Jan 17, 2012

Double the Fun

Through a rather fortunate series of unfortunate incidents (illness, travel, etc), the stars aligned and I was able to meet up with two of my dearest friends, Grace and Zoe, at one time.

The three of us had played together once before, years ago. It left me with indelible images which still fuel my fantasies. I had no grand expectations about this new meeting. I merely hoped to catch up with my friends and perhaps fool around a little.

You couldn't ask for two sweeter women, nor more different. We hugged hello and I couldn't help but notice that, in heels, they were both towering over me. I knew Zoe was tall but had forgotten how statuesque Grace was. They're both highly attractive in their own ways. Grace is this classic beauty, like a Greek statue. Dusky skin, piercing eyes, long dark curly hair. Zoe is a pale, thin girl with thick black hair drawn into two pigtails. Zoe often gets attention for her "Goth" look. Her eyebrows are pencil-thin and she usually wears an aggressive smile.

We came to this meeting with no "game plan." None of us had expectations, though Grace asked if there was anything she could bring. I had told her, "Maybe some toys," and left it at that. She had packed a grip that she placed on the nightstand when she came into the room.

They sat on the loveseat while I chose a chair. The three of us caught up for a while, talking about our lousy holidays, the crappy weather, and the shitty economy. Grace moved over to the bed and I followed suit, taking one of her feet into my hands. I began rubbing, hoping to help relax her.

It worked.

She got up and began stripping. Zoe moved over to the bed and I began kissing and caressing her. She took down her top, allowing me to bite and suck on her nipples, one then the other. We kept talking but I could tell that I was breaking her concentration.

It was all very nice and natural. Slow and easy. Chatting, kissing, touching.

Soon we were all naked, sitting on the bed and talking. I would rub Grace's legs, suck on Zoe's breasts, kissing her occasionally. As we discussed what kind of fun we could have together Grace volunteered, "I just got a new strap-on that we could try out."

Zoe almost jumped for joy. "Oh, my gosh! That would be so hot to see! I'm usually the one doing that but I never get to watch it!"

Yes, there would be no girl-on-girl strap-on action (though Grace offered that to Zoe), I would be taking Grace's strap-on if I was up for it.

I'm very much the kind of person that wants to please and, from Zoe's reaction, I couldn't refuse. Plus, I didn't want to. When it comes to ass play, I have to completely trust the person (or, in this case, people) that I'm with. I trust Grace and Zoe.

Grace wanted to work me up, afraid that I wouldn't be able to take her strap-on. I lay back while Grace got out a toy, some kind of vibrating ring that went around my cock and into my ass.

With Zoe leaning in front of me, working my cock with her hand, I couldn't see if I was hard or not. It was a strange sensation. It all felt so wonderful but I couldn't even sense my own erection. Grace worked the toy in and out of me, relaxing me, opening me up.

Zoe was just so excited, like a kid in a candy store. "Oh, this is so kinky!" she said, belying her tough girl exterior.

She and Grace took turns at my cock which was interesting since their styles are so different. Grace has this firm but slow style while Zoe is more aggressive. I felt like I was getting too close to cumming so I asked Zoe to come up and sit on my face for a while.

Grace announced that it was time to take out the toy and put on her strap-on. We talked logistics as she got ready. Which position would be best, what angle, would Zoe be in front of me or to the side to get the best angle as Grace plunged her cock inside my bottom?

I got on all fours on the bed with Grace up between my legs on her knees.

Zoe ended up to the side of me so she could watch as Grace angled her rubber cock just the right way before telling me to push back onto her so I could control the speed at which it went in. "This is so fucking hot," Zoe said as I finally felt myself give. It slid slowly inside of me and I felt like all of the world's pressures lifted off of my shoulders.

I couldn't tell you the last time I'd been fucked. It's been years and I missed it so much.

I slowly worked the cock into my ass, amazed at how much of a homecoming it was. I could feel Grace's hands on my bottom and was thrilled by the idea of Zoe watching this all happening.

This was the first time anyone's ever given me a reach-around. Grace's arm snaked around my left thigh and I felt her manipulating my erection. Zoe followed her lead, reaching underneath me. Soon Grace began concentrating on my balls while Zoe stroked my shaft.

Zoe moved to be in front of me. "If I was fucking you, I'd say all kinds of nasty things to you," she confessed.

"Like what?" I asked.

I began kissing her arm, moving up to her neck while Grace began fucking me harder.

"I'd say how nice you looked riding my cock and how you take it like a bitch." I almost came just from hearing her saying that.

I reached up with one hand and pushed her back so I could eat her out again while Grace fucked me with abandon. The three of use moved with one rhythm, my tongue flicking Zoe's piercing while Grace gave it to me fast and hard.

Coming up for air after Zoe had cum, I asked Grace how she was doing. She was ready to pull out so she could have her turn with my tongue.

She had me lay on my side while she went to get a warm washcloth to clean me up. So sweet. Zoe and I held one another.

After I was cleaned up, I laid back down. Zoe went to work on my cock again while Grace mounted my face.

What happened next was like something straight out of a Penthouse Forum letter, something that rarely works in real life. I was so excited feeling Zoe suck my cock while I ate out Grace, which then fed into Grace getting excited, that she and I managed to cum at the same time.

Just like the rest of the afternoon, it was a little bit surreal and a whole lot of sexy.

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