Apr 3, 2009

Second Book?

I'm thinking of taking two stories from my first book that both have a robot theme and making a full-length work out of them. I've got a few ideas about where the story can/should go but I'm VERY curious as to what other people think. Would anyone be so kind as to take a gander and give opinions?

Thank you!

Here are some images for inspiration:

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Anonymous said...

I like these two stories very much. Somebody has already said this, but I really like the fact that the Master seems to think that she is a 100% artificial doll without emotions.
Personally, I would like to know more about other CET models- and their experiences and stories. I also would like a continuation of the original story, but unfortunately no great ideas come to mind about the topic of those stories :)- all I can imagine has to do with the antagonism of her still being human and him leading his normal life ( --> he falls in love with a "real woman" etc.... boring stuff, you know ^^). Thank you for your stories and I really hope you have better ideas than me.