Apr 6, 2010

Scratching My (Bald) Head

I can understand giving someone a compliment out of the blue. That's a nice thing. But an insult? I would think that your momma done taught you better.

Over the past few weeks I've gotten a number of comments on my collarme.com profile that either pointed out the obvious or just flat out were meant to insult me.

You see, I'm a hairy guy. I have been since the onset of puberty. Well, hairy everywhere except for the top of my bald head. But damn hairy everywhere else.

I'm not a fan of it. In fact, I hate it. I've even gone so far as to have extensive laser hair removal done to my back. It cost me thousands of dollars and really didn't do much for me. The hair just keeps on coming. And it's still thick as a bear skin rug on my chest, butt, arms and legs. It's just a fact of life.

So, to see a picture of me and comment, "You sure are hairy," just puzzles me. I suppose it's a little like seeing a tall person and asking them, "How's the weather up there?" However, most people don't say, "You're so tall that it turns my stomach" and that's the other kind of comment I've been getting.

Yes, being hairy isn't necessarily equated with being attractive.

I believe in truth in advertising. Here's me, warts and all. Or, rather, hairs and all. And, hey, if you're into shaving look at the playing field. If you're into feminization, consider this a wonderful challenge. I'm not trying to hide the person I am on the outside. So, please, I really don't need snide emails from prople like "Domina4you" saying, "About 20 domme women on here said they don't respond to you because of your pic". I'm not sure of the scientific validity of that survey but I really don't need to hear it.

I'm hairy. Get over it.

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Cala Gray said...

People are just plain rude at times. Personally I like hairy guys but that is because it is so different from me. Maybe I'm odd but hey that's okay!:)