Feb 23, 2010

My Time in The Fortress...

Somewhere in Chinatown behind a nondescript door on the fifth floor, Mistress Kang welcomes clients into her world; Fortress NYC.

Mistress Kang was recommended to me by Miss Alice Skary of North Carolina. Unlike some white guys, I don't have a "thing" for Asian women. Rather, I have a "thing" for smart, attractive women and Miss Alice saw that Mistress Kang has her shit together.

When I first contacted Mistress Kang via her helpful and easy-to-navigate website, she responded quickly and professionally. She maintained a friendly and professional attitude throughout all of our online correspondence.

One of the posts on her website's forum discussed how great Mistress Kang is at providing recommendations of Dommes at Forstress for potential clients based on their needs. After outlining some of my fantasies, Mistress Kang came back with two Dommes that might have suited me. I settled on Mistress Zhao, a perky and petite woman whose website profile professed "she has the advantage of armchair psychology and a ball gag." That sounded perfect to me.

The three words I'd use to describe Fortress NYC are: "Safe", "Clean", and "Professional". Coming up to the entrance of the facilities, I was buzzed in, had my ID checked, and buzzed into the main hallway of the establishment where I was instructed to visit The Steel Room - a serene space equipped for a wide variety of play including medical. In the foyer to The Steel Room I was greeted again by Mistress Jessica via the elaborate closed-circuit / intercom system. She instructed me to get ready before she'd buzz me into The Steel Room proper. The foyer had places to hang up my clothes and there was a sign offering to charge my cell phone while the session was going on. This really helped me out as NYC was draining my battery with my reliance on Google Maps to get around.

I won't give a blow-by-blow recap of my session with Mistress Zhao. (I'll save that for a story). But I will say that she immediately put me at ease upon arrival. As friendly as she is beautiful, we discussed my limitations and my few expectations. I didn't want to be frustratingly vague, telling her that I was very open to new experiences and was willing to go where she wanted to take me.

She created a mental landscape that we played against during our blissful hour-long session, taking me to some great places during our time together. I love being talked to during a session and she did that incredibly well. Additionally, when I saw the electrical gear available to us I asked if we could utilize it. Turns out, it's one of her specialties.

I really can't say enough nice things about Fortress NYC. Suffice to say that I wish there was someplace as well-run in Detroit and that I plan on visiting the Fortress again the next time I make it to the Big Apple.

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