Aug 13, 2007

Clean, Shaven: A Fantasy

i've always prided myself on being very clean. i shower every day, soaping up every nook and cranny. Washing, rinsing, and repeating until I'm squeaky.

However, Mistress can't abide my hair. i have far too much hair in all the wrong places. She likes to have my balls and "pussy" shaved smooth. The last time i came to her, She found that i was far too overgrown for Her liking.

"This just won't do," She chided as i lay on her gynecological table, my feet bound into the stirrups and a spreader bar between my knees. She tsked at me, lifting up my balls with Her riding crop. Blindfolded and bound to the table, i was unable to see her. Within moments i heard the sounds of her phone.

"This is me. Yes. Good girl. Yes. I need you over her. Yes. Bring your kit. Oh, and bring a bottle of Chablis."

i smelled Her scent, close to me now, and felt Her breath hot on my ear. She whispered to me, "My pet, you are not fit to serve Me today but I'm going to make You that way. Now, I know that you hate to be left alone but you deserve to be punished and I find this to be proper. Do you agree?"

i always loved how fair She was with me. She was pushing one of my hard limits but with good cause. i nodded as i was unable to answer verbally; a plastic O-ring kept my mouth open, making me look like a living sex doll.

"Good boy," She said and placed a pair of headphones over my ears. My eyes and ears covered and completely immobilized, i felt completely helpless. Without warning, i felt a tight pinching sensation along the length of my flaccid cock. Almost as soon as i felt this came the words of my Mistress, flooding my ears through the headphones.

"You are now powerless before Me, as you should be, as you always are. My pet, My property, My toy..." As She spoke, my body felt lighter, the bonds tighter against me, enveloping me in her presence. Behind Her voice i could hear a small, tinny piano and what sounded like running water or waves. She continued on, Her words taking hold of me even stronger as She spoke.

"You have chosen this life, living under My rule. You know that this is best for you. You have realized that you are weak and that your life only has meaning through being part of My life; being one of My servants. After you made that decision, you gave up all free will. There is only My will. My needs. My desires. My whims. My fancies. There is only My joy and My pleasure that concern you now. You are but a plaything, a tool which I may use or abuse as I see fit. You don't even bear a name, apart from the one I granted you after I saw fit to do so."

my mind went back to my early days with Mistress and how She only called me "slut toy." It was only after much testing and training that She deigned to give me a name; one only that She and i know. One, when uttered, that would cause me to re-evaluate myself at every turn, to make sure that i was being the best slave to Her that i could be. One that She uses sparingly and powerfully. One that often sent me directly to my knees before Her.

The pinching sensation on my member seemed to intensify as Her voice continued to fill my ears. i wondered if there was anyone else in the basement dungeon with me. Completely helpless and cut off from the world as i was, there could have been a cavalcade progressing a few feet away or the heat of excitement i felt could have come from studio lights for a live webcast. i didn't know and i couldn't think about it much more as Her words continued to take me away.

"I will never stop pushing you to be better. you say that you have limits but all of them will crumble before Me. All of your shame, your fears, your barriers; they will yield to Me. They will crumble before Me. There are things that you may dream that you would never do but you will for Me; gladly and without question. Go ahead, let your mind wander. Think of those things that scare you; the things that you don't feel possible."

As the piano music played in the distance, i did what Mistress told me to do. Had i not been bound tightly to the table, i would have shuddered as a flood of mental images overcame me. i pictured all of the things that Mistress had had me do that i once thought impossible and now did for Her on a regular basis. i thought about how i degraded myself for Her, wantonly, whenever She desire.

It was at that moment that i felt something strange on my nether regions. It felt cool, like something was being slathered on to me.

"Doesn't that feel nice?" Mistress asked in the headphones. Was She talking about what i was to think about or what was going on down below?

"That is my slut toy Liz. I have instructed her to shave you clean. Every inch of you little balls and pussy. I want your pussy as clean shaven as hers. Clean enough to eat. I have her using a straight razor. That's the hard, cold metal you can feel now, scraping at your tender flesh like My nails across your back."

Had everything been a recording until now or had Mistress been speaking to me live the whole time? i wasn't able to contemplate this as She kept speaking.

"liz will make every inch of your pussyass completely hairless like the little sissy I like you to be for Me. It's no secret that I like keeping you in that area between masculine and feminine. To Me, you're not man enough to be a man and you're not good enough to be a woman. Therefore, you're neither one. The best you can aspire to be is to be a sissy and to serve Me. That is all that will give your life meaning and purpose.

Mistress began describing to me in detail every slide of the blade as it went over my most tender flesh. Feeling and hearing but not seeing created its own sense of unreality. Likewise, i had only heard Mistress mention slut toy liz but i had never seen or met her and here she was now, inches away from my genitals with a naked blade. Moving from my balls to my asscheeks made me feel even more vulnerable now as she spread me wide and began running the blade there.

Mistress gave a stroke by stroke tally, describing my pale naked flesh that She was glad to see. Hot breath warmed my newly denuded flesh as the razor moved in concentric circles toward my tender asshole. Mistress began interjecting Her description now with pleasant memories of our time together, recalling the times that She left me bruised and battered physically but stronger and better emotionally for Her.

The shaving stopped and i felt a cool mist over every inch that had been shaved followed by a towel drying me off. Mistress's words filled me again, "I have chosen to be generous with you today and to give you a special treat now that you're all good and clean."

Often, things that are a "treat" to Mistress induce quite a bit of pain for me and i steeled myself for an invasion of my bare "pussy." Without warning, i was invaded... but it was a sweet feeling. It wasn't the hard tip of Her cock but, instead, something soft and moist.

"It was three years ago today that you agreed to serve Me. I don't take that gift of submission lightly. The reward I give is that you are allowed to serve Me. But, as you know, that comes with perks. Consider this a big one."

There was no mistaking that the sensation i felt now was clearly a tongue swirling around my denuded rear entrance. Mistress was gracing me with the gift of slut toy liz "eating my pussy." The sensation was unbelievable. On top of that, the pinching of my now-swollen penis ceased, providing me with a great deal of relief.

The pinching became pressure which built and ceded, built and ceded.... building to a steady, mechanical rhythm that massaged my growing hard-on while slut toy liz continued to push her tongue deeply inside of me, swirling and sending me into orbit. Into my ear poured a low chuckle from Mistress.

"Of course, I know. Better than you know yourself. And I know that your mind is spinning right now; that you're trying desperately to picture what's going on. If only you could catch a little glimpse. If only I would describe what things are being done to you. Awww, poor baby. I like keeping you in the dark. Today, literally."

Into my mouth, still held open wide, came a flood of liquid. The surprise of this made me choke a bit. i began swallowing, instinctively. As i did, i began processing what was in my mouth. With Mistress i could never be sure. The tart and tangy taste began to register. She was treating me to a few sips of Chablis, knowing that my mouth had gotten dry from being held open for so long.

The grab and release on my penis coupled with slut toy liz's tongue was getting to be too much, too intense. my tongue started lolling as i tried to form the words, asking for permission to orgasm. i tried pushing the sounds from my throat to no avail. Into my ears came, "Shhhh, shhhhh... no talking. No asking today. Just let it happen."

And, with that, i was over the edge. my legs contracted as much as they could while strapped to the stirrups. My asshole clenched around slut toy liz's tongue and i felt my balls begin to pump spunk out of me until i was completely drained.

The pressure around my penis ceased and i felt the cool basement dungeon air now on my skin. Into my mouth slid the gloopy cum that had collected in whatever had encased me. i drank it all, taking every drop for Mistress as i had been trained to do. The rest, which still covered my deflating penis, was being being taken care of by the warm, wet mouth of slut toy liz.

After a while, the mouth was gone and i was alone again in the dark with nothing there but the faint piano music in my head. A little while later, i was released from my bonds by unknown hands. Mistress's voice informed me that i was to count to 200 before removing my blindfold, getting dressed, and leaving through the rear entrance of Her abode. When i left, i didn't see anyone else around. i was alone and content with my role as property of Mistress and thrilled with the gift that She had given me that day.

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Rajah Dodger said...

What, no comments? This is gorgeous (both the scene and the writing) - no comments are an insult to the writer and the characters. So consider this a small payment toward what is deserved.