Mar 1, 2009

The Gearjammer and the Homo

I was such a good boy. I don't know what happened.

I caught some peeks at "girlie mags" when I was a teenager, sure, but I waited until (the day) I turned 18 before I went to an adult bookstore to get my hooks into my own porn mag. I was drawn immediately to Nugget Magazine, as I've written about before.

One of the stories in either that first Nugget or an issue I picked up soon thereafter was about a guy banging a bisexual girl who gets caught and cornholed by her butch girlfriend. Sound familiar? Yes, that was the basis of "Hitchin' a Ride" but with one crucial difference... In my story, the guy liked it. In the original, he didn't. Even as an 18 year old, I was just enthralled by the idea of being taken by a woman with a strap-on. I'd never even seen such a device but I was captivated by the idea.

I could never understand, "Why didn't that guy just lay back and enjoy it?" Being OCD, that story rattled around in my head for nearly two decades and I simply had to rewrite it.

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