Apr 14, 2009

The Games We Play

My friend, Ann, is in her mid-forties and has two grown children. Despite her age, she loves to get together with me on occasion and pretend that she's a little girl. Not too little -- she's not in diapers -- but she definitely likes to pretend that she's below the age of consent. She was afraid to tell me that she enjoys this as it's commonly thought that those who enjoy this kind of play are pedophiles. Ageplay to be a great release for people who enjoy roleplaying, being innocent, and relatively powerless. Plus, there's something quite delicious about the taboo especially when ageplay meets familyplay.

Ann is my "little girl." She calls me "Daddy" and I call her "girl." She often puts her hair in pig tails and wears a schoolgirl outfit. Most often we play at the seduction... Daddy coming home from work and punishing his little girl for a call he got from her teacher or principal. I take her over my knee and give her a spanking, telling her that she needs to be good. Doesn't she want to be good for Daddy? Doesn't she want to be Daddy's good girl?

"Oh, yes, Daddy. I want to be good for you! Let me be your good girl!" she pleads, her white cotton panties down around her knees, my hands perilously close to her sex. She's squirming on my lap, grinding against my cock while I admire the red patterns my hands made across her bottom.

"If you really want to be my good girl then you'll do something for me. Something that Mommy won't do. But it has to be our secret."

Her eyes get comically big, looking up at me with tears rimming her eyes. "Oh, yes, Daddy. Anything! I won't tell!"

I tell her to get on the floor. She starts to pull up her panties but I have her leave them down. She gets between my legs and I look down to see the swell of her pussy, full and open like a flower in the morning, faint traces of her dew around the tendrils of her pubic hair.

Putting my hand on her chin I say, "Daddy needs help with a problem he has. He gets these pains and the only thing that can help him is if Mommy kisses him in a certain way. But she won't do it. Won't you help Daddy feel better?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy. Why won't Mommy help you?"

"She gets tired of helping Daddy. She says that Daddy hurts too often. But you won't feel that way, will you, honey?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. I want you to feel better!"

"Good girl," I say, leaning back and undoing my buckle. I undo the button of my pants and lower my zipper. My cock is straining to be free and she sees the bulge of me stressing the front panel of my whitey tighties, now dappled with pre-cum.

Freeing myself I say, "This is Daddy's penis, honey. I need you to kiss me here."

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" she says before gently showering the head of my cock with little kisses as I held onto the shaft, feeling my pulse throb under my fingers.

She needs me to tell her what to do. She's acting innocent so I say, "That's good, honey. Now, lick it, like an ice cream cone."

Her kisses change to little laps as she runs the tip of her tongue over me, paying special attention to the underside of the head, knowing this drives me wild. She flicks, making my leg jump. "Slow down, honey. Now just put it in your mouth a bit."

"Like this, Daddy?" she asks, sliding the head into her mouth. I love watching me disappear into her.

"Yes...." I moan, "Just like that."

I feel her tongue working, sliding up and down along the underside of my cock while she suckles me with her lips. I take her right hand off of my thigh and wrap it around my cock. "Hold it tight, baby girl, and rub up and down."

She does this obediently and moans. "It feels so nice, Daddy. It's so warm and it makes my mouth tingle. Am I doing it right?"

"Yes, honey. You're doing a great job. Try to take more of it in your mouth and move your head up and down a bit."

"Okay, Daddy.... I'll try.... but it's so big!"

I chuckle a bit to myself. My cock isn't that big but Ann always likes to pretend that it is... when she's so "little." She moves her mouth over me, her lips sliding down my shaft while she rings the base with her thumb and forefinger, gently tugging at me as she slides more and more of me into her mouth.

She looks up at me with her big, innocent eyes as she takes me deeper and deeper, pleasing me. Pleasing her Daddy. I knew what this was doing for her.... to her. I knew that if I reached down and felt her pussy that she'd be sopping wet. But that's not part of the plan.

Sometimes I tell her that her mouth isn't enough. Daddy needs to do something else that Mommy won't let him do.

Other times she asks for more. "I want to do everything that Mommy does for you," she begs. I tell her that I'll do something close... but that my girl needs to stay a virgin.

Either way, my girl gets fucked in the ass.

But, tonight, Daddy's little girl is bringing me closer and closer to cumming with her sweet mouth.

"Oh, yes, baby. That feels good. You're making Daddy feel so good. Daddy's going to give you a treat. Just keep doing that and he'll give you some candy. Daddy's warm, rich candy, right in your mouth," I say, laying it on thick. She moaned around me, taking me even deeper, and I found release in that moment.

Her eyes went wide again as she swallowed Daddy's load. She kept me in her mouth, suckling me gently until I told her that she was a good girl and patted her head.

She released me and, taking her by the shoulders, I had her lean back. "Now it's Daddy's turn to make you feel good," I said.

I reached between her legs, feeling her sex slick with desire. I found her clitoris and took it between my thumb and forefinger, rubbing it gently.

"Oh, Daddy, that does feel nice," she cooed.

"Good," I said, rubbing her nubbin, feeling her rock against my hand. "Be sure to keep our secret and Daddy can make you feel like this all the time."

I slipped a finger inside of her, making my hand into a claw, my thumb on her clitoris, three fingers plunging inside of her pussy. My pinky I slide snugly into her anus and she gasps before driving herself farther onto it.

She was using my hand now to pleasure herself, bucking against it, my fingers going deeper inside.

"Yes, little girl. Lose control for me. Lose control for Daddy."

She let go of an ear splitting scream as she came on my hand. I felt her pussy gush and grasp at my fingers like a hungry mouth, the hard suckling slowing with each gasp for breath.

I finally pull my hand free and she collapses in a heap.

"Thank you, Daddy," she says, weakly.

I smile and lean back, considering doing up my trousers but feeling my cock stiffening again as I look down at my disheveled "daughter" and contemplating fucking her.

I smile to myself and think fondly of the games we play.

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