Oct 12, 2012

Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Though so much of this blog is dedicated to what's between my legs, what's there doesn't often get between my ears. That is, I don't often think objectively about my own penis.

I'm not sure if I've ever stated this on the blog before but I'm not circumcised. It's not something I've brought up because it's not something I think about. It's just me and it doesn't come to mind very often. It only ever crosses my mind when I hear pieces of the never-ending debate about whether it should be done or not. I was assaulted by such a discussion this morning when the clock radio went off, exposing me to the raving lunacy of the "morning zoo" on 96.3FM.

The way that the hosts (one male, two females) spoke about uncircumcised penises was akin to someone jeering at a circus sideshow of freaks. Suddenly, I had Frankenstein's monster between my legs according to these yahoos. The depth of these people's reactionary ignorance never fails to astound me but I don't usually feel like I'm being attacked the way I did this morning.

Listen to the offending discussion

Oversensitive? Perhaps. It just put me in a very strange mood this morning. Then, as things often do, it was followed up by a coincidence. A few hours later I got an email from a recent play partner who said, "I'm curious how it will be to actually have sex with someone who hasn't been circumcised... That will be a first." When I told her about how monstrous my member is seen by these morning show jerks her reply made me smile, "I like it. More to touch, more to nip with my teeth. It was difficult to keep my surprise in check so you didn't think I was repulsed. Which I was not."

Thank you. It's good to hear that my natural state isn't as disgusting as Blaine and Allyson would have be believe.

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