Jun 11, 2014

Candy Snatcher

A hand over your mouth. A handkerchief spritzed with something that knocks you out.

You slump to the ground.

When you awake, you're not sure where you are or what's happened.

But you feel the cold air against your now-naked flesh.

Your clothes are still there.

They've been cut from your body.

You try to turn your head to see where you are.

It's a concrete floor.

The walls look like they're corrugated steel.

It almost looks like a storage unit.

A bare light hangs somewhere above you.

Somewhere you can't see.

As your senses return you hear my footsteps.

I see you coming awake.

You hear the harsh rattling of chains.

Suddenly you're lifted slightly from the ground.

Your waist being pulled up.

Your arms being pulled out in front of you.

Your legs being pulled apart.

You being to struggle but find that you're unable to move.

You're trapped in a web of iron links.

Without warning you feel my fingers on your pussy.

I'm pushing them inside of you, roughly.

I feel your body fight me and I fight back.

Pushing two fingers inside you.

I pull them out, spitting on them, before pushing them back in.

Your body begins to react, despite your fear, your pussy begins to moisten from my spit and your juices.

Your body is so tightly strung there in this tiny unit that you can't even try to pull your legs back together.

But the more I fuck you with my fingers, the less you want to.

Despite everything, you realize that you're getting excited.

You hear the moan of the chains as I push my fingers deeper, as if I'm searching for something inside of you.

You throw back your head. You moan.

I know I have you now.

I withdraw my fingers.

You feel something else against your cunt now.

Something hotter.

You hope that you know what it is.

Your mind is begging for it.

You feel me push my cock into you.

You groan.

You want to push back but you're helpless to do anything.

You will take my cock at my pace.

You are just there to please me.

A set of holes. Tied up. Suspended. There to be filled.

And fucked.

I push in slowly.... feeling your body yield to my cock.

I drive deeper.

I feel your cunt grabbing at my cock. You groan again.

I place my hands on your ass and drive my nails into your tender white flesh.

So hard that I draw blood.

And now I begin to fuck you.

The chains rattle as I begin moving my hips back and forth, pushing deeper and deeper.

You hear ragged breathing and realize that it's coming from your own mouth.

I'm pushing harder and harder, straining the chains that keep you aloft and keep your pussy open to me.

You feel me grip your ass tighter, pulling you harder into me.

Fucking, fucking, fucking your cunt unmercifully.

Driving my cock impossibly deep into you.

You feel my balls slapping against you.

You realize that you've started to climax. You feel an orgasm fleeting through you.

You feel me getting closer.

You feel my movements getting slower and then faster again.

I'm going to dump my cum deep in your cunt.

I don't care if you cum or not. You're just there for me. For me to fuck.

You feel me start to spasm. My cock pounding hard now.

I grunt in time with my thrusts.

You feel me loosen my load inside of you as I cum.

I fill you up.

You feel me pull out. Cum dripping down your thighs.

Onto the concrete floor below.

You'll hang there for a little while longer before I allow the chains to loosen and let you collapse to the floor.

You hear a door slide open and try to determine the noises outside.

Is that the freeway?

Before it closes again, leaving you alone and desperate to cum.

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