May 4, 2018


Her eyes may be closed but I can't tell because a blindfold covers them.

Her hands are balled up in fists below her cuffs. Rope goes around her waist, keeping her arms secured at her side.

She's on a wooden chair. Her legs are spread wide, rope around her knees and back through the legs of the chair, keeping them open.

She's got a plug secured in her ass. I always like the noises she makes when I slide it inside her. I like making her feel violated.

Except for the rope and blindfold, she's naked. I'm not.

The room is cool. It's that time of the year where you never know what the weather will be like when you wake up. We're in transition.

I sit behind her on the edge of the bed.

My fingers are chillier than her skin and brushing them against her nipples makes her flinch before she tries to arch her back to meet them.

I just touch her at first. Then I start to speak.

I don't know where the words come from. It's as if someone else is using my voice. What I say can even surprise me and it definitely surprises her.

I feel her flinch. I feel her get hotter. I feel her pussy get wetter. I watch her visibly shudder.

I whisper in her ear and my fingers trail along her skin. I'm playing her like an instrument, breathing my dirty thoughts into her and making her body react.

She moans, whimpers, cries out. She squirms, fighting the bonds, wanting it to end, wanting it to go on forever.

I make her cum again and again until she begs for mercy but her body betrays that she wants it some more.

When I leave she has been untied and laid on the bed. I've given her water. I've given her cuddles. I've slid the plug back out of her ass. I've used my fingers like combs and pulled the sweat-soaked hair from her forehead.

I cover her and go. It's been a good afternoon.


molly said...

Indeed that does sound like a very good afternoon


Anonymous said...

Glad I was here!