Mar 4, 2009

Dress Me Nice

I enjoy being feminized. However, I don't dress up on my own. A common misconception has guys putting on their pretty panties every day before work or coming home from a long day and rolling on the stockings. That's not really my thing.

I'm don't seek out feminine clothes or wear them on my own. There's really no thrill in that for me. The power and allure of feminization comes from being with another person and having them emasculate you via dress. And, even more, via their words. Putting on panties, putting on panties for someone, and putting on panties for someone and hearing them say, "Oh, look at what a little slutty bitch you are." are three completely different animals. I like the second one but I love the third option. That's where feminization becomes sublime.

It's the words that make me swoon more than the silk and lace.

I'm not a pretty girl. I'm not even an attractive man. It's not about being transformed into a woman but being changed into a living palette onto which my play partner paints their desire. I'm there for them, doing what they want to me to do and being who they want me to be. And, if they like making me into their little slut... that's a wonderful thing. I enjoy being their girl.

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