May 27, 2009

High School Bully Part 3

This sequel to High School Bully was originally written by Billy at Lush Stories. I rewrote it with his permission.

Billy was Tony Fox's bitch. Billy thought he was the only one.

Billy wore a pair of black lace bikini panties, a matching garter belt, stockings, short skirt, and a sheer crop top. Using the mirror behind the well-stocked basement bar, he finished applying his make-up; painting his lips with the bright crimson lipstick Tony liked so well.

Turning to face him on the couch, Billy blushed. Tony was smiling at him with a mixture of self assuredness and lust. Tony knew that Billy was his. He was stroking his thick cock as he ordered Billy to lift up his skirt. Billy was hard, the head of his erection poking out the top of his panties.

"It's time for worship, bitch," Tony growled.

Billy sat down, smoothing out his skirt, trying to be the prettiest girl he could be for Tony. He leaned over to kiss Tony but he wasn't having it. Instead, Tony grabbed his head and forced him down onto Tony's cock. Billy took it, gladly. It filled his mouth and he began to work the head of it with his tongue, his lips locked around the rim.

Tony used a remote control to turn on the VCR. The flickering images drew Billy's eyes up to the images on screen and he almost choked on Tony's cock when he saw Michael from his advanced algebra class! There on screen was Michael, lifting up his skirt just as Billy had done. Michael was crying and Tony snapped a picture of him. It must have been Michael's first time with Tony; Billy remembered crying just like that the first time Tony had used him.

Billy felt a twinge of jealousy. He'd always had a secret crush on his classmate but never thought that Michael would ever swing that way. Now Billy was watching him with a mouth full of cock and wished that he was in Michael's mouth. Michael was pretty but Billy knew he's look prettier soon enough. Tony would remake Michael into the kind of girl Tony likes. Michael would have to start shaving his legs, learn how to apply his own make-up, and expand his wardrobe to include more sexy lingerie.

Billy began to fantasize what it would be like to suck Michael's cock. He began working Tony's massive tool with fervor. Tony rewarded him with a hot mouthload of cum which Billy swallowed greedily.

When he had recovered, Tony told Billy to "Get dressed and get out."

Feeling like a cheap whore, Billy asked, "What about tomorrow?"

"I'll let you know," Tony replied and, looking at the television he added, "I've got a new bitch to train."

Slipping on his jeans and jersey, Billy rubbed his still-hard cock. He knew that he wasn't jealous of Tony being served by Michael. Rather, Billy had longed for Michael before he even knew what kind of fun he could have with another man. Perhaps once Michael had gotten a good taste of lace, Billy could approach him and share his secret. He could almost feel Michael's hand on him...

The world exploded in a flash of white as Billy loosed his orgasm onto the tile of the changing area. He hadn't realized that he was touching himself enough to make himself cum. He panicked, wondering if Tony had heard him. When no inquiry came, Billy wiped up the floor, zipped up his pants, and left, hoping to come back to Tony's basement again soon.

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i like it when girls wear mini skirt plus pony hair... it looks so naughty and hot...

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