Jun 29, 2009

A First Lesson

The following is my entry into Teresa Bowers's Free Audio Story Contest. Enjoy!

Wendy, it's time to get dressed for evening! Come join me in my dressing room.

That's a good girl. It's time to get prettied up for this evening. For our guest. Don't look so shocked. I'm sure I mentioned it last week.

No? It doesn't matter. It's not like you'd have a say about it. Though you are going to be the "guest of honor"... so to speak. You'll be a "party favor".

Now, mince over here in your high heels. That's right, make sure your bum moves the right way under your skirt. Oh, that's very good. You've been practicing your walk, I can tell.

For tonight, my pretty, I have the perfect outfit. Strip out of what you're wearing now. Oh, I can see you're excited about the party already.

I don't mean to giggle but, my, it's always amusing to see that little bump between your legs and think about the first time you came on to me, thinking that you were some kind of man. We both know better about that now, don't we? You're much more suited to panties and brassieres than any kind of male accoutrements, aren't you, pretty girl? Yes, that's right, "Mommy" knows best.

Yes, strip down. Everything. Yes, even your stockings. I want to make sure your legs are smooth enough. It's been two days since your last treatment and, mmmm, yes... they're so silky smooth. I think that the laser treatments are paying off. They're painful... to you... but the results are so good. By the end of the summer you're not going to have a hair left on your body.

For tonight it's not stockings but these knee socks. That's right. Roll 'em up. Very nice. And no lace. It's white cotton panties for you. They may look plain but, oh, how nice they fit on you. Here's a blouse for you. White, button down. It looks similar to what you used to wear but it's cut to enhance your more feminine shape. Yes, that's nice. And the skirt. Plaid, pleated, it goes down to your knees -- one of the longer skirts I've allowed you to wear, isn't that right?

And, the coup de gras, your saddle shoes. Oh, how striking! You're the picture of innocence, dear. But we both know that the heart of a slut beats inside you, don't we? Yes, she wants to be a good girl for her Mistress but we both know that she's still controlled more by that nubbin between your legs than anything else, don't we? I just need to find proper... motivation... to keep you in line, don't I?

Let me check your make-up. I think we just need a touch-up. Purse your lips. That's right. Oh, you're getting to be a natural at this. But I suppose that's only fitting. We both know that being a girl is what you truly need to be. And, tonight, you're going to find out another perk of that. Don't look so surprised, especially when we're not done blotting your lips. You agreed that being a girl is what you really need and want. Well, I'm continuing your education. Tonight you're going to be taking a big step but you needn't be worried. I know you'll do fine.

Stand up, do a turn. Oh, yes, that's very nice. You're my sweet little school girl. And here I am, to help and teach you, just like always.

And there's the doorbell. Perfect timing! You're to wait in the living room and I'll get the door. Just sit patiently and remember that first impressions are everything, dearest.

Wendy, darling, your date is here. This is Brad from down the street. I've told him all about you and he's been simply dying to meet you. Now, how do you greet a guest? With a big curtsey, yes. Very nice. Isn't she adorable, Brad? She's prettier than I said? How you flatter, Bradley!

No, Wendy, there are no other guests tonight. Sometimes it only takes a three to make a party. Scoot over and let Brad sit next to you. Don't be shy, Brad. She won't bite. She'll do a lot but not that. I promise.

There, now, don't you two make a handsome couple? You two get to know each other while I go get some refreshments. Brad, remember what we discussed. Wendy is here for you. "No" isn't a part of her vocabulary... any more.

Here's the tea and biscuits. Brad you're more than welcome to... oh! My goodness, don't stop on my account! I'm glad you two are getting along. Tell me, though, Brad, is Wendy a good kisser? Oh, good. She does have a talented tongue, doesn't she?

I'm glad that you're not being shy, Wendy. Your first boyfriend and you're taking to it like a duck to water. Or a slut to cock might be the better analogy. Look at how excited you've got Brad. See that bulge in his khakis? Brad's a real man, dear, and he's got a real man's equipment. And I bet you're just dying to see it, aren't you? Go ahead, you can admit it. Now's not the time to be shy, sweetheart. Think about how good Brad's making you feel with his kisses. Wouldn't it be nice to make him feel good in return? Don't you want to be a good hostess to our guest?

Trust me, Brad doesn't mind. Do you Brad? No, he doesn't mind a bit. Unbutton his trousers. That's right. Oh, you can feel the heat from him under your fingers can't you? Unzip him. You can barely hold onto the zipper, your hands are shaking so bad, honey. It's okay. Slide it down. Good girl.

Now, peel open his pants. See it against his underwear? Yes, that's what you've been craving for all your life. It's okay to admit it. It's fine. Take down his underwear and see what a real cock looks like.

Oh, it's gorgeous, isn't it? So big, and so hard. I know, it's difficult to concentrate when Brad's nibbling on your neck. But drink it in, honey. Look at what a real man has. That's a real cock, not like the clitty you have in your panties.

Ask Brad if you can touch him, Wendy. Tell him how much you want to. Yes, that's right. Tell him how many nights you've dreamt of holding on to a cock. Let it out, honey. Confession is good for the soul. And your words are good for Brad. He's getting even harder. Brad's good with it, honey, so wrap your fingers around him. Feel him.

Yes, that's good, isn't it? So hard and hot in your hand. Oh, and look at you, stroking him gently. That's so sweet! You're a good girl, making him feel nice. Is she doing that well, Brad? Oh, good. I'm glad to see that she knows how to please a man. That's what good girls do, Wendy. And you want to be my good girl, don't you? Mmmm, good.

Look at that little bit of wetness at the end of Brad's cock. He's really liking this, Wendy. Now, be a dear and clean that off for Brad, won't you? No, not with your fingers. With your tongue. But, first, you need to ask permission. You need to ask Brad if you can take his cock in your mouth. Go ahead. You know you want it. Yes, you do.

That's nice, Brad. Thank him, Wendy. Thank him for allowing you to take him into your mouth. Thank him for giving you what you want... what you need.

Get down there, on your knees. Yes, that's it. That's where you belong, Wendy, on your knees. Now, kiss just the head of Brad's cock. Kiss it and thank him again for allowing you to service him.

Aww, that's so cute and sweet. How does he taste, Wendy? You like it? Good. You're going to taste a lot more of that. Run him along your lips, let him feel you. Now, take him into your mouth. Just the head of him.

Isn't that good, Wendy? Isn't that what you've always wanted? Yes, I know it is. I know what's best for my girl. It only you'd remember that more often! But I know, honey. I know it's difficult to admit just how much of a little slut you are. Take more of him in, now. Brad's being very patient with you. Is she doing a good job, Brad?

Good. Feel free to grab her hair and help guide her down the length of your cock. That's right. Oh, that looks so nice. She's taking all of you so well. I always said that she was born to do this. Mmmm, my natural born cocksucker. Hold her head down, Brad. Let her feel your cock deep in her throat. Let her get used to that feeling. This may be the first cock she sucks but we all know it won't be her last.

Yes, Wendy, you heard me right. I've got lots of cock lined up for you. You're a natural and you're going to learn how to please every kind of man. I know that that's what's best for you... and you're going to love it. But, for now, there's only Brad's cock that you need to worry about. Suck it good, darling. Please him. Be a good cocksucker for him.

Pump her face, Brad. Make her go at the rhythm you want. Use that little slut. Teach her what you need to make you cum. Give her her first load.

Get ready, Wendy. You're going to grow to love the taste of spunk. Every load tastes a little different, hon, but they all share the hot saltiness of real men.

Oh? Yes? Do it, Brad. Oh, Wendy, your eyes are so wide. Drink it down. Yes, swallow him. Yes. Suck him slower, now. Just drink, fill your tummy with him. That's a good girl. Now, just lick him lightly. Nice. That's a good girl.

Well, Brad? How was she? Yes? Oh, I'm so glad to hear it. Of course you can come by tomorrow. Oh, tonight? Yes. She's yours all night, Brad. You can have her whenever you're ready... and, yes, in any way you want. Wendy's got a lot to learn, that's why she's our little schoolgirl tonight. I think you'll be a good teacher, Brad.

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Despotic Desire said...

I like how it reads. I can visualize Wendy now!