Dec 21, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Family holidays are such a tiresome affair. Without fail I have to drive for ninety minutes to my sister's place where I suffer through the four or five hours of her and my mother's prattling.

There are a few things to enjoy at these gatherings. The food is always good and I love my niece and nephews. It's been wonderful seeing them grow up from the pipsqueaks they were when I met them to the nearly-responsible adults they were turning into.

When my nephew pulled into the circle driveway my first instinct was to panic. Seeing him behind the wheel of an automobile still seems strange as I just can't get used to him being north of 16, much less 22. And to see him get out of the car accompanied by a young lady just didn't compute for me either.

This was an auspicious occasion; Robert was introducing the family to his girlfriend, Cassie.

Wearing tight blue jeans and a college sweatshirt, there was just something about her that left me gob smacked. Maybe it was her long, blonde hair or her toothy smile. More, I think it was the way she seemed to size me up immediately at the front door when I welcomed her with the rest of the family. She wasn't unfriendly but, still, I felt like she looked down on me even though she was half a head shorter. Her smile bordered on a smirk and I wondered if I was the only one who could see that.

I shook it off, thinking that it must have been a trick of the mind, and tried to keep my eyes off of her as we all sat down for some small talk. A chilly Michigan afternoon, everyone fought for seats closest to the fireplace. The unlucky, like me, Rob, and Cassie, ended up on the couch farthest away from the warmth. My sister-in-law tried to remedy this with an over sized quilt but I was still fought a chill.

Rob sat on one end while I sat on the other, with Cassie between us. I listened as the rest of the family interrogated her; what was her major, where she grew up, what year of school was she in, how she and Rob met. I tuned out just about everything except for her. I wasn't even hearing her voice. I sat looking at her mouth as she talked, the way she pushed her hair over her ear, the swell of her breasts under the sweatshirt. I was thankful for the blanket as I felt the stirrings of a hard-on. I was feeling like a dirty old man.

And then I felt something else.

I felt the exploring fingers of a hand, like a hungry spider, crawling over my knee. Cassie kept right on talking as if nothing happened and I worked hard to keep the questioning look from flooding my face. But, undoubtedly, she moved her chilled fingers over my jeans, heading into my lap.

I thought I was saved by the bell when the oven timer went off, summoning my sister, brother-in-law, and mother off to the kitchen. Rob's attention turned to the football game on TV while Cassie's hand continued its movement towards my crotch. Before I could do anything to stop it, her fingers grabbed on to my erection. I turned my gasp into a cough and tried to move away from her but she held on tightly.

Looking at her, you'd never know what she was doing and I began to doubt that I was truly being groped, that it was all just some kind of hallucination. I felt her hot breath on my neck as she leaned over to whisper, "If you want more, meet me upstairs in fifteen minutes." With that, she released me, threw back the quilt so it piled onto my lap, and left. I watched her ass wiggle under her skirt as she walked away.

Rob continued watching the game as I suffered through trying to get my erection to subside enough to go visit his girlfriend. There should have been guilt but I felt nothing but lust mixed with frustration and impatience. I watched the clock and waited fourteen minutes before walking quickly to the stairs, trying to not raise suspicion.

I found Cassie waiting for me in Robert's old bedroom. Though he'd moved out to college years before, my sister kept it ready for his rare weekend visits. She remained clothed in her black leggings, heels, skirt, and red sweater. She stood at the window, her back to me. She didn't say a word as she turned to me and approached. I tried to speak but she shushed me, her hands busily undoing the buttons of my shirt. Though she kept her eyes towards mine, she continued looking through me, a wry grin playing across her lips.

Her hands found my belt and my pants hit the floor seconds later. I stepped out of my shoes and pants in two quick moves before she took down my underwear. I felt a little odd being naked in front of her while she remained clothed but was turned on enough not to care.

Her eyes finally focused on mine and I knew something fantastic was about to happen. She put a finger in the middle of my chest and pushed me. I wasn't sure what she wanted but she did it again... and much harder. So much so that I took a step back. She stepped forward and pushed me back again. We did this several times until I felt something against my back. I took a glance over my shoulder to see that she was pushing me into Rob's armoire. I cocked my head and she nodded; another push and I was in, the door was closed, and I looked at her through the cherry wood slats. I heard a click and her form moved away.

I pushed on the door only to find it locked. I pushed again, harder, and knew it'd take a lot to break the lock. Before I could do anything I heard a voice.

There are things that I never want to see and I witnessed one of them that day when Cassie began to strip my nephew. She sat down on the bed, across from where I was hidden, and took off his clothes, revealing his young, handsome body. This was the kind of boy that should be with Cassie, I thought, not an old worn-out man like me. She threw her hair back over her shoulder, allowing me to see her face clearly as she hunched forward and took him into her mouth.

I knew she was putting on a show for me. I don't know if Rob had ever had her perform the way she did that day as his frequent cries of "Holy shit!" seemed full of surprise. Cassie worked him, occasionally casting a glance back to the armoire, trails of saliva following her mouth. I couldn't help myself. I began stroking my erection, my knees weakening, as I watched her.

With one of these glances, she kept turning, moving toward me. I held my breath, afraid she'd unlock the door and expose me to Rob. Instead, she stood in front of the slats and removed her skirt before shimmying out of her tights. Beneath she wore no underwear. The downy blonde hairs of her pussy were trimmed into an inverted triangle

She backed away from me, her eyes staring straight ahead, defiantly. She stopped at the bed and crawled up onto it, getting onto her hands and knees, presenting herself to Rob. He didn't need any prompting; moving up behind her and pushing himself into her. She grunted, sucking her bottom lip inside her mouth and biting it. She looked from over her shoulder back to me, thrusting herself onto Rob as he fucked her. Little passion played across her face. Instead, she looked angry and determined as my nephew enjoyed her.

He moaned, he groaned, he practically squealed while she answered each thrust with a little grunt, sweat springing from her forehead and wetting the hair at her temples as she kept her looking at me -- or where she thought I would be.

My knees had buckled and I knelt inside of the armoire, my hand flogging my cock as I watched Cassie move up and down on my nephew's cock. I watched her breasts, still under her red sweater, swaying, slightly behind the pace of her hips. I worked hard to keep my breathing from getting to hard and loud as I abused myself.

Then, without warning, he came.

He withdrew, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box next to his bed, and looking back down at her as if he'd done something wrong by making love to her. He glanced at the clock radio next to the tissues and his eyes got wide. "I gotta get back to my family. Shit!"

He began pulling on his pants. Cassie reached out her arms, lowering herself onto the bed, rolling over slowly while crossing her legs. "You go ahead," she told him, "I'll be a few minutes."

He nodded. I don't think it'd have mattered what she said, he was determined to leave. By that time he was back together. I heard the door open and close quickly.

From the bed, Cassie reached across and unlocked the armoire door. It swung open slowly and I panicked. I didn't know whether to pull up my pants or not. I grabbed them, yanking them up around my waist, my hard on resting between the teeth of my zipper. I wanted to show her that she had aroused me and I hoped that she'd help relieve me of my erection.

I stumbled out of the armoire and she watched me as I moved around the bed to her feet. She uncrossed her legs. When I started to crawl onto the bed, my hard on zeroing in on her glistening sex, she shook her head.

"Go down," she commanded.

I gulped. Her inviting sex had turned to something abhorrent. She wanted me to lick her vagina with my young nephew's spunk dripping from her, slicking her legs. I looked at her, drinking her in, lust coursing through every nerve of my body. I went to my knees and tentatively licked her vagina. The unmistakable flavor of female was there, countered with a sickly sweetness.

I couldn't help myself. I began to lick her, cleaning her, plunging my tongue into her, supping up her wetness and Rob's cum. As I licked her she began to moan and mutter, "Eat it all up..." I found her clitoris and began playing my tongue against it. She pushed my head down away and said firmly, "Not until you've eaten every drop."

I did as she wished, licking and slurping at her pussy like a pig at a trough. It seemed that the more noise I made, the more excited she became until just a simple brush from my tongue against her clitoris threw her into hysterics.

I felt her legs pushing against my face before I realized what was going on. She was crossing them again, pushing me away from her and moving back. "That's enough," she said, turning around and climbing off the bed away from me. My blood racing and my head swimming, I watched incredulously as she worked her tights and skirt back on. She walked around me to the door where she slipped on her shoes, giving me a quick glance over her shoulder. "You'd better hurry up before they miss you. Dinner starts soon."

I tucked my erection into my pants, debating about masturbating before going back downstairs but Cassie was right; I would be missed if I wasn't at the dinner table on time.

I arrived just in time for grace. I stood between my sister and mother, taking their hands while my step father said a prayer. I looked around the room, seeing Rob and Cassie with their heads bowed. My cock twinged when I looked at them and I felt overcome with guilt, getting turned on while everyone muttered "amen" and took their seats.

Dinner was uneventful until Rob got up to refill his water glass and asked who else needed more to drink. "How about some pineapple juice, Uncle Louis?" he asked me. It was such a strange question that I stammered my ascent.

He set down a glass in front of me and I took a sip. It had the same sickly sweet flavor that I tasted when I went down on Cassie. That's when I realized that Rob had been aware of everything that went on. I tried to control the look on my face and not express the shock that ran through me. Rob walked behind me, back to the fridge, giving me a firm pat on the back as he went by. I looked over to Cassie who gave me a smile. That's when I knew that I'd be visiting my nephew and his girlfriend at college very soon.


fenfed said...

doesn't eating the nephew's jiz out of his girlfriend's cunt seem a little like incest to you? i mean, other than it seeming a little sick to me it also smacks of incest. especially since you are going to visit them at school...

just imagine what else you would do if you would participate in power-play sex with a relative and his girlfriend.

what were you thinking when you ate her snatch?

Liras said...

Delightful. Dirty, clever, twisted. Coiled like a filthy Mobius strip, the surprises kept coming, turning the story onto itself

Very nice!

Will be be back for more.