Aug 4, 2007

The Spring Formal - Working Out Issues

A lot of the fantasies I share on this blog have at least a kernel of fact at the heart of them. When I sat down to write "The Spring Formal," I knew that I wanted to further explore the cuckold idea and that was about it. I had in mind a story I read a few years ago about a man whose wife picked up some burly guy at a bar and was making out with him in plain view of her husband. He later drove them home while she sucked this other man's cock in the back seat. The biggest turn-on of the story came at the end when she told her husband that she'd be seeing a lot more of this other man and that her husband would be expected to act as this guy's "fluffer," getting his cock hard before he fucked this man's wife.

I suppose it was the forced bi-sexuality coupled with the main character's complete subjugation and humiliation that turned me on the most. But I digress. I wanted to discuss the truth of "The Spring Formal."

When I was in high school, I managed to have one steady girlfriend. She came from an Italian Catholic family and was incredibly naive about the ways of the world. She claimed to have never masturbated and the idea of doing so disturbed her. I really wanted her to, just so she could teach me what made her feel good. Even then, I needed to know what buttons to push to give a woman pleasure. She wasn't much of a help.

I worked hard to be sexual with her, to little avail.

We went out for almost two years but a few things changed and we drifted apart. First, she got a job working retail. She was working with a gal that I didn't really care for. A major flirt that thought every boy she talked to her was in lust with her. Secondly, I refused to take her to Junior Prom.

I was a pariah in high school. I hated just about everyone in my classes and their social structures. That said, the idea of participating in an overly-expensive soiree with those creeps--even with my gal on my arm--was a no-go. I told her that I'd take her to the real prom but Junior Prom was a sham.

That pretty much broke us up.

I quickly lost track of her during our Senior year. The last I heard of her, she was going out with one of her co-workers and I just knew, in my heart of hearts, that he was getting what I had been unable to get.

Those three people; my ex, her girlfriend, and my ex's boyfriend, all became characters in that story. I didn't know they'd be there before I started out but I suppose that I still feel rather dumb and humiliated by the whole thing. Oh, those awkward teen years, they still come back to haunt me.

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