Jun 14, 2014

Meeting Max

I have a new story available called "Meeting Max". It's available via Kindle. I hope people enjoy it. I went to some places that were a surprise to me. Get it here.

When I arrived at the coffee shop I looked around for the man I was meeting. Despite being fifteen minutes early, he waited for me. He smiled when he saw me and held up his hand. My cock twitched when I saw him. He looked even better in person than he had in his photos. We had been texting for two months, trying to line up this initial in-person meeting. Now I looked at him in the flesh, admiring his strong jawline, his dark hair (with just a touch of grey at the temples), ebony skin, and muscular arms.

As I got closer, he stood up to shake my hand. I stand at nearly six feet tall and he towered over me. His strong grip sent a shiver through me.

We sat and talked like two friends that hadn't seen each other in a while, catching up and talking a bit about our lives. Occasionally, he would ask a question that seemed innocent enough on the surface but carried a world of weight behind it. I would answer him as best I could. This was public talk about private matters. I felt a little like I was on a job interview and, perhaps, I was. He had reserved the right to either accept me or reject me, based on how well we got along at this meeting. We had discussed many things via the phone or online and our interests seemed similar but there had to be some kind of spark when we got together in person.

I found it difficult to think at times as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, my cock rubbing against the front of my jeans. I wanted to reach down and shift myself but I was afraid that I would want to leave my hand there while we spoke. He had talked me through several masturbation sessions and just the sound of his voice was enough to get me hard but seeing him in real life was almost more than I could take. Would he accept me? Would we adjourn back to his place? I tried to concentrate on what he was saying and answer as well as I could but the lust clouded everything.

His voice cut through the fog, saying what I had been dreaming of hearing, "Let's head back to my place."

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