Aug 10, 2007

Mental Backflips

I was between her legs for at least a half an hour. I knew this because I heard "Weather on the 8s" four times before I was able to bring her to orgasm with my tongue. Afterwards, I wanted her to relax and lay her head on my chest.

Instead, she went from my chest to my pants and quickly got me out of them. She took me into her mouth and that's when the whole litany started.

Every time a woman goes down on me, these are the thoughts that go through my noggin in a continuous loop:

"Am I taking too long? Is it okay to cum in her mouth? "Will she know when I'm about to cum?" "Am I taking too long?" "What if I can't cum this way?" "Do I really want to cum this way?" "Am I ready to cum now?" "Would it be okay to cum inside of her?" "What if she really wants to make me cum this way?" "Am I taking too long?" "Am I groaning too loudly?" "What if it's not okay to cum in her mouth and I don't give her enough warning?" "Do I really want to cum this way?" "Will I be able to cum this way?" "I need to stop thinking like this. I'm distracting myself." "Am I taking too long?"

Take that and multiply it by about a hundred and you have everything that ran through my head as she gave me head. I finally decided that it was going to be okay to cum in her mouth and that I was going to relax and enjoy the pleasure. Just about as soon as I did that, I actually managed to climax.

This isn't an isolated case. This happens to me every time a woman takes me in her mouth. That whole mental litany. It's like the rosary of insecurity.

I wasn't quite done with my orgasm and she was off the bed like a shot. Running to the bathroom where I heard a litany of spitting, gargling, brushing, gargling, peeing, and so much more. I just laid there, my cock still dripping, not feeling as good about everything as I would have liked to.

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