Jan 6, 2007

Goodnight Paige

She greeted me at the door like a long lost friend. She hugged me tight enough to take the breath from me and leaned down to kiss me on the mouth. "Oh, it's so nice to see you," she said sincerely. I had only seen Paige once before, approximately a year prior, and was thrilled to be welcomed back into her apartment.

She looked even better than she had the year before and I told her so. I surveyed her little place to see that not much had changed. The wall near her bed was still adorned with racks of whips, chains, cuffs, and other fetish implements. The life-size standee of Elvira (whom Paige so much resembled) was against the other wall. Her mannequin collection had grown by one, it stood with its arms outstretched to greet me near the couch were I sat after hanging up my coat. Paige called to me from her kitchen where she poured us a glass of wine. "Can I get you anything else? I have juice, fruit, cheese, some cold cuts..."

I assured her that I was fine and told her she was too good of a hostess. As if only a week had past, we caught up over our wine like friends out for a drink. She didn't have to but she had remembered so much about me that I was flattered. I recalled what I knew of her as well. When I said that I had enjoyed rubbing her feet the last time I saw her she kicked off her high heels and placed her stocking-clad toes on my knees. This was an easy feat as she sat on a tall chair across from me, looking down into my eyes with anticipation as I began to touch her tootsies.

"I just love to have my feet touched," she said, practically purring as I rubbed her arch and wiggled each little piggy in turn. "I've always been a big fan of feet. When I was little I used to smell my mother's shoes when she got home from work. Oh, it just sends me." She giggled and took another sip of her wine. While not nearly the foot enthusiast she is, I knew how much she enjoyed having me rub hers down and I obliged with vigor. When she switched legs I caught a glimpse under her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties and her cock stood at full mast.

This sight inspired me and I took her big toe into my mouth, sucking it the way I wanted to suck her cock. "Oooh," she squealed, pushing her toe Deeper into my waiting mouth. I moved my mouth up and down over her big toe, my fingers massaging her arch. She leaned her head back and moaned.

In the past Paige had expressed that she liked power exchange but that she was often asked to be the Dominant one and actually preferred being the submissive. Seeing her like she was, throat exposed and completely turned on, I suddenly had the urge to take her and make her mine. I did something very out of character for me. I took her toe out of my mouth, leaned back on the couch, undid my fly, and unleashed my hard cock. "Get down here and please me with your mouth," I told her uncharacteristically. Even better, she did.

Bobbing up and down like a cock-starved slut, I ran my hands over her shoulders before reaching down and feeling her hard nipples under her top. Squeezing them, I wondered how much pain she could handle. I started pinching them tighter and tighter between my fingernails. This only made her suck more vigorously. She moaned louder around my cock until she couldn't take it anymore, leaning back and gasping. However, she didn't take my hand away... she simply looked at me pleadingly as I tightened my viselike grip even more. "Please..." she whimpered.

"Please what, girl?" I asked.

"Please, Daddy, please don't hurt me..."

"But I thought you liked having your nipples played with," I taunted.

"Yes, Daddy but... it hurts."

"You can't take being hurt, baby girl?"

This put her in a quandary. She wanted the pain; she just didn't want that much. I eased back just a little and she smiled. In response I squeezed even harder. She whimpered again and reached up to touch my cock, running her fingernails over the head. "Please, Daddy... I'll do anything you want."

"Yes... I know you will." I grinned and released her nipples suddenly, knowing that the blood rushing back to them would hurt even worse. She gasped and I took her open mouth and placed it back over my cock, fucking her face. It takes a lot to get me off orally, which is good as I didn’t want to get off that early in the evening despite her hoovering my cock like there was no tomorrow. I leaned back and watched her work my cock expertly between her lips and fingers. Eventually I pulled her off and, leaning over, kissed her Deeply our tongues meeting.

Paige got off of her knees and went over to the rack next to her bed. She started pulling various toys from the rack and laying them out on her bed. Four leather cuffs and a butt plug attached to what looked like the bulb from a blood pressure cuff. I stripped her and kissed her Deeply, my hands rubbing her cock all the while.

I attached the cuffs. They each had a hook and ring so they could be locked together. I locked her hands over her head and laid her down on her bed. I lifted up her legs and cuffed those together, too. Finally, I cuffed her legs to her arms, leaving her completely exposed. Taking some lube from her bedside table, I slicked up the plug and slowly inserted it into her. Her gasp was quickly replaced by a moan.

I grasped her cock at the base with my left hand while my right pumped up the plug, filling her. I stopped pumping when it got too difficult to squeeze the bulb. Her moan slowly rose into a squeal as the pressure got to be too much. “Shhh, shhh, that’s a good girl,” I cooed to her. My hand tightened around her cock and she quieted a bit. “Just a few more seconds and…” The rush of air as I allowed the plug to shrink back to its normal size.

I didn’t wait long to start pumping again, filling her up once more. “Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she whined as I filled her again. The metals from her cuffs jingled as her legs began to shake. I began stroking her cock when I got her full again.

“Doesn’t this feel nice?” I said, knowing that she was torn between the pleasure of my hand and the fullness in her bottom.

She barely squeaked out, “Yes, Daddy,” before I let the air out again. She caught her breath and pleaded, “Please Daddy, no more.”

“Come now, girl. You can take one more, can’t you?” I looked down at her and arched my eyebrow.

“Yes, Daddy. For you, yes.” She had barely gotten the words out before I started pumping her full again. This time I kept her bottom full for longer than before and stroked her more vigorously.

I allowed the air out once again and unhooked her legs from her arms. While she caught her breath I began stroking my cock, rubbing it against her tender feet. She grasped my cock between them and stroked it for me, her legs pumping back and forth. Looking down at her, helpless, her feet cuffed together, her arms above her head, I started to ejaculate. My cum covered her toes and she looked at me pleadingly. “Yes, girl, you may clean them off,” I said before she met her toes to her mouth and sucked my hot load off of her feet.

I got down and took her cock into my mouth, sucking for a good long time. I unhooked the cuffs, removed the plug, and allowed her to get up. She wanted to model some lingerie for me. I took pictures of her as she paraded through her apartment in different outfits, each nicer than the last. Between each outfit she would come over and drop to her knees, taking my quickly hardening cock in her mouth.

I looked at the clock as she walked through the apartment in a low cut cocktail dress. “Paige, either you need to ask me to spend the night or I need to hit the road,” I said, expecting her to gracefully kick me out.

“Well, I get up early,” she said, “But if that’s okay then I’d love you to stay.” I assured her it would be. I asked her to change into her night clothes so we could get some shut eye. “That’s simple enough,” she said, doffing her clothes. She helped me out of my things, as well, and got the bed ready. Before we turned in, I took her cuffs off and put them back on her wall.

We cuddled up, her in my arms, her hand resting on my cock. “If you need me at all in the night, let me know. I will do anything you want… any time.”

“Wake me up with a blowjob,” I said, half kidding. But, inDeep, hours after sleep had taken me, I awoke to feel her mouth on me, taking me Deep. It didn’t take long before she had me cumming in her mouth. She sucked up every last drop before crawling back up to rest her head on my chest. I kissed her again and then pushed her back so she was lying on her back and returned the favor.

I kissed her cock up and down, feeling it go completely hard under my lips. Knowing that she hadn’t cum the night before I looked forward to giving her release. I took the head of her cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue underneath. I heard her sigh as I slipped more of her Deep inside of my mouth, taking her all the way until my chin rested on her tight balls. I started bobbing up and down on her, sucking her hard and fast.

I heard her breath coming in pants. I took her all the way into my mouth again and felt her cum Deep into my throat. I felt her load warming my belly.

We thanked each other for breakfast and she watched from the bed as I got dressed and let her get about her business. We kissed each other goodbye and I made my way back into the city. I’m already counting the days until the next time I come back and see Paige again.

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