May 18, 2008

Such A Mama's Boy

“Good morning, Michael. It’s time to get up, sleepyhead. It’s nearly 9 o’clock.”
“Sorry, Mama, I’ve just been so sleepy lately.”
“It’s okay, honey. You’re a growing boy. It’s to be expected. Here, I brought you a glass of milk.”
“Thank you.”
“Have you noticed all the changes that your body has been going through?”
“Yes, Mama, it’s pretty strange.”
“I bet! Tell me, Michael, has your penis been acting funny? It’s okay, you can tell me.”
“Yes, Mama, it has.”
“What does it do? Does it get stiff?”
“Yes, Mama. It does. And at the strangest times.”
“Oh! Do tell. Tell me when it gets that way.”
“It got that way at school the other day when Mrs. Beaton dropped her eraser and bent over to get it. I’m not sure what that means, Mama.”
(Laughs) “It’s okay, honey. That’s natural. Just because it gets stiff doesn’t mean anything, honey. Do you ever do anything to it when it’s stiff?”
“Yes, Mama. It feels good when I rub it.”
“Michael, I want you to show me how you do that. Mama wants to see.”
“Are you sure, Mama? I feel funny showing you my penis.”
“It’s okay, Michael. I’ve seen it before. I only want to help.”
“Yes, Mama.”
“That’s very nice. It looks very good when it’s stiff, or hard, like that. What do you think got it hard now?”
“I don’t know Mama. Should I rub it now?”
“Yes, Michael. Oh, that’s very nice. However, I think Mama can show you a way to make it feel even better. Would you like that?”
“Oh! Yes, Mama.”
“Here, let me wrap my fingers around it this way and then stroke it a bit. There, now, doesn’t that feel better?”
“Yes, Mama. Oh, it feels so good.”
“Good. When you rub it, what do you think about?”
“Mama, it’s the strangest thing. I get little pictures in my head of things and people.”
“Like what? Like who?”
“Well, Mrs. Beaton, Aimee – my friend from school, and sometimes even you, Mama.”
“Oh really? What am I doing in those little pictures?”
“I think of what you look like when you come out of the shower, Mama.”
“Ahhh. You like that? Good. Does this still feel nice?”
“Oh, yes, Mama. It feels so good.”
“Good. Ladies can make men feel good this way. Would you like to learn how men make Ladies feel nice? Would you like to make Mama feel nice and be her good boy?”
“Yes, Mama. I’d like to know.”
“Okay, I just need to open my robe. Is this how you picture me when you’re touching your penis?”
“Yes, Mama.”
“You like Mama’s naked body? Her big breasts?”
“Yes, Mama.”
“Good. That’s a good boy. I’m going to give you more to think about in a few minutes here. Now, get out of bed and get on the floor. On your knees. I’m going to sit here at the edge of the bed and you’re going to get to look at and taste Mama’s vagina.”
“Mama, I never knew what women looked like down there.”
“That’s right… you’ve only looked at Mama’s breasts and Mrs. Beaton’s ass. Here, look at Mama’s ass.”
“Oh, it’s so nice and rounded.”
“And, look here… Look at Mama’s pretty asshole. Now, before I let you lick my vagina, I’m going to have you practice a bit by licking here. Will you do that for me?”
“Yes, Mama.”
“Good. Now, take your tongue and lick around here. That’s good. That’s very good. Now, push your tongue into me a bit. In and out and back in again. Push it in as deep as you can.”

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