Life On My Knees

"Louis Friend gives bedtime stories a whole new meaning. This book is written from the perspective of the submissive male. Louis is able to weave fun and sexuality into societal taboos. What you learn from this book is that it's okay to enjoy what turns you on. A MUST read for every submissive male and every dominant female. Learn from the inside of the submissive mind." --

"The feel is of total immersion from the first paragraph to the ending words. The vivid imagery is sexually charged and intense. There are explicit details, but also tantalizing mysteries. [...] Life on My Knees is recommended to anyone needing a good book for entertainment. The book will at least intrigue, interest and entice quickly." -- Tyborg's Book Reviews

"[N]obody does "Daddy" quite like Louis Friend." -- Smutgirl Blog

Paperback:112 pages
Dimensions:6 x 9 inches

Enter the twisted mind of Louis Friend, proprietor of and author of bizarre sexual fantasies. Life On My Knees collects a bevy of sinful stories into one volume that will appeal to your prurient interests.

Topics include cuckolding, multiple sex partners, bondage, hypnosis, strap-ons, medical, ageplay, crossdressing, forced feminization, BDSM, D/s, and all variations of hetero and homosexual couplings.

This is not erotica. This is pornography. Adults only.

Stories include:

*Available only in the print version