Jan 2, 2009

Letter from Sissy Camp

Dearest Mommy,

The Wardess has given me fifteen minutes to write You a status update from Sissy Camp. Thank You so much for sending me here, Mommy. It's been a wondrous learning experience.

As always, You were so right, Mommy. The Women here have proven beyond a doubt that i am a complete sissy. From the first day i arrived when they stripped me down and put me in new panties. They were quite amused to see that i already had panties on -- the pretty pink pair You put me in that morning.

The Wardesses are preparing me for some of the things You've told me that You want from me. On my first full day of classes, i spent ten hours on my knees, learning how to suck cock. They started me out on a strap-on, just like You've done in the past. They taught me how to hold it, lick it, and love it. In the afternoon they brought in a few Men for us to practice on. These were real Men, Mommy, not sissies like me and my classmates.

The Wardesses were pleased with me as i managed to bring five of the Men to orgasm, more than any other sissy in class. i hope this makes You proud, Mommy. i hope, too, that i can show You how much i've learned. i kept thinking of what You've said, that You want me to be such a good sissy cocksucker for Daddy and all of my Uncles.

Mommy, i miss You so much. It feels like years since i've seen You, not days. Being here makes me see what You've been telling me for so long; that i'm made to serve, that my mouth has been built for pleasing, and that i am Yours completely.

i have to run now, Mommy. The new day is starting and today's the day we learn how to take it up our boypussies!

- Your pet

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