Jan 13, 2010

Dirty Stories for TrainREK Media

Repositng from FetLife...

If you've ever written an erotic work, we can help you find a new audience! We're currently looking for new literary content for a new show that will be premiering on The TrainREK Media Network after it's May 1st launch. The station is built by kinky people, for kinky people. Upon sending us your stories, our talented voice actors will read them on the air. Authors will be given full credit, and we can even promote your blog or website.

What kind of erotic stories are we interested in? The answer is...ALL KINDS! It can be of any length! They can be true stories, fantasies, themed stories(medieval, sci-fi, western, etc). They can be classy romance stories(as long as there's some sexual content), or they can be downright raunchy! Our listeners will love it all!

If you'd like to submit your story please send an email to stories@trainrekmedia.com with the following content:

  • your story attached as either an .rtf or .doc file
  • your name(however you want to be credited on the air)
  • links to your website or blog if you wish>

Visit http://www.trainrekmedia.com/ for more information!

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