Jan 16, 2012

Caught in the Panty Drawer

You heard what I said and you know I hate repeating myself.

I told you to turn around and tell me why you've been riffling through my underwear drawer for the last twenty minutes. I've been standing here for almost the whole time so maybe it was more than that. But, I swear, I've been here for at least twenty, watching you. What's so fascinating about my panties that's got you so flustered? Show me what you've got in your hands. Now.

Holy shit. Oh, look at you! My red silk panties wrapped around your dick like a ribbon. It just about matches the head of your cock.

I'm sorry, were you just about to cum? It sure looks like it... That pre-cum dripping from you... you're not getting that on my panties, are you?

Want to hear more? Listen to the recording of this story by Mistress Fernanda.

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