Jan 17, 2013

RIP Sybatra

Such an odd thing.

A dear friend asked me hypothetically what I would say to my first Domme if she were to reach out to me via Facebook.

"I'd ask her how she has been and what she's been up to," I replied. With that thought in mind, I Googled my Domme as I hadn't heard from her in a while. The first result was a tribute to her with news of her death.

I met Sybatra when I was in my early twenties. I played with her a handful of times over a handful of years before we eventually lost touch. She was an artist and embraced the stereotypical temperament that went with it. If years went by without contact, I accepted that as "her way."

At the end of 2006, Sybatra re-materialized. No longer my Domme, no longer even on the same Michigan peninsula, Sybatra transformed herself into my friend. We would speak often via Yahoo chat and the phone.

This went on for a little over two years until, just as quickly as she stepped back into my life, Sybatra retreated. Again, that was Sybatra's way.

Since then, I've missed her but I haven't gone out of my way to pester her. She'd be there. Some day she'd come back again. She always did.

Now I know she won't. Now I know my friend is dead. Now I know the person who introduced me to myself has gone away for good.

Goodbye my dear friend, my Lady Skye, my "Mistress of Silent Need."

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