Jan 12, 2007

Cabaret Encounter

She sat down at the small table in the cabaret, joining the man who was already there. The air was crisp with cold and should have been thick with smoke. This kind of place cried out for cigarettes. It was an unusual but appropriate venue for a literary conference.

He didn't take much notice as she sat down as he was engrossed in his book. It wasn't until he caught her lovely scent that glanced over the cover to take in his new table mate. She wore her black hair in a bob and wore her small-lensed glasses at the end of her nose. She was pale with dark red lipstick. Her striking dark eyes were surrounded by long lashes. He lowered his book a bit more to see her long neck and the brooch she wore. Trying not to stare, he returned to his reading, unable to concentrate on a word.

She relaxed as the next presenter got on stage. She'd driven all the way down from New York to Philadelphia and the traffic left her a bit frazzled. She tried to just concentrate on the speaker but she felt the eyes of the man next to her. She shifted, trying to see if he was really staring or if it was just her imagination. No sign of a quick head-turn. He seemed to be fully engrossed in the PowerPoint slides being projected on stage. She took this opportunity to gander at her companion. He was fairly handsome, despite his thinning hair and middle-aged paunch. As her girlfriends put it, "He didn't hurt the eye." Then she saw what he had been reading so studiously upon her arrival. The cover was innocuous but the title, Fast Forward: Confessions of a Porn Screenwriter, was definitely of interest. She had to bite her tongue from blurting out what came to her mind. Rather, she turned back to the speaker and tried to keep her wits about her.

Between seminars she waited a few minutes before talking to him. He finished writing his notes before she asked if he was a local or if he had come in from out of town for the conference.

He was nearly started to hear her speak to him. It took him a second to find his voice, "Out of town," he stammered. "Cleveland," he clarified. Thus began their interlude of small talk. He was amazed that this gorgeous woman would be talking to him but he quickly discounted any overtones of flirtation and imagined that she must simply be bored and passing the time until the next lecture.

That was, until she asked, "What are you up to this evening?"

"Not a whole lot," he said, hoping that perhaps they could grab a cup of coffee and continue to chat after the day's program was over. "How about yourself?"

"I may go out to dinner later but I've been told that since I'm in this part of the city that I simply must check out a store over at Fifth and Brandenberg. When I told my friends that I was coming to this area they said, 'Oh, you have to check out the fetish store that's right nearby.'" She laughed. "I don't know why my friends would think I'm particularly interested in a fetish store but perhaps they're picking up on something in my writing that I'm not aware of." She laughed again.

"I always find that an author doesn't always pick up on what all they're sending across. It's tough to read between one's own lines. But I have trouble reading through anyone's lines at times," he said, hoping that she's clarify what he hoped she was saying.

"Yes, some people are incredibly dense at times." She smiled wickedly.

"I think that store is on my way back to my hotel. I'd love to see what the fuss is about if you don't mind some company," he said.

"That sounds delightful." Their conversation was cut off by the annoucement of the next speaker. They turned their eyes back to the lectern though their attention was elsewhere.

They chatted and walked along the avenue, finding the fetish store with ease. There were a few nervous chuckles, mostly from him, as they perused the wide array of leather, latex, lace, and other implements of pleasure and pain. She watched him carefully, trying to see what he made of everything around him. As he seemed to take it all in stride, she began seeing just how she could "push" him.

Taking a harness and strap-on dildo off of a counter she held it up to her waist and asked, "What do you think?"

Putting his finger up to his chin contemplatively he remarked, "I don't know. If you're going to do that, you might as well go bigger."

She grinned.

"It's all a matter of perspective," she opined, the drink in her hand gently shifting the ice cubes to tinkle musically between the Ketel One. "We could both write down everything we see and here and maybe, maybe, fifteeen perect of it would be the same. The light from the window, the look in your eyes, the music on the jukebox. Everything else gets filtered through our perceptions."

He nodded, his hand on his chin, looking into her rich black pupils and wondering how he was lucky enough to have been invited for drinks with such a radiant creature. He stirred his Seven and Seven with his other hand. The red plastic bag from the fetish shop lay between them, almost taunting him. He hadn't seen her make any purchases and he wondered what was inside and if he would see it before the night was out.

She finished her drink and indicated that he should do the same. When he put his glass down she simply said, "Invite me back to your room."

Despite it being January, they were both incredibly warm when they got back to his room. It was unseasonably warm and awkwardly humid. He turned on the air conditioning but she had a better idea of how to cool down. "Strip," she said.

He began doffing his clothes, slightly embarassed and equally intoxicated from both drink and her authority. It didn't take him long before he was nude. She told him to get down on his knees and help her out of her boots as she sat on the hotel room's small loveseat.

While he worked at her boots, she removed her top, revealing a lovely black lace bra underneath. She threw it aside and, looking down at him, said, "Why don't you massage my feet while you're down there. I did a lot of walking today."

He began rubbing the arch of her left foot. She felt her body relax at his touch and a smile crept over her face. While he worked on her left foot, she put her right over his nose, her toes above her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her heel and she chuckled. "Oh, so that's how it is..." she said and moved her foot down, pushing her toes into his waiting mouth.

He sucked on her big toe and she told him to keep it in his mouth as she tried to pull it away. He sucked as hard as he could without biting. She finally got it out with a loud slurp. She laughed and did it again before putting her other toes in his mouth. She moved her other foot out of his hands and rested it on his hard cock, massaging it a bit with her bare heel.

After switching feet and allowing him to suckle the toes on her other foot she placed both on his chest and pushed him over so that he landed with a thump on his butt on the carpeting. She stood up and removed her jeans. In just bra and underwear she went to the hotel room door and secured the lock before going to the nearby table to grab her shopping bag.

She pulled out two long black plastic strips that looked like the tie from a garbage bag. He couldn't figure out what they were even as she leaned over (showing him her cleavage) and pinched his nipples gently until they were hard. Quicky she slid the ends of one of the strips towards the middle. This opened the strip and she placed the opening over his hard nipple. With one quick pull she slid the ends back, tightening the strips around his nipple. He cried out and she put a finger to his lips to silence him before moving the finger to his other nipple and repeating the process.

He gasped. It felt painful but oddly satisfying at the same time. His cock jumped as she flicked the ends of the clamps. He marvelled at the strange person he had managed to find in her and thanked his lucky stars as she flicked harder, laughing at his mixed reaction of lust and pain.

Unconsciously he started to raise his hands, his body trying to defend itself from the pain. She tsked at him and pulled a cord from her bag. He found his wrists being bound with soft purple rope. "Get up. Get on the bed," she said sternly, leading him there by the wrists.

He lay down and she straddled him, her ass in his face. He could smell the sweet perfume of her arousal as she trussed his feet, binding them together and securing the rope to the one that bound his wrists, further immobilizing him. Knowing what she was doing to him, she slid back even further, allowing him to nuzzle and kiss her bottom. She didn't stop him.

She grabbed onto his cock and squeezed it, perhaps a little too hard, before she got off of him and rolled him over onto his stomach. He heard the faint rustle of the plastic from her shopping bag and wondered what other goodies she had. Her heard a click and a unceremonious spurt before feeling the cool sensation of gel being rubbed against his unprotected asshole. He couldn't help but moan into the pillow under him as he felt her fingers opening him.

She unwrapped the small cylindrical toy and twisted the top. It came to life in a gentle whirring. She slicked it with her lubricated fingers before pushing it, gently and firmly, into him. He groaned again and she smiled. She relished his unquestioning surrender. She love manipulating him nad knowing that she possessed the power.

She felt him squirm a bit under him as she pushed the cylinder deeper inside of him, a small tail trailing behind for easy removal. She leaned back and brought both hands down on his bare bottom, smacking it loudly. She began slapping it like she was playing the butt bongos. She watched his body react to the various sensations and felt herself getting wetter. She watched his flesh redden as she continued to slap away.

She slid her hand down the front of her underwear and felt her hard clit. She rubbed it gently and sucked her breath in over between her teeth. She massaged herself, content in hearing the hum of the vibrator in his ass and his panting breath beneath her. He didn't know when or if she was going to spank him again and she loved the tension in his body.

She wanted to savor the feelings... She moved next to him and rolled him over onto his back. She loosened his hands. "Masturbate for me," she purred as she pulled down one cup of her bra and put her nipple into his mouth. She shuddered internally at the sensation of his tongue swirling and teeth gently biting. She watched his hands work at his cock, one hand cupping his balls, the other stroking his erection. She loved the sight of a man jacking off, especially when she was controlling it.

"Faster," she said. He gasped around her breast and she felt the cold air sweep around her sensitive nipple. His tongue was back on it almost immediately as his arm pistoned faster, bringing him closer to the edge. She loved the control, knowing that he was getting off on her, knowing that she could tell him to stop and he would, but she didn't plan on it. She enjoyed watching a man cum too much to stop it now.

"Cum for me," she commanded. "Ten, nine, eight..." she watched him work faster, heard him moan into her, "seven, six, five...." He grunted and she giggled at that. "Four, three, two...." and before she said "one" he was cumming. She watched him cover his belly with his ejaculation. He breathed heavily around her breast as the last bit of spunk slowly dripped out of his cock. She couldn't take it any more.

She stood up and pulled her underwear off in record time before throwing a leg over him and putting her bottom over his face, her pussy over his mouth. He opened wide, his tongue finding her clitoris and licking it heatedly. She pushed down onto him, fucking herself with his nose and mouth. He found it difficult to breathe at first until he found her rhythm and matched it. She felt his tounge lapping steadily at her sex and felt his nose pressing against her tight asshole. The pressure was exquisite. She rode him, feeling him getting her closer. Crescendoing until her breath caught in her throat and she shuddered with a long pent-up orgasm that caused the corners of her vision to grow dim.

She rode waves of pleasure over one crest and then another and another, cumming in tiny waves after the first tidal crest broke the shore. She felt his tongue slithering deep inside of her, lapping her wetness and she sighed with pleasure. She could tell that he wasn't going to stop. He would have licked her for as long as her knees could hold up. She couldn't take any more and got off of him.

He lay there with a goofy smile on his face. Pleased with her and with himself. She didn't want to burst his bubble so she allowed him to feel the satisfaction. She put on her undergarments and clothes before gathering up all of her toys. She made him go into the bathroom and clean the one that still hummed inside of him.

By the time he came out she was ready to go. She pocketed the now-silent cylinder and kissed him on the cheek before departing. He stood, looking at the closed door in stunned silence. He had never even gotten her name.

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