Oct 22, 2012

Hair Razing

This will be a four step process. Over the years I've tried to take out a step but have found that this is simply the best way. I've laid out everything that I'm going to use on you and I'm sorry that the reality of this situation isn't going to match the fantasy you've, no doubt, held in your head for all this time. This isn't a simple matter of slathering you with some solution that's going to remove all of the hair on your body.


We're going to be here all afternoon, darling. As with everything involved in transformation, there's a price that must be paid for the big reward. I'm starting with the clippers. Right here on your belly.

Don't pull away.

This will take care of a lot of the hair, yes, but you'll be astounded just how much there is left. This may pull a little bit but it certainly feels better than waxing... and no blood... well, very little we hope.

Can you feel the way the air in the room has changed with the more hair you lose? Can you feel the little drafts that you weren't able to before? If not, you will... the world is about to feel very different for you. It's like I'm going to take the blinders off of you.

I love these clippers. They just cut through that mangy coat like butter. Look at that pile of hair that came off of you. It's enough to make a small dog. Now, second step. This trimmer on my electric shaver goes a lot closer. And now I'll be getting a lot more intimate... Up and in and around and down.... All over this body that I own. The body you gave over to me when we first met. The one that I knew had potential but needed work. Now it's time to do the work.

There, so much hair hidden in secret places. All of it coming off. Coming clean. Just like you. There's not going to be a hair left on you apart from the hair on your head, darling. Good. You're looking so much better. Do you feel better too, dear? (Blowing) How do you like the feel of me blowing along your chest? Your skin feels more sensitive... how about your nipples? Doesn't that feel nice... Now for step three. I'm going to slather you up with shaving cream. Sometimes nothing beats the old traditions. I know it feels strange on your skin. I'm sure it's been years since you've felt anything on your nearly bare body.

I need you to stay perfectly still now as I use my razor. Yes, feel it just peeling away all of that remaining hair. Down to the skin. Oh, yes. That's looking so nice. Smooth like a baby's bottom or, in your case, like a girl. Yes. Look at how nice and smooth your legs are. So shapely. I'm going to shave every last inch. You even have hair on your toes, did you know that? But you won't after today... All gone. Just like the rest. Let's work this blade into every nook and cranny, every crevice. You poor thing, you don't know whether to be excited or scared as I hold your little thing and shave here between your legs. Don't be scared, little girl. I want you in tact. I want you pretty for me. You do want that, don't you?

Yes, I thought you might.

All right, we've reached the final step. I'm going to slather you with this depilatory. A nice thick cream all over you. Imagine that. Now, this may burn a bit but it will be worth it. Think of it as me burning away the last remnants of your masculinity.

I'm going to get down here, between your cheeks. Every last bit of you. There's no place you'll have hair just like there's not going to be a trace of the boy in you left. This will take a bit. I'm going to set the timer on my phone to let me know when I can wipe you down and get that last bit of hair off of you. While we wait, I'm going to have you look at me. Look at my arms. See how the skin looks? See how smooth? Feel my wrist here across the back of your cheek. Isn't that nice? That's how smooth you're going to be, my sweet sissy. And, look at my legs. See how nice they look? Yours won't ever look this nice but your legs will be similar. Yes, and imagine when I have you put on stockings over your bare legs. That's going to blow your mind, honey. And the panties that I have for you. Nice and snug. Imagine the lace hugging your bare hips and bottom.

It's time. I've got the warm water and washcloth to wipe you down.

Oh, yes.

Everything's coming off with this. There isn't even a speck. All off. I'm sure this washcloth feels odd to you, going right up against your bare skin. This is the world I was telling you about. All these new sensations. All thanks to me. And, yes, you may thank me now. Look at yourself in the full-length mirror and thank me as you see your new body. Do you even recognize it? It's a new you, sweetie. A new you that's all mine.

All clean and smooth, yes.

Now, sit that butt down on the bench there. Oh! Yes, it's cold, isn't it? A lot colder than you might ever recall. Just sit there, dear, and let the feeling soak in. Here, take these, and put them on. That's right, point your toe and roll those onto your legs, one at a time. Isn't that something.

Yes, it's a whole new world, isn't it? You've worn stockings for me before, this very pair, but they feel even more wonderful now. I know. Now, stand up and run your hands over them. Now the panties. Here. Yes, black lace, your favorite. And, yes, they look so nice in contrast to your pale, smooth bottom. So good that I've got to take a picture. Oh, yes, that's perfect. Lift up your arms. It's the bra that matches those panties. Now you can feel how that lace is on your skin, and how it rubs against your nipples. And I tightly secure the straps around you. Perfect.

Yes... that is perfect.

You look like such a pretty girl. My pretty girl. I'm going to make my pretty girl's transformation complete now.

I'm going to make her feel like a proper girl. Because now I'm going to take her and fuck her like a girl. It's not use to protest, darling. You knew this was coming and you know you want it. It's time. I want you to get down on all fours right there. Don't worry, you won't snag your stockings. That's right. Oh, I can see that you're ready. I see the way you've got your butt up high in the air for me.

That's good. Mmm, I like running my hands over you even more now. It's so nice. And can't you feel my hands even better now? Feel the warmth from my body. Can't you feel my legs near yours? And can't you feel the head of my cock sliding up and down the crack of your ass like never before? Even the pressure against your sweet little rosebud.

It feels different, doesn't it? Better. More immediate. Show me how much you want this. Show me you're mine. Push back onto my cock. Open yourself to me. Oh, that's right. Oh, yes. You're taking my cock so sweetly. I love seeing it disappear inside of you. Inch by inch. Seeing you open to me. Seeing you take my cock and hearing you moan.

And when I smack your ass it feels so much more real, doesn't it? So much sharper and harder. And that means you'd better move that sweet ass and take my cock good. Fuck yourself, bitch. Fuck yourself with my cock. I'm going to keep smacking that ass until it's bright red.

Oh, fuck, girl. You do that so well.

You're just a natural at taking my cock, aren't you? Shit, you're going to make me cum. You're going to feel me cum right down deep inside of you, my pretty girl. Take it. Take it. Yes, take all of me, bitch, and tell me you love it.

Good. Good girl. Now get up and pull your panties up. I've got the rest of the outfit for you to put on for when we go out tonight.

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