Dec 14, 2009

The Babysitter

Opening the door I hold my breath, not knowing what I'm going to find inside. Whatever it is, I'm resolved to just go with it. It's Thursday and it's time to play; I just never know the game or the rules. Frustrating? Yes, but fun too.

Emily is sitting on the couch, a trashy paperback in her lap and worrying her fingernails with an emery board. She's dressed in a shapely beige dress, trimmed in black. It reveals her shapely legs; wearing black stockings that disappeared under her high hem.

"Oh! You're home early, Mr. Garver," she says in surprise. "I thought you'd be back by ten." She looks down at her outfit and then back at me, sheepishly, like a kid caught raiding the cookie jar.

"Uh, how was your evening?" She stands, smoothing down her dress, adjusting her petite breasts.

I try to pick up her thread and work to spin a story...

"My evening was fine... until I walked in here and found you in my wife's favorite dress. What do you think you're doing, Emily?"

She stretches out her arms, palms up, and twirls. "It's just too nice to go to waste, Mr. Garver. You have a closet full of clothes that nobody wears anymore. What's the point?"

She tucks a stray strand of hair over her ear. The lamplight reflects off her glasses such that I can't see her eyes. I step closer to get a better view of her. She may be my wife but with her haughty attitude and horn-rimmed glasses, she seems a different woman... or girl... altogether. I'm still grasping for hints but feel I'm holding my own in this role-play, hoping to work my way into her fantasy, whatever that may be.

"My point is that I hired you for the task of watching my children, not to dress up in my wife's clothes and gallivant around my house," I say sternly, placing my hands on her shoulders.

She takes in a breath and gulps it down. Either I've gone directly to the heart of her fantasy or I've thrown us into a scenario that she hasn't contemplated but excites her. I can see her unmistakable flush, the color rising on her partially-exposed chest.

"I do a good job," she says quietly. "The kids are in bed. The kitchen's clean. I just saw this in your closet while I was putting away some laundry and wanted to see how it felt on."

"How does it feel?" I ask, my voice barely above a whisper.

She shudders. "Good." She looks up at me, almost at my height in her black high heels, "It fees good."

My hands grip her shoulders tighter, I feel the heat between us. I'm waiting for a spark to set us both alight.

"You look good too," I confess, "As good as my wife..."

She steps back, my hands fall numbly to my side. She takes the black sash that runs around her waist into her hands. In one quick movement she undoes the tie and opens up her dress, presenting her body to me. Her stockings end in suspenders under which she wears no underwear. Her black bra accents her pale skin, as does the large tattoo that stretches across her stomach -- a bird in flight with wings that stretch from breast to breast.

"As good as your wife?" she asks seductively.

She holds open her dress, allowing me to take her in.


I step to her, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other her back, pulling her to me, and pushing my lips against hers.

She opens her mouth and our tongues dance over one another. She moans when I squeeze her fabulously fleshy bottom. My other hand moves to her breast, finding a stiffening nipple. She likes it rough and I oblige, pinching it between my thumb and forefinger. I feel her weaken in my arms from the mix of pain and pleasure she loves so much. I move my mouth to her neck. She quickly pulls her hair aside leaving me an expanse of pale exposed flesh on which to feast. I kiss from her ear to her collarbone, placing small bites on her flesh between the long suckling kisses. Her moans vibrate the skin under my lips.

It takes all my self-control to not mark her. I don't want her going into work with bruises up and down her neck. I transfer my aggressiveness to my hands, squeezing and pinching harder, making her moan louder.

She reaches down to find my cock. I'm fully erect in my pants. When her fingers feel this she squeezes me, hard enough to make me grunt. I want her. I want to take her down to the floor and fuck her on the spot. Instead, she releases me and stands straight. I move back and allow her to turn. She makes it about two steps towards the hallway when I reach grab her, my left arm around her chest, my right hand sliding down to her pussy.

She's ready for me, slick with desire. I part the folds of her pussy with my ring and index finger to slip my middle finger inside. She leans back against me, pushing her ass against my crotch, allowing her head to rest on my shoulder. I kiss her shoulder as I massage her clitoris. It only takes a moment when I feel her body tense against me. She gasps and her body begins to shake.

"Ssshhh, you'll wake my children," I admonish and she gasps.

I feel her orgasm flowing through her. I slow my finger and feel her vibrating with pleasure.

I release her, standing her back up on her heels to let her try and get to the bedroom a second time. I follow her down the hallway, watching her legs under the hem of her opened dress. This time I let her get there. She puts one knee up onto bed and then the other. She crouches on the mattress, sliding down to let her head rest while keeping her ass in the air.

I raise her dress up, folding it over her back, giving me access to her ample ass. I kneel on the floor, my face even with her backside, and kiss her ass. I kiss one cheek and then the other, moving my face back and forth with smaller and smaller movements until I'm kissing around her tender pucker.

I reach up my right hand and slowly slide two fingers into her wet pussy while my tongue slowly trails around her asshole. I circle her, probe her, push into her... my tongue invading her tight hole while my fingers plunge into her pussy. I move up my other hand and find her clitoris again and begin stroking her in time with my tongue. Soon both hands and my mouth are all moving in time, my face buried between her cheeks and my arms moving to and fro, taking her closer to the edge.

I feel her pussy and ass tightening around my fingers and tongue. I add a third finger and push my tongue in as far as it can go. She's pulsing around me. I feel like I'm more connected to her than I've ever been.

The blankets muffle her gasps as she attains her second climax. Her pussy suddenly feels wetter and her asshole clenches around my tongue with such force that it almost hurts. I keep rubbing and fucking her with my fingers, relying on her to move away when she's had enough. She cums and cums, I feel her relaxing and contracting as she rides each wave of orgasm.

She looks back and beckons, "Please, I need you inside of me."

I carefully remove my fingers from her and reluctantly pull out my tongue. She crawls farther up onto the bed, losing her dress along the way, as I drop my trousers and shuck my shirt. Behind her I see the layer of sweat across her lower back. I trace my finger from the crack of her ass up her spine to her neck and put my hand on her shoulder. I pull her back onto me, sliding my cock home.

She mewls as I fuck her. She reaches beneath her and works her clitoris. I'm always highly amazed and slightly envious at just how orgasmic she is. The third one is never as strong as the previous two but it comes quickly. It arrives too soon. I feel her gripping me tighter, pulling me rapidly to her level. My breath leaves me. I hear the roar of blood in my ears and that's when everything goes black for just a second.

And when the world comes back I'm there with her; I'm cumming with her. Our bodies feed into one another as we peak.

Together we collapse in a sweaty heap. When she catches her breath she says, "Mr. Garver, I'm going to have to ask you for a ride home, now." We laugh harder than we have a right to as we wrap ourselves in the covers and drift off to sleep. Another successful role-play, one that I felt we'd revisit again someday soon.

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