Feb 25, 2007

Connection Slut

More than any aspect of D/s that I love -- the humiliation, the role play, the bondage, the anal play, places that I've put my tongue, etc. -- I tend to get off the most on having a connection with someone. Feeling that the person I'm with understands me and that I understand them. That we're sharing the same headspace and playing on the same field. That's what I crave the most and why I tend to go back to the well. When I make that connection, I try to get a tight grip and not let go of that person. When I think of some of my failed D/s relationships I realize that the connection just wasn't there.

Too often in my life I feel like I'm feeling around in the dark. When the light from another person comes around and gives me that illumination, I want to keep them near and I want to keep their light. It's a rarity to have any light at all in my dark corner of the world.

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Tie Up Your Dog

When I was a kid I wasn't exposed to a whole lot of pornography. My neighbors down the street had a dad with a massive Playboy collection that I was allowed sneak-peeks of on the rare occasion. Otherwise, I lived in a relatively clean environment... or so I thought. My first real exposure had to be the Vanessa Williams Penthouse of my step-dad's. More than the pictures of the squeaky clean Miss America going down on another woman, I was fascinated by the Penthouse Forum letters. That was my first exposure to the idea of a man being opened up and taken anally by a woman. The letter I remember best had a guy whose girlfriend loved anal sex. She talked him into allowing her to open him up -- building off a large collection of dildos that ranged from small to massive. That really opened my eyes to diversity a bit.

Years later I was rifling through that same underwear drawer and came across another treasure trove. Super 8mm films! Being the A/V Geek that I am, I immediately broke out the projector and threaded up one of the two Swedish Erotica films. They were silent (of course) short films that consisted of a "set up" and a sex scene. One was a two girls/one guy and the other was two guys/one girl and both starred the large and in charge John Holmes!

I had to share. This was high school and I invited a few of my closest friends over to partake of the booty. More than the sex--which we found both compelling and disturbing--we found great joy in the set ups. There was little dialog in either film and, what there was, was subtitled. The two guys/one girl piece quickly found a better name from its one line. As one of the guys sucked and bit on the girl's nipples he was said to say, "Damn, what rosebuds!"

The other film had a stronger opening scene as two women walked out onto their balcony to see Mr. Holmes walking his faithful canine companion. The girls wave to him and instruct him, "Tie up your dog!" It doesn't take much more convincing for Holmes to tie his pooch's leash to their railing and to fuck the living hell out of them in the subsequent scene.

One day both "Damn What Rosebuds" and "Tie Up Your Dog" disappeared from the underwear drawer. It was a sad day, indeed, but we had a lot of fun working those phrases into everyday conversation. And imagine the hoot I got when I finally saw CITIZEN KANE!

Feb 18, 2007

I Love Bad Girls

Great Question / Lousy Answer

I had a great question today. "What were you like in high school?" Wow. That kind of blew my mind. It might be simple for some folks to recall their youthful days but, for me, I tend to block out unpleasantness; not being able to recall much since a week from last Tuesday.

In all seriousness, I have a tenuous hold on a mental image of myself from those formative years. Awkwardly shy, painfully lonesome, visciously sarcastic, ceaselessly horny; yes, some of those may be completely contradictary but that's what I was or, at least, how I saw myself.

It was an eye-opener a few years back when I had dinner with an old high school acquaintance. I was absolutely obsessed with her so I was curious how I came off. Turns out, she thought I was incredibly mean. I tore down people mercilessly. Not a good way to get girls, eh? No wonder I had a three-times-a-day masturbation habit.

In case you're wondering, I didn't fantasize about boys or men when I was a teen. I still don't, usually. I fantasized about the women in my neighborhood, the girls at school, and the women on TV or movies that I found attractive. I always loved the idea of powerful women, be they Cat Woman (Julie Newmar), the Amazons of Venus (ABBOTT & COSTELLO GO TO MARS), or the Winter Witch (THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE). My first memory of masturbation was over the images of a man in a cage from some cheesey softcore film (perhaps STEWARDESS SCHOOL). The way I say it is that I was always submissive, I just didn't know the name for it or that anyone else felt the same way until I was 18 and got my hands on my first fetish magazine. Thank goodness for Nugget!

Feb 2, 2007

My Daddy and I: A Fantasy

Note: As with everything on this site, the following story is a fantasy. The main character is 18 years old and involved with an older man who is not related to him. The employment of "Daddy" is a term of affection. See this link for more information.

Daddy told me that we were going to have some very special fun this weekend.

On Friday night we took a long drive when he got home from work. He drove quite a while before we stopped at a little windowless building next to a factory. When we got out of the car I could hear loud music coming through the walls of the place. As Daddy opened the door, escorting me in, the music hit me in the face. That was followed quickly by a billow of cigarette smoke and roar of voices. Inside was a crowd of men, mostly older than Daddy, watching girls who walked down a runway and spun around poles. All of the girls were naked!

Daddy found us an empty table near the back of the place. The waitresses were beautiful. Daddy got me a "special drink" and one for himself. I was watching him while he watched the girls dance on stage. It was like I wasn't even there. I thought he had forgotten about me until he looked over and smiled, sipping his drink. He reached over and took my hand in his. He rubbed his thumb against the back of my hand and I blushed. I love how gentle he can be with me.

He pulled me closer to him and put my hand on his jeans. I could feel the hard lump of his cock under my palm. So warm and so hard. Instinctively I started rubbing him. He kept his eyes locked on the pretty girl shaking her butt on stage and I felt him get harder under my fingers. When the waitress came by to ask if we needed refills she took an extra hard look at us and smiled. "Is this your son?" she asked over the noise.

Daddy nodded and the waitress smiled at us and winked. When she left Daddy reached down and undid his fly and slid down his zipper. He fished his cock out and I gasped at the sight of it. I was always so happy to see Daddy so hard. His cock brings me so much pleasure and I try to treat it right. I licked the palm of my hand before putting it back under the table and grasping him gently. I felt his body shift as I slowly traced the length of his cock, feeling its breadth under my fingers. Oh, it felt so nice. So powerful.

There we were, Daddy looking at the girls, me looking from him to the stage, feeling him grow. Stroking him under the table, everyone else (except maybe that waitress) not knowing that I was making him feel so good.

I kept my hand moving at a slow pace, wanting Daddy to enjoy it for a long time. I knew that if he wanted it faster he'd tell me. Daddy doesn't let me second guess. He's scooted to the edge of his seat, spreading his legs wide. If I were between them I'd have my mouth on his balls. As it was, I kept my arm moving faithfully until he put his hand over mine and stopped me. I frowned and pouted. If I had my way, I'd have Daddy's cock all the time; in my hand, in my mouth, in my bottom, even just resting against me.

I looked up and saw the possible reason why Daddy had stopped me. There was a very attractive young lady clad in a bra and g-string at our table now. It was the same girl he had been eyeing when we first sat down. She said something in Daddy's ear that I couldn't hear over the crowd. He nodded and slipped her some cash from his front pocket. He pulled his shirt over his exposed cock as she slid our table away from us a bit.

As the next song started, she crawled up to Daddy and put her knees on either side of his waist. She pulled his head down between her breasts with one hand and pushed them upwards with the other. She bounced and gyrated in time with the music, feeling his cock under her. I was just inches from her in the booth, watching her and watching Daddy.

She got up, her crotch in his face. She bent over and turned around, grabbing onto the table and bending in half so that her bottom was right in his face. He inhaled her cheap perfume deeply and licked his lips. I was at once turned on by Daddy having such a nice time but also envious of this girl. I could see the lust in his eyes. He rubbed his nose down the crack of her ass and I saw him reach down and grasp his cock quickly. She pushed back, encouraging him. I could see his tongue skirting around the G-string and licking her asshole. She turned to look at me and smiled before closing her eyes in ecstacy. The song ended but she kept on "dancing", her asshole getting sloppy wet from Daddy's tongue. I've felt what his tongue can do in my mouth and felt that stab of jealousy again.

Daddy reached over and put his hand in my lap as he continued to tongue the girl. He found me as I should be; hard. My cock ring always assured him that I would be. He grasped my cock through my pants and squeezed me. His strong hand made me melt. One slut in front of him, one to his side. Daddy told me later that he felt like he was the meat in a "slut sandwich."

The girl's knees started shaking. Soon it was her whole body vibrating. She shuddered for what seemed like forever. I could tell that she was cumming even without seeing the liquid on her thighs. Daddy eased his head back and she slowly got down off of the seat. She grabbed the table and, in one motion, pulled it back and sat down next to Daddy. Her legs were splayed and she leaned her head back to catch her breath. Her long hair cascading over the back of the booth.

Daddy kept his hand on my cock, squeezing. He leaned over and talked to the girl while he massaged me. She got up, still a bit shakey on her feet, and left us. Daddy put his cock away and zipped up his pants. He told me to finish my drink and I did so, obediently.

Daddy got up from the table and I quickly followed him out of the club. Waiting for us by the door was the girl. She looked really different with clothes on. She was about five foot two and lucky if she tipped the scales at 100 pounds. She had long dirty blonde hair and a dreamy smile on her face. She had just lit a cigarette. Daddy took it out of her hand, threw it before him and put it out under his heel. "No smoking," he said, his voice too loud from the club. He started walking and we fell behind; the girl and then me.

When we got home -- the girl riding up front the whole way, her head gently bobbing on Daddy's cock -- Daddy had me strip in front of the girl while we stood in the living room. I felt a little funny, taking my clothes off in front of a stranger, especially when she saw my hard cock and the cockring that said "Daddy's Boy" written in silver letters around it. He told her to also remove her clothes. "All the way, this time."

We stood there, nervous and naked, while Daddy went to the kitchen to fix a drink. We just smiled at one another. She seemed confident for being at a stranger's house completely naked next to another stranger.

I heard the ice from Daddy's drink before I saw him coming back into the room. He sat down on the couch and smiled broadly at the two of us. The girl shifted her weight from foot to foot, her only sign of being nervous. I felt that I should kneel as is custom when Daddy enters a room but didn't do so as this was definitely an unusual situation.

Daddy undid his jeans and unzipped his fly again. He pulled out his cock and started stroking it. I licked my lips, as did the girl. He smiled again and took another sip from his drink with his free hand. He put his drink down and then, palm open, fingers out, hand forward, lowered his arm. This was my sign to kneel. The girl looked from his hand to me and followed suit. He made another signal and I leaned down, my forehead touching the floor. She also did the same. "Boy, kneel up." I did so.

"Get behind her," he said. I crawled over to behind the girl. Her bottom was open from her position and I saw her tight rosebud. The same one Daddy licked until she came not a half hour ago. "Fuck her," he said. I crawled up to her and began to put my hard little cock inside of her pussy. "Fuck her ass," he corrected. She gasped. I obeyed.

I pushed into her tight asshole. It opened with the pressure from my hips. I could feel my cock being lubricated from the remains of Daddy's saliva. I plunged too deep too fast and she screamed out in pain and fright. Daddy hushed her. She whimpered and I carried on, fucking her hard. I was punishing her for having her mouth on Daddy's cock while I hadn't done so all evening. I was punishing her for cumming from Daddy's tongue. I fucked her harder and smacked her ass while I did.

Daddy told me to stop and I did so immediately. I didn't want to face his wrath. I pulled my cock out of the girl's ass. Daddy tsked and lifted the girl's face by her chin. He wiped her cheeks clean of tears. "I know," he said, "it hurt. But it's okay." From behind him he produced a large strap on cock. He laid it next to her. "Put this on," he growled.

She stood, wiping her cheeks and sniffling. She put her legs through the two straps and tightened the strap around the waist. It looked like she had done this before. She had her back to me, my eyes level with her ass. Daddy reached out and stroked her rubber cock as I wish he would do to me.

"Go on, dear," he said. "Fuck him. Fuck him hard."

She went around me. She looked down at me and smiled maliciously. Once she was behind me I looked to Daddy pleadingly. He didn't say anything. He just gave me the signal to lean down as she had been.

I felt the pressure from the rubber cock against my asshole. There was no hesitation as she slammed herself into me, visciously. I cried out, unable to control myself as she plunged deep. I could feel myself spasming against her. Even though Daddy has taken me like this countless times, he gives me a moment to adjust to his girth. She gave me no moment. She didn't let me catch by breath. She was now punishing me. Getting me back, justifiably, for hurting her. It was my turn to cry.

As I gasped for breath between sobs I felt my face being pulled up by my chin. Daddy looked down at me, smiling. He was on the couch and I was close enough to smell his manly scent and feel the warmth from his flesh. He had shucked his clothes and his cock stood straight out. He held onto my head and took aim, pushing his cock into my mouth.

Tasting him, feeling his hardness fill my mouth was almost as wonderful as the ass-fucking was awful. I closed my eyes and sucked on Daddy's cock as thoroughly as I could while the girl pummelled my ass. Daddy must have given her the signal to slow it down a bit as she moved into a steady rhythm. I matched it with my head, bobbing up and down on Daddy's cock. His hard, hot manhood was like a pacifier to me. I sucked it, my tongue lolling on the underside of his bulbous head, and I felt not a care in the world now. I was in heaven with Daddy in me.

The girl pulled out and I heard the distant jingle as she stepped out of her strap-on. Daddy tapped me on the head as my signal to stop. He got up and sat back down on the couch and signalled to she and I to come near. We both crawled to him. He signalled that we should kneel on either side of him. He moved our heads together; one on either side of his cock. We began to lick and suck Daddy's pole, our tongue meeting and twirling around him. I began sucking his balls as she took his head into her mouth.

We both wrapped our lips around either side of his cock and began moving our heads up and down. Daddy began to moan and I knew that he was close. I felt his hand on the back of my head, holding me in place while my tongue swirled up and down under the head of his cock.

I heard Daddy moan loudly and felt the warm torrent of cum begin to fall on the side of my face. I tasted a few drops of his nectar both directly from him and also on the tongue of the girl. I could feel Daddy's cum pumping out of him under my tongue. Finally, he took his hand off of my head and pulled the girl and I apart. I looked at her, seeing the cum plastered on the side of her face and knowing that I must look much the same. "Clean each other off," Daddy commanded.

She and I leaned close again and began to lick each others' faces like fastidious cats. Her tongue felt wonderful on me and Daddy's cum was a taste treat. I didn't want this to end. Daddy gave us his approval and I knew it was time to stop. Daddy rustled our hair as he got up and walked between us, stepping out of the room again.

The girl's face got very serious for a second before she whispered, "I forgive you." She put her hand over mine, perilously close to my still-hard penis. She smiled and I smiled back.

When Daddy came back into the room, now wearing a robe, he went to the wall and pulled out the Murphy bed that he always called "the crib." He started putting up the side-rails to make it look more crib-like and told the girl and I to get inside before locking the last rail in place. Daddy put an extra blanket and pillow inside. He had me stick my cock out between the rails and removed my cockring. "Don't stay up too late, babies," he said before turning out the lights and going to bed.

I crawled up next to the girl. I know how disconcerting the crib can be when you first get inside and wanted to comfort her. I also forgave her for everything and was happy that we seemed to be friends. She really wanted to show me that there were no hard feelings as she slid down between my legs and took my engorged penis into her mouth. It didn't take long before she was sucking up my cum as I emptied my balls into her mouth. She crawled back up and let me taste myself on her lips before she turned around and we spooned our way to sleep. I liked my new sister and knew she and I were going to have lots of fun with Daddy.