Feb 25, 2008

The Master Returns

It was Saturday morning and just about time for Master to arrive. We had been seeing each other once a week for the past three years. The remarkable thing is that we never seemed to do the same thing twice. Sure, there were things that simply melted me that he knew about and would indulge me in from time to time but every time with Master seemed fresh -- a new adventure where I never knew we'd end up or the journey to that destination. All I knew is that I trusted him with my body and soul. I gave myself to him fully every time we met and the reward for that was pleasure and satisfaction beyond my wildest dreams.

I had gotten up early to give myself a colonic and shave my legs. I knew I couldn't shower too early as the scent, feel, and look of my wet hair pleased my Master. I loved when he would get behind me and smell my hair before taking in it his strong hands and pulling. The exquisite pain was a favorite sensation. More, when he grasped my hair I felt fully controlled. My eyes would roll back in my head and I swear that I'd start salivating with the hope that he'd take my head and fuck my mouth whenever he had me like that.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was dressed simply; white top, black stretch pants. Master never had me in the trappings of anything other than "normal, every day dress." There was no artifice there. Master wanted to have the woman I was every day, not a version of her made especially for him. He wanted to take me, the real me. It certainly saved me a lot in lingerie. I'd served other so-called "Dominants" in the past and it seems like they enjoyed nothing more than spending money on them, even if it was just to stock my drawers full of so much flimsy lingerie that I ended up looking like a reject from a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog.

I was kneeling in my living room. The only sounds were the ticking of the wall clock and the pounding of my heart in my ears. I tried to control my racing heartbeat by breathing in and out, slowly. This was some of the most treasured time for me; the waiting in anticipation before I heard Master's car pull up my driveway. Despite myself, I felt that I was getting sexually excited. I tried to calm myself and not think of anything other than my heart.

To be continued.

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