Jan 2, 2007

A Couple of Couples

I've been lucky enough to play with a few sets of couples over the years. I tend to enjoy the dynamic of them. My first experience with a couple played out like something out of a "Letters Magazine" with me meeting up with a husband and wife over dinner and them already having a hotel room at the ready in anticipation that our meeting would go well. The husband and I took turns at either end of the wife with her going down on me as the climax of the evening. They were very game for me to stick around and play some more but time was against me.

The second couple was more intersting from a weirdness factor. I met the wife at a restaurant in Toronto. She was absolutely stunning. A slight little thing with big curly hair and bountiful breasts. She wore a simple sundress that highlighted her assets wonderfully. After lunch I followed her back to her apartment where I met her boyfriend. He wasn't too interested in talking. He had me sit down in a high-backed chair where he blindfolded me and started making out with his girlfriend. It seemed that I was only there as a prop, really.

After a bit, they had me get out of my things and laid me down on their large area rug. Still blindfolded, I regretted not being able to see the woman's naked form. Either she (or her boyfriend) had a very talented mouth and gave my cock quite an oral workout. She crawled up and lay across my stomach, straddling my middle as her boyfriend proceeded to fuck her. I could feel her breasts pushing against me on each thrust.

After he came he gave me the choice of either cumming by her using her hand on me or using her mouth. Despite my absolute love of handjobs, I had to ask for her mouth as I had enjoyed the oral play so much earlier. After I came in her mouth, they made me wait to take my blindfold off until they were both dressed. I was then allowed to dress and asked politely to leave.

However odd that encounter was, something about it really appealed. It could have been that I felt dehumanized and humilated -- that I was there just as a plaything. Indeed, I found that occasion more stimulating then even my time with a Dominant couple a few cities over.

Though they were an older couple, the woman had a better body than most twentysomethings could hope for. Her bottom was absolutely delectable. I was rewarded the pleasure of rimming her after giving her husband a good polishing with my tongue. This was all quite nice. What I found objectionable was the addition of a fourth player, another male submissive. Had I known these two better, that would have been one thing but this was my first time playing with them. As it happened, another submissive called while I was there and they invited him over. He had also never played with these two. It all got very awkward and rather unsatisfying.

We adjourned to their basement which was a fully-equipped dungeon. We only had to wait about ten minutes for the other submissive male to arrive. When he did he was told to strip upon arrival and brought down to the basement. We were barely introduced before the fun began again. The other submissive was placed into their bondage swing and swatted by both man and wife with their crops. After he was good and welted it was my turn. They knew that I had a low tolerance for pain so I didn't last long in the swing. Being in this precarious position, however, the husband took advantage of my mouth while I was suspended.

Afterwards it became something of a daisy chain with me sucking the husband while the other submissive sucked me and the wife watched. She liked grabbing me by the back of the head and jamming me down onto her husband's cock to the point of choking. I was unable to get the husband off and the other sub was unable to get me off so it became something of a "masturbation party" with all three males jacking off until we came while the wife watched.

I don't think it's greed to say that I would have had a better time without the other male sub there. Had we all known each other better (r at least the couple and I), the addition of another player would have been a bit of fun but it was too early for me to have this other body there. Too many cooks, as it were.

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