May 31, 2018

Night Night

The crash of thunder work him. He lay in the dark, watching the light show outside through his window, counting the seconds between the flashes and the inevitable crackle of thunder; sometimes not even a second would pass before the trailing boom which seemed to shake his room.

He wouldn't let the storm upset him. He pulled his legs up to his chest as he lay on his side. And that was when he began to feel the stirrings in his stomach that he'd only just started to welcome. At first, a few months ago, they scared him. Now they were his seemingly-constant companion. He didn't know what to call them yet but he began to recognize them as they faintly brushed passed him. He initially pushed them away, afraid, but now he embraced them. They fluttered inside him, sending electricity through him, like the lightning that flashed outside.

He pictured a hydrant being opened and the way water flowed into a firehose, making it taut. That's what was happening to his penis, the blood flowing in, making him hard. And, along with the mental picture of the firehose, he began getting glimpses of other things that pleased him, though sometimes they upset him. The one image that wouldn't abate was that of his mother when he saw her the week before coming out of the shower on her way to his parents' bedroom. The towel hadn't been closed all the way and had dropped while she moved down the hallway. He saw his mother's full form, her bare breasts, her long legs, and the triangle of hair below her stomach. It only lasted for a few seconds before she hurriedly gathered the towel around her front and disappeared into the bedroom but it left an indelible impression. And one that he contemplated down as his hand crept down between his legs to feel the small hardness that tented his pajama bottoms.

He closed his eyes, the external flashes of the lightning fading now to the internal images of his mother, he became as small as an insect and walked along her skin, looking at her pores, seeing the bumps around her nipples, traipsing among the hair below her belly... and wanting to wander farther, unsure of what awaited him there.

Lost in his revelry, he didn't hear the small click as the bedroom door opened. It wasn't until the mattress shifted that he startled to his senses. The scent of his mother's perfume made him wonder if he was still inside his head or not.

"Honey, I'm sorry to wake you," she said, her voice seeming to come from everywhere in the dark. "The storm woke me up and I too scared to stay in that big bed all alone."

She moved close to him and he panicked, feeling like his penis stuck out in front of him a full yard or more.

She moved her back toward him, facing away from the sound of her voice, and before he could move, her leg brushed against his penis which had come out of the slit in his pajamas.

His breath caught on his throat. He felt his face flush with wild embarrassment and shame. He just wanted his mother to fall asleep and he would lay next to her all night, smelling her, and thinking about her.

But... did he imagine it...? He felt her leg move again against him. Not a brush this time. It felt... deliberate. Was she just getting settled in? Or... was it something else?

There it was again. He felt a rather rhythmic rub from her bare leg against his erection. He couldn't stop himself when a small moan came up from his stomach.

"You like that, baby?" he heard his mother whisper. "My little boy's growing up."

He felt the mattress shift again as his mother rolled over to face him. He missed the touch of her leg but a new sensation replaced it, the cool play of her fingers contrasted the heat that built now between his legs.

"This was hard when I got in here... So I didn't wake you up, did I?"

He muttered a small no, his breath still eluding him as he felt her hand grip him tighter.

"What were you thinking of that got you so excited, honey?"

The burning in his cheeks only intensified, he felt almost sure that his face glowed in the dark.

"Was it a girl at school?" She grabbed him, waiting for a response to her question from his erection.

"Was it your teacher?" Nothing happened.

"Was it a neighbor?" Nothing.

"Was it me?" He groaned and his little hard-on jumped in his mother's grasp.

"Oh, honey..." she said sounding at once disappointed and flattered.

"It's natural for a boy to feel that way about his mother." She began stroking him again, gently but firmly.

"And, honey, if I'm to be completely honest... I think I knew that."

He felt something push against his face and instinctively opened his mouth, only to find his mother's breast waiting there. He felt her nipple harden under his tongue and he moaned again.

"Yes, baby, take Mommy's breast into your mouth again." She grasping him harder, her passion beginning to wax.

He was awash with strange sensations and conflicting feelings. Somewhere in the primitive part of his brain he realized that this was wrong but the rest of his mind was flooded in hormones, washing away any hesitation as he begin moving his hips in time with his mother's hand, thrusting and wanting desperately to do more.

"Do you like this, baby? Then you'll love what's next..." She pushed him away, leaving him disappointed -- his mouth now empty and his hard-on exposed. He lay on his back and could make out the curves of his mother kneeling on the bed next to him. He wasn't sure exactly what she did as she put a leg across him. He felt something wet on the head of his penis and felt his mother's hand again.

Before he could even tell what was going on, he suddenly felt his penis engulfed in something warm, wet, and greedy. He knew instinctively that he was inside of his mother. She gasped and then moaned as she adjusted to position herself so she could begin moving her hips up and down on him. He couldn't help but cry out as he experienced feelings he'd never had before.

She became an animal, losing her ability to speak. Instead, she grunted her approval as she fucked her son. The wet sloppy sounds of their skin smacking together filled the room before being buried by her groans. She knew what she wanted and was taking it.

She looked down at her son, seeing him look as he's never done before, seeing lust on his face for the first time, lust for her. Seeing him there, beneath her, his month open, his eyes half-shut, gasping for breath, set her over the edge.

She collapsed on top of him, feeling his mouth finding a breast and latching on again. She laid there, allowing him to suckle until she could regain her composure.

"Now," she said, "Show me what you can do, baby." She moved next to him and put a hand on his crotch. "Show me what you do when you think of Mommy..."

His face burned as he laid next to her, masturbating in front of his mother, suckling on her breasts while his hands worked his cock. "Yes," she whispered, "Show me you're a big boy for Mommy..."

When he came, she put her hand out to catch his ejaculation before moving it to his mouth. The panic on his face subsided when she shushed him, feeding him his cum.

"You'll learn to like that, baby. And soon you'll want to have it from you and from others... but let's not get ahead of ourselves... Now, baby, we'll get a little sleep and do this again in the morning..."

May 4, 2018


Her eyes may be closed but I can't tell because a blindfold covers them.

Her hands are balled up in fists below her cuffs. Rope goes around her waist, keeping her arms secured at her side.

She's on a wooden chair. Her legs are spread wide, rope around her knees and back through the legs of the chair, keeping them open.

She's got a plug secured in her ass. I always like the noises she makes when I slide it inside her. I like making her feel violated.

Except for the rope and blindfold, she's naked. I'm not.

The room is cool. It's that time of the year where you never know what the weather will be like when you wake up. We're in transition.

I sit behind her on the edge of the bed.

My fingers are chillier than her skin and brushing them against her nipples makes her flinch before she tries to arch her back to meet them.

I just touch her at first. Then I start to speak.

I don't know where the words come from. It's as if someone else is using my voice. What I say can even surprise me and it definitely surprises her.

I feel her flinch. I feel her get hotter. I feel her pussy get wetter. I watch her visibly shudder.

I whisper in her ear and my fingers trail along her skin. I'm playing her like an instrument, breathing my dirty thoughts into her and making her body react.

She moans, whimpers, cries out. She squirms, fighting the bonds, wanting it to end, wanting it to go on forever.

I make her cum again and again until she begs for mercy but her body betrays that she wants it some more.

When I leave she has been untied and laid on the bed. I've given her water. I've given her cuddles. I've slid the plug back out of her ass. I've used my fingers like combs and pulled the sweat-soaked hair from her forehead.

I cover her and go. It's been a good afternoon.

May 1, 2018

Your Better

Honey, it's time we had a talk.

Now, I know that you've been very good at serving me since we agreed that your place is at my feet. You've been a good boy. Every night when I come home, the dinner is ready, you're in your pretty panties, kneeling on the floor by the door with my slippers in your mouth and your hands clasped behind your back just like I told you.

However, there's something still missing from our lives. You do a good job satisfying me with your mouth on my pussy but that cock of yours... You know it just doesn't do enough for me. It's just inadequate.

Now, now. Back when we were dating I told you that "size doesn't matter" and all those platitudes but I wasn't being totally honest. It does, matter, honey. A woman likes to feel something when she's being fucked. Something filling her up. Something of substance. That thing you have between your legs is just pathetic. That's one reason why I started putting you in panties because you're certainly not a man. You're a sissy with a little cock-let. A prick-let.

You have to admit that you've known for a while that you don't satisfy me with that little thing, don't you?

That's why I've been looking around on Craig's List and Adult Friend Finder and I think I've found the perfect solution. I've found a real man. But, don't worry, honey. It's not like I've been running around behind your back. I've had a few conversations but I haven't met any of these men. I've really had to comb through quite a few guys as my standards have been very strict. And, good news for both of us, I think I've found someone that will help us both. His name is Dave and he should be here any minute. Now, go pour us two vodka gimlets, put them on the table, and wait in your spot. I'm going to freshen up. If he knocks on the door, answer it and show him in.

* * *

Oh, good, I'm glad you made it okay. I had my husband pour you a drink. Your favorite, I believe. Did you have any trouble finding the place?

I have to say, you look even better in person than you did in your pictures. Simply scrumptious.

Are you feeling okay having my husband here with us? I want you to feel completely comfortable around him. And, if things work out the way we talked about, he'll just have to get used to you, too, won't he? It's about time we had a real man in this house.

And, speaking of, would you... would you mind showing it to me? Please?

Oh, yes. That is wonderful. Isn't it wonderful, honey? Look at that. Even when it's soft it's bigger than yours. But I don't think it's going to be soft for long, is it? It likes when I talk about it, doesn't it? I'll do it one better.

Mmmm, I love to feel it growing in my hand. Honey, come over here and watch this. Crawl over to us. Look at the way it's just ballooning in my hand. Doesn't it look delicious?

Answer me, honey. Doesn't it look delicious?

No? Oh, I don't believe you. Here you are in the presence of a superior man. Won't you show him the respect he deserves and compliment his cock? Now, one more time, doesn't it look delicious?

That's better. You need to show Dave some respect. You need to let him know that he's superior to you, because he is. Dave is the kind of man that can satisfy a woman, not like you. You're a sissy panty-waist.

I think you need to see it to believe it.

I'm going to just.... slide down my underwear.... And just... slide... down... onto... Dave's lovely cock.... Oh yes. Oh, that's right... That's what I've needed for so long.... Oh, shit. Oh, yes. This is just want I needed.

A Real.

Oh, shit. Yes. Oh, fuck. I could just ride this cock for hours. It's been so long since I've felt this full. This stuffed by a man between my legs. Oh, yes! Yes!

Come closer. I want you to see the way Dave's cock looks when it's sliding up inside me. Look at how full he makes me. Can you see the difference? Can you see how wet he makes me?

I'm just going to slide myself... off of him. Oh, look at the way he stands at attention like that. Mmmm...

Oh, honey, it's okay. You look so sad. But you should be happy. Happy for me. Dave is giving me everything you can't. But, don't worry, we'll keep you around.

You know I'm not about to do any house work! And no one fixes a vodka gimlet quite like you.

Plus, honey, there are going to be times where I'm just too tired or unavailable to take care of Dave's needs. And I know you're more than ready to help out in that regard.

Oh, don't look so shocked. I can see the way you're looking at his manhood. I think we both know that a sissy like you should be hungry for a cock like his. You've dreamed of what it would be like to see and touch a real man's cock, haven't you? You know you can't lie to me. You know I can see that scared little sissy whose tiny dick-let is getting harder at the thought of wrapping his lips around this throbbing cock.

Come now. Let's see it. I want you to clean me off of Dave's cock. It's going to taste just like my pussy so the transition should be pretty easy for you, honey.

Come on, crawl closer. Get up right next to us. Right here between Dave's legs. Don't worry, it won't bite. Just look at it. Look at the veins. You can see how alive it is. Look at the purple color of the head. Look at that smooth skin at the crown. I want you to kiss him right there. Just put your lips on the top.

Now, don't be shy. You can't hide how excited this is making you.

Come closer. Here, I'll hold it for you. Hold still. Just close your eyes. I'll just rub it along your lips. There. Doesn't that feel nice?

Now, just part your lips ever so slightly... That's right.

Open up... just a little... Yes.

Oh, there we go... You're doing a good job... such a natural... Just lean in a little closer... Feel the way it throbs on your tongue. Taste me on the skin. That good, deep taste of me. Right from the core of me. Yes. Oh, honey, you're doing a good job. That's right. Keep taking it in. Just a little bit more. And a little bit more than that.

One of these days you're going to take the whole thing all the way down. I know that seems impossible now but you'll get used to it. We'll help teach you how to deep throat this delicious cock. Yes.

Just take what you can for now, honey. Now, feel that. Listen to how Dave is breathing. Your mouth is making him happy, the same way your mouth makes me happy. You do have a very talented mouth. I makes up in a lot of ways for your... shortcoming.

Now, don't panic but I'm going to put my hand on the back of your head. Yes, just like this. Now, I'm going to push down just a bit. I want to see more of Dave's cock disappear into your warm, willing mouth. Oh, that is priceless. I think you were born to do this. A natural born cocksucker.

It's time to start moving your head up and down. That's right. Good boy. Up and down. Feel your lips sliding up and down that cock. Suck at it a little bit more. I want to see your cheeks collapse in on it. I want to hear Dave groan deeper, the way he was groaning when I was riding that cock.

But you're going to finish him, honey. You're going to take that load... as a sign of respect. You're going to let Dave know that he's the boss of this house from now on. It's only appropriate. We've never had a real man in this house until now. Have we?

No, honey, don't try to answer. And don't try to pull off of his cock. Just take it. Accept it. Learn your place. That's right. Your place is serving Dave. Serving me. You're going to be so much more fun to be around once you learn just where your place is. And one of those places is right here at the end of Dave's dick with your mouth wrapped around it, waiting for him to dump his cum down your throat.

Shhh... shh... don't fight it. Just let it happen. It was inevitable that a little sissy like you would take a load down his throat... But it's better to happen here than in some back alley someplace, isn't it? You're safe here, honey. I'm here to watch this. To see my bitch husband turned into his proper slut self.

Yes... I can see the way you're working that cock now. Like a fucking pro. And the more Dave moans and grunts, the hotter you get and the better you work.

Oh! He's ready! Get ready! Oh? Yes? Oh, here it comes. Here he comes. Right in... yes... Oh yes... Just swallow, honey. Don't try to fight it. Keep it all in. Swallow down every drop. Yes... isn't that good? Oh, you make me so proud, honey.

Come here, give me a kiss. That's a very good boy. You did a very good job, especially for your first time. That was your first time, wasn't it? I know. I know. Hush, I was just kidding. But that was very good. I can't wait to see how you do next time... which should be in about an hour or so when Dave's ready to go again.

We are going to have so much fun!