casino downtown. Instead, we never left the house.

"Oh, Jen, you lucky devil!" cooed Faith with her lilting British accent when I led Jen and her boyfriend, Charlie, into the living room. Faith was on her feet and over to them in seconds flat. "He is a fine specimen," she said, looking up into Charlie's rugged face.

Charlie towered over the girls and I. Well over six feet tall, he told Faith about his work as a personal trainer as I excused myself to pour us all a round of drinks. By the time I came back with the tray of drinks, the ice tinkling in the glasses, Faith had her arm around Charlie's and her hand on his chest.

"That's just smashing!" she exclaimed, laughing with Charlie and Jen.

I served up the drinks. The three of them chatted together, and I felt like an interloper, like they were putting on a play and I was an unwanted audience. The play starred Faith, my girlfriend for three years and my fiancée for three months. She hung off of every word from Charlie. I kept looking at Jen to see if she betrayed any jealousy but, to the contrary, she seemed delighted by Faith's rapt attention.

She looked at Jen and said, "Now, he's what I would consider a real man." Her eyes flicked to me for a second, "not like what I've been saddled with."

I couldn't take any more. "Wait just a second," I said, getting up. I had a feeling I knew what was coming and wanted to put a stop to it before Faith could open her mouth again.

"I mean, after all, I'm sure Charlie has a proper cock, and not the nubbin that my Louis has," she said, laughing uproariously. She quickly joined by Jen and even Charlie chuckled at her remark.

The worst thing is that Faith wasn't lying. I had been cursed with a small penis. Yet, this was the first time Faith had ever said anything disparaging about it. She had taken pains to assure me that I was a good lover. I was stunned.

Looking at me she said, "What, Louis, do you honestly think you can measure up? I think there's only one way to find out." I went white as she reached to his belt and undid it. Unbuttoning his pants, she quickly slid down his zipper before fishing out his half-hard cock. Even partially flaccid, it dwarfed mine.

Her hand looked so small and delicate as she held his tremendous prick in her palm, gripping her fingers around as much of it as she could hold, and beginning to gently stroke him. Jen giggled and looked on in awe as my fiancée brought Charlie's cock to full mast.

Putting her hand behind his back and continuing to stroke, Faith moved Charlie toward me, his cock seeming to fill my vision.

"You see, Louis, this is what a real man is like. Surely you have to appreciate it. See how beautiful his cock is? The fullness of it? The girth? Isn't it lovely?"

Somewhere deep inside of me, I heard myself answer yes. It was lovely. It was entirely different than anything I had ever seen before. Sure, I'd watched porn with Faith and seen some of the monstrous freaks that populate those movies but I'd never seen such a beast a mere two feet from my face. Is this what a man (a "real man" as Faith said) was supposed to look like?

"Doesn't it just look delicious, Louis? I don't know about you but it looks heavenly to me. So good that I just want to show Charlie how much I appreciate such a thing of beauty. Don't you?" She brought him closer, her hand still working him, taking her several seconds to make her way from the base of his cock to the tip.

The purple head with its soft skin. I wanted to touch it, to feel it. Yet, I didn't know where these feelings were coming from. Was I still in shock from Faith's words and actions? Or was there something else going on? Had I longed for so many years for a big cock of my own that, when I finally saw one on someone else, I needed to touch it?

While my mind raced, my body seemed to take matters into their own hands, so to speak. Before I knew it, my hand was reaching out, tentatively, touching the head of Charlie's cock.

A jolt shot through me, as if he were electrified. However, rather than being stunned, this seemed to wake me up. I looked up at him, into his eyes. He nodded at me, as if giving me permission. My fingers went back to his cock.

"Yes, that's right. Doesn't it feel good?" Faith asked.

I nodded.

"It feels wonderful in your hand, but it's so much better in your mouth," Jen chimed in.

"Oh, that sounds like a delightful idea, don't you think, Louis?" Faith asked.

I nodded again, almost hypnotized by the sensations I felt as I stroked Charlie's cock lightly, trailing my fingertips along the veined surface.

He was alien to me. What Charlie had barely resembled the thing between my legs that strained against my underwear. Yes, it was beautiful. But what was it that Jen said? Better in my mouth? Could anything be better than this was?

I felt Faith's fingers entwine in my hair and pull me forward, closer to Charlie's cock. I found my mouth opening. "Yes, that's it," she said, "take it."

I had to open wide to fit his head past my lips. I tasted the tang of his precum on my tongue. Faith pushed my head farther, making Charlie's tool fill my mouth even more. "There, there, that's very nice. That's good, yes? You love that, don't you?"

I had to admit it, yes, I did. I felt compelled to show this man my appreciation. I was a pretender to my gender. Like Faith said, Charlie was a real man. I knew in my heart that I hadn't pleased her. We hadn't had sex in months. When we were intimate, it was only oral. She could make me orgasm in a matter of minutes with a few flicks of her tongue while I lavished between her legs for hours. "My little lesbian," is what she called me.

Did Faith know something about me that I didn't? The cock in my mouth seemed to prove that she did. Why hadn't I stormed out of the room? Why had I slid from my seat to my knees with such ease? As if to answer, Faith leaned close to my ear and whispered, "This is where you belong, on your knees, pleasuring the men who dwarf you. The men superior to you and your nubbin. You were born to suck cock, darling, and I'm going to make sure you get a steady diet from here on out."

My eyes widened at her words and Jen patted my head, quieting me even as I swirled my tongue around Charlie's cock. Faith moved my head back and forth, pushing and pulling, my hair fast in her hand.

We must have made quite a sight; Charlie standing proud with his pants down with Jen and Faith on either side of him and me kneeling in front, my head moving back and forth along the length of his mighty tool.

He moaned and I heard Jen whisper, "Are you good, honey?"

"Shit, yes," he said in his deep baritone. "This faggot sure knows how to work my dick."

Jen and Faith laughed at this and I felt mortified. But, somewhere, I felt a little proud of the good job I was doing.

Jen reached down and put her hand on Charlie's balls. They swung pendulously, occasionally bumping my chin. "Oh, his balls are tight," she exclaimed. "He's getting close!"

Faith leaned close again, "Did you hear that, darling? Your first load of cum. You're going to drink down every drop, do you understand? This is a gift from Charlie to you. Don't waste it."

I tried to imagine what this was going to be like, feeling him spurt into my mouth. I'd done it to Faith a few times when we were dating before she told me that she didn't like the taste and that I was to always tell her before I was going to orgasm, so I wondered how bad the flavor would be.

Before I had a chance to think about this too much, Charlie grunted and my mouth was flooded with his cum. The force of it surprised me almost as much as the flavor. It wasn't bad at all. It tasted like fresh tomatoes. Faith held my head in place as Charlie pumped all of his seed into my waiting... wanting?... mouth.

I did as she said, not wasting a drop, even licking his cock clean. I won't lie. I was hesitant to stop sucking and licking, not only because I had secretly found enjoyment in it but also because I didn't know how else Faith would humiliate me that night.

"Very good, darling. You did very well for your first cock," she said, gently stroking my back. "Now, you just tidy up while Jen, Charlie and I go out. When we return, well...," she said looking to Jen and Charlie, "I'm sure we'll have another cock for you to suck. After all, Charlie is Jen's man. It's not fair to her. And it's not fair to me to not have a real man, now, is it?"

I knew that it wasn't fair to her. I nodded.

"Good boy," she said. Charlie had already done up his pants and was waiting with Jen at the door. Faith grabbed her wrap and left with them, leaving me still on my knees, the taste of cum still in my mouth, and hungry for more.


Jul 15, 2009

High School Bully Pt 5

I find a note from Tony when I open my locker in the morning. It's instructions to go to the girls' locker room late in the afternoon. Not able to keep up with all of the athletics of our school, I don't even know if anyone's going to be there at the time or not. This thought plagues me all day.

When I arrive, I find that there's no real way of "sneaking" into this forbidden area. It empties onto the gym floor, visible from any point in the room. Fortunately, the gym is empty. Still, I try to employ as much stealth as I can as I enter.

I haven't been in a locker room in years, not since middle school when Gym was a required class. I managed to get out of it in high school as I was in Marching Band. Apparently, the physical activity is enough to give me a free pass. I hated having to undress in front of other boys every day of class. Ironic, then, that I now spent most evenings undressing and pleasuring the biggest jock in school.

Though bigger than the middle school locker room, everything else is about the same with the taupe lockers, narrow blue plastic benches, and white brick walls. There's dampness in the air. Did this come from the showers or the girls? The fresh, strong smell of sweat and an underwhelming odor of chlorine bleach fills my nose.

I listen for any noise but hear nothing over the pounding of my heart and the echo of my footsteps across the tile floor. Why did Tony want me here? Would he show up, expecting me to serve him? He always kept me guessing.

I hear a noise outside the door, out in the gym. It's the unmistakable squeak of sneakers on hard wood coupled with the deep pounding of a basketball.

I'm trapped! My heart jumps every time the ball hits the floor. Is it Tony outside, bouncing that ball, or someone else? As long as that noise keeps up, I may be safe, but it's going to stop sometime... and I'm still going to be here, unless I can find a way out.

The only other door out of the locker room has been chained from the outside. I push against the chain, knowing it's fruitless. I stop and realize that there's something horribly wrong. The sound of the ball has stopped! Instead, I hear a very loud, theatrical throat clearing behind me, "Eh-Hem!"

My blood turns to ice water as I turn to see who has discovered me in this forbidden chamber.

She's clad in gym shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Her blonde bangs are plastered across her forehead with sweat. Her arms are crossed across her chest, over her hefty breasts. She wears a look of disgust on her face, as if she's just found a cockroach on her pillow. It's Laura, Tony's girlfriend.

"Look what we have here," she says to know one, "a pervert in the girls' locker room."

Does she know? Have I been set up?

I don't say much back to her query, at least nothing intelligible. I stammer a denial to which she slowly shakes her head, sighing.

"Maybe you weren't sniffing panties, maybe you were putting them on. Is that right, faggot?" she chuckles as she comes nearer.

Her body exudes heat. She's been playing, hard. Sweat spreads out under the sleeves of her shirt. I stand frozen as she comes uncomfortably close, exuding the sweet scent of sweat and shampoo. She reaches behind me and puts her hand down the back of my pants. Oh, god. She grabs onto the thong that I wear.

Her chuckle blossoms into a belly laugh, "Are these from the girls, or are they your own pair, sweetie?"

Does she know that I'm wearing panties because her boyfriend likes me to? Had Tony told her about me? He always liked to tell me about Laura, even having me watch him fuck her on occasion (as I hid in the laundry room). At times he would even put me in a blonde wig, the hair styled like hers. I always wondered what it would be like if she and I could serve Tony together. Would we share his cock? I'd never been with a girl before; would he allow me to touch her pussy?

These thoughts pour through my mind as I feel her grip tighten on my panties, tugging them up the crack of my ass.

"You're just a little bitch, aren't you?" she says, her mouth close to my ear. That's what Tony always called me. She had to know!

I can never deny it. Not after the first time that I found myself enjoying the feeling of Tony's cock in my mouth. I nod my head.

She laughs again, sending a shiver through me. "Little bitches like you were made for licking pussy," she says.

I crane my neck, trying to look at her. She grabs my chin, keeping my head forward.

"You heard me, bitch. Now get down, get on your back," she says, gesturing to the nearest bench.

I straddle it, planting my feet on either side. I balance myself there and look up at her. She's upside down to me. I stare as she strips off her shorts and grey boxer brief underwear, seeing her sex closer than I ever had before. The dark blonde tendrils of pubic hair look wild, untamed.

Again, I feel the heat of her as she comes near. I can smell her sex. It's pungent, heady. Before I know it, she's over me. I see that her skin is wet with perspiration. Her vagina is over my face. Her muscular thighs on either side of me. Her legs are powerful from all the basketball practice. After all, she's the captain of the team. And now she's lowering herself down onto me.

My mouth opens and I drink deeply from her, tasting her juices. She wets my face and I feel like her pussy is the only thing in the world. I taste the earthy deliciousness of her pussy mixed with the acrid tang of her sweat.

I push my tongue inside of her, feeling the slickness and the heat. I don't know what to do, other than lick. I've never seen Tony do this to Laura and I've never done it to a girl.

My inexperience my show. Laura readjusts and I feel something small and hard under my tongue. She reacts when I give it a tentative little lick. I've only seen diagrams of female anatomy up to now and they were always turned the opposite way. I recognize this as the clitoris and begin licking it harder and quicker, thinking of it like the sensitive underside of Tony's cock. What would Laura say if she knew I was licking her pussy the same way I sucked her boyfriend's cock?

I find a rhythm, aided by Laura's movements above me. I realize that I like what's happening; the taste, the smell, the feel. Most of all, I like knowing that I'm giving Laura pleasure -- this is the same thing I like most about serving Tony.

She moans, waking me from my reverie. I feel more wetness seeping from her. She's bent over me farther now and I feel (what I can only imagine to be) a hand brush accidentally against the tented crotch of my pants. My cock is roiling and this slight contact almost puts me over the edge. I lick harder and faster.

I'm turned-on even more now, though I still feel a sense of unease, realizing that Tony must have set this up with Laura. Then, perhaps, she knows everything about me. Maybe she's seen the video tapes that Tony made with me mincing around his parents' basement, closely following a script wherein I tell him what a little wanton cocksucker I am and that I can't stop thinking about his dick in my mouth all hours of the day. Has Laura seen this? How many other people have?

She pulls me out of my thoughts by the shock of her fingers gripping the crotch of my pants, her palm over my cock, using it like the horn of a saddle; appropriate as she rides my face, my tongue caressing the wet pinkness with vigor. She grunts the same way I had heard her grunt the few times I attended girls' basketball games as part of "Pep Band". She thrusts her hips down onto me, harder, bouncing her mons against my chin.

She grabs onto me harder and I have no choice but to cum right then and there, laying on the bench with her pussy against my face. I cum in my panties, under my pants. My hot breath baths her clitoris and this seems enough to put her over the edge. She begins pushing and pulling against my crotch, screaming while she bounces on my face. Her screams echo loudly through the empty locker room.

She collapses on top of me. I can still hear the echoes of her screams in my head. I've given Laura what she wanted and that makes me happy. I also love the way her weight feels on me, the warmth from her body against mine. I look up to see her bare, shapely bottom, following the trail of downy hairs from her pussy up her backside.

Before I can get used to this blissful feeling, she gets up, pushing off of me. She doesn't say a word, merely putting her gym shorts back on (sans underwear, I note). The quiet is oppressive. I want to say something but I don't know what would be appropriate. I feel my skin tightening on my face, her juices drying.

She tosses the underwear onto my chest nonchalantly saying, "Wear those tomorrow night when you come over to Tony's."

My eyes must widen a bit as she quickly adds, "Oh, yes, I know. I wasn't too thrilled when he first showed me but I think that we're going to come to an arrangement soon. One that Tony and I will enjoy. You, on the other hand..." She laughs again, turning and leaving the locker room. The door slams loudly, with an air of finality.

I feel the last bit of cum drip from my withered cock and I know that I have gone from serving a man to serving a woman as well.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Jul 13, 2009


I've long been a fan of Fictionmania, as I've mentioned in the past. They really opened my eyes to what some people fantasize about. I've gone and contributed a few of my older stories to them in the Therapist series. I'm thinking of working on a fourth chapter for Fictionmania to run exclusively for a while. In the meantime, check out The Therapist Pt 1.

Jul 10, 2009

Sugasm #169

I've been fortunate enough to be included in another issue of Sugasm! This time for the latest in my "High School Bully" stories (another one is percolating in my head).

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #170? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
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“Surrender to the sensation.”

Remembering the Pain
“And it really was that bad.”

Short And Sweet
“Why don’t you turn over”

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Christina Ricci

Jul 8, 2009

Year Anniversary of Freedom Is Slavery

Has it really been a year? Yes, yes it has. A year ago today I self-published Freedom Is Slavery, a colleciton of stories from this blog.

Below is a professionally taken picture of our cover model, Ms. Elle by G. Bolduc.

Jul 5, 2009

Fetishy SYTYCD

Not sure how I feel about this dance but the outfit was rather interesting for prime time TV.

Bare Back Magazine

I've got a story up in this month's issue of "Bare Back Magazine." Check it out www.barebackmag.com. Enjoy!