Apr 18, 2009

Political Maneuvers Pt. 2

The following is a sequel to this story. Enjoy!

"...And when I see you Saturday, I don't want you to be wearing any panties, understood?"

"Yes, sir," came the reluctant response from the other end of the phone.

Anne had been under his thumb for two months. She hated every minute of it, especially when he pawed at her, telling her how lucky she was to have him for a brother-in-law. Her heart broke every time she saw her sister, knowing what a louse she was married to, recalling his grunts as he thrusted inside of her, feeling his beads of sweat landing on her back as he sodomized her time and again.

He made a point to call her every day, wearing her down, making her talk dirty to him as he masturbated on the other end of the phone. He bent her over the sink in his family bathroom during their Easter gathering, raping her ass while the kids hunted for colored eggs outside.

And now he was giving her instructions on how she needed to dress and act for the upcoming family reunion.

At the gathering, she catches him several times eying her lasciviously and this makes her heart jump. What it someone else sees the same thing? Is he really being that careful? There's already far too much drama in this family, she thinks, crossing her arms over her chest and holding her shoulders as if a chill has come over her.

She's alone in the kitchen, making herself a drink, when his arms wrap around her waist. She's startled and thinks that it's her husband until she feels him grind his cock into her ass. "Hello, slut," he whispers in her ear.

"What are you doing? Someone might catch us!" she hisses, her hands shakily raising the glass to her lips, trying to maintain her cool.

He shushes her before quickly undoing the button of her slacks and sliding a hand down into her pants, feeling her shaved pussy.

"Oh, good girl," he says smugly. "You look terrific. I want you. I want to be inside of you."

She gulps.

"Meet me upstairs in the guest room in fifteen minutes," he says, taking his hand out. Before she can protest, he's gone, the kitchen door swinging behind him.

Anne doesn't waste much time once she got back to the group, saying that she had the beginnings of a migraine and needs to lay down and hopes it got better. Her mother is remarkably understanding.

When she gets up to the guest room, he's already there, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Good girl," he says and crooks his finger, calling her over. She's afraid of being caught, disgusted by the power he had over her, and incredulous that she feels a flush of excitement wash over her when he calls her a "good girl."

She goes to him. He points to the floor and she gets down on her knees. He leans back, hands on the bedspread behind him, propping him up. She knew what she has to do.

She undoes his belt and pants button, lowering his zipper and opening the front of his pants. He's already hard, his cock straining against the front of his boxers. She gingerly fishes him out of his underwear before taking him into her mouth.

He groans, swearing under his breath. "Oh, how I love that sweet little mouth. I want you to come downtown to my extra place this week. Wednesday evening. I'm going to have a couple of friends try you out."

She chokes on him and came up coughing. "What? What do you mean?"

"I told you before; you're mine. You'll do what I want with whoever I want. Of course, they won't touch your pussy. That still belongs to your dear husband. But everything else is mine, isn't it?"

"Yes, sir," she says, her heart pounding. She looks at his cock, slick with her spit, and tries to stomach putting it back in her mouth but she's too distracted. "I can't believe you're going strange men men fuck me."

"Men? I said 'friends'. They're a couple. A man and a woman. I think he's going to enjoy reaming you out while you lick his wife's pussy."

She gasps again, "But... I've never..."

"You will, and you'd better do a good job. These are important business associates of mine. Now, cut the chatter. Strip and get up on the bed."

She does as he said, climbing naked onto the bed, her knees spread. She knows how he likes her to be. She feels his weight move the mattress behind her.

Without warning, she feels his finger enter into her asshole, rough and sudden. She nearly shrieks, biting her lower lip from doing so and raising alarm in the house. One finger become two. She's invaded, powerless, and then she experiences a new sensation.

"Yesss," she hisses, and she's shocked to hear herself say it.

She hears him chuckle and a third finger enters her, violating her even more.

She realizes, with horror, that she loves it.

"Yes, fuck me," she pleads, wanting to feel him inside her.

The head of his cock pushes against her asshole. "Show me how much you want it," he says, "Push back against me. Fuck yourself with my cock."

She grunts loud and low as she launches herself backwards, impaling herself on him. Her body protests against the intrusion, her ass working to accept his girth inside of her.

"Oh, god," she pants, wanting to take away the pain but needing it at the same time. Into her creeps the pleasure that comes with feeling him inside of her, lighting up her nerves.

Once he's inside her, he's anything but gentle. He takes hold of her long, brunette hair, keeping her on him. She feels him getting larger inside her.

He releases her hair just a bit and she begins to move forward, ever so slowly. She goes up as far as she can while keeping him inside before he pulls her back, slamming into her, his balls slapping her cunt, sending shivers up her spine.

He begins increasing the rhythm, feeling her ass grasping him, and he smiles. He listens to her breathing, short quick gasps. He fucks her in time with her breathing, loving being inside of her and knowing that he's bending her will to his.

He reaches under her and finds her clitoris, swollen and wanting. As he brushes it with his fingertips, Anne lets out an exquisite squeal. He feels her tighten around him even more. Anne moves in time with him as to keep the feelings flowing from her clit, allowing him to guide her by her hair.

She hears a noise, something droning, like a lawn mower outside. It finally crystallizes that it's her own moaning that fills her ears.

"Fuck me," she pleads. "Harder, make it hurt."

"Such a fucking little slut," he says, smiling, obliging, pumping her harder.

She's on a precipice and gladly jumps off, plunging headlong into an orgasm that shakes her to the core.

Her muscles contract with the peristalsis of pleasure, putting him over the edge as well. He cums hard and fast, pumping his load deep inside of her.

When he's spent, he feels her ass still spasm like a fish gasping for breath on dry land. He enjoys the experience for a moment before pushing her off of him.

"Get dressed and put yourself back together," he tells her. "Leave my cum inside of you. I want you to think about this for the rest of the day and feel me leaking out of you."

"Yes, sir," she says and then, unexpectedly, she adds, "Thank you, sir."

"Be at my apartment downtown Wednesday night at 8PM," he says as he does up his pants. He takes one final look at her, lying akimbo on the guest bed, before going back down to the rest of the family who are none the wiser.

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That was really hot - so hot that I read it twice and I'm going of for some 'me' time now. Fantastic!

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